Amazing Rescue and Transformation of Homeless Dog from Houston, Texas

The before and after transformation for Pumpkin will have you thinking that you’re seeing two different dogs! My, what a little bit of TLC can do for a dogs pride!


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“Pumpkin was an abused and abandoned young dog trying to survive on Houston’s harsh streets. Watch this little dog’s remarkable and inspiring story.  Oh, and a “foster failure” is a good thing.  It means the foster mom became forever mom.”

Now this is one truly amazing transformation story.  See what Pumpkin looked like while still homeless, and then compare it to what Pumpkin looks like after the wonderful rescue staff, medical staff and volunteers with the rescue group laid on some much needed TLC.  What an amazing story.  Go Pumpkin.


Untitled - pumpkin before

1.22.15 - pumpkin after

Pumpkin six weeks after being rescued.

139 thoughts on “Amazing Rescue and Transformation of Homeless Dog from Houston, Texas

    1. Dogs are our responsibility that god gave us and we should do as much to help them as they have done for us. We owe them that much. They have given us so much, protect us and our families, protect our live stock and other things, and our lives from sudden health problems like heart attacks, bombs, drugs and seizures, strokes. Good for these people for helping pumpkin.

  1. When I first saw this story couple days or so ago. . I got so sick. I’m so thankful that most of these stories have a beautiful & happy ending.

  2. The only kind of people I want in my life is people who treat their dogs like family!! Actually take care of them! Thank God for people like this!

  3. A big tug on my hearstrings… God bless the people who selflessly help the helpless animals ♡♡♡

  4. BB gun, death row, lighter fluid……what the hell is wrong with people? Thank goodness for animal rescues and foster people…….those dogs must think they are in heaven after what they have endured. Keep up the great work and yay for Pumpkin.

  5. Stackars hund måste rädda hunden att rengöra honom.Tillåter aldrig strunt i det!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. It breaks my heart that people can be so cruel to animals. For the people who go out of their way and time to help them, bless you and thank you. ❤️

  7. To the people who rescued little pumpkin, you are heros! Had to cry when i saw this video. So glad she had a happy ending, but so sad the baby dog passed on. What brave little souls. How could anyone laugh at this, they deserve to kive the life she had to live. Thank you all for saving her!

  8. Heartbreaking to read these stores and view these photos but we have to get it across to all that animals have hearts filled with love and belong in our lives as friends and family. They give us so much and ask so little in return. I’m fortunate that I have the funds and space to adopt 6 distressed dogs and cats along the way but know I am tapped out. If everyone/family who has the ability could just adopt one distressed animal or make donations to their shelters we can help these furry friends and help put an end to the abuse! A big THANK YOU to Pumpkin’s mommy.

  9. Houston is a hellhole for many animals. There are an estimated 1 MILLION stray animals and this dog is not the worst I have seen, not the first and won’t be the last. It’s appalling and there is simply no excuse for it. I can think of many reasons why people do this, well, they’re not exactly reasons, they’re excuses, but none of them are valid. Suffice to say people are utterly irresponsible and they assume that the rest of us, will clean up their mess. Hertbreaking for all the pets, but these transformation stories give us the glimmer of hope to keep going.

  10. Show me a “community” that wouldn’t jump in and do something before this situation got so out of hand and I’ll show you an at-risk community.

  11. What the fuck is wrong with some people, they are the ones who should be put down, awesome are the people who help!!

  12. Sadly the mistreat, torture and hate towards all animals exist in all over the world, I from Mexico we have a big issue over there, I had have the chance to travel to many countries and now I’m living in Houston, and every place I go I see a dog or cat in distress, abandoned or injured. Is not an isolate issue, is a cultural issue. If only humans will understand that all the creatures deserves respect, I think this world would be a better place to live. Let’s be more animals and less humans. Thanks to all the people who made this possible thanks for help to Pumpkin to believe in humans again.

  13. i live just outside houston. there are people in houston from all over the world and they are pure evil.this type thing happens more than you want to know.the really evil are black.not really black americans but dark skin.haitians are the worst.

  14. There are over a MILLION homeless dogs in the Houston area. The local rescue groups do the best they can, but the numbers are overwhelmimg. Our mayor, Anise Parker, would rather spend $17 million on a dog park than deal with this situation.

  15. Anonymous – WTF? All people in Houston are not evil, black or Haitians. No one knows who dumped this dog or what type of loser would think it was funny. Get a grip! Sadly there aren’t enough people who care like the Corridor Rescue group. Instead of spewing your racist crap, get involved, support your local rescue group, donate time, supplies or money. I do. I’ve been volunteering with another Houston rescue group in Houston for years. While it is disheartening at times that there never seems to be an empty kennel or an end to the horror of things people will do to animals, we all have to keep trying to make the world a better place for them.

  16. That is the total responsability of people living there ! it should not be so many homeless abandoned dogs, dogs are not ornements they are friends to keep for ever or find another good home for them when they must go !

  17. That is the total responsability of people living there ! it should not be so many homeless abandoned dogs, dogs are not ornements they are friends to keep for ever or find another good home for them when they must go !

  18. There are some humans that just disgust me like animal and child abusers. They are monsters. Then there are humans that give me hope – like this foster mom. She obviously forstered quite a few dogs, but ends up being a foster failure because she ends up adopting them all!

    I really wish I had the room and money – I would adopt alot more than the 2 I have at home. 🙂

  19. I’m from Houston and not everyone here is evil. Yes sadly there is an amount of homeless animals and the worst thing is that there is evil people that live here that have no heart. I can only speak for myself and if I could I would foster and adopt every single one of them.

    This story was so heartbreaking but I am so thankful for those wonderful people that were able to save this baby. God bless them

  20. Great story. How cruel people can be. And yet… There’s as many that have huge hearts. Go pumpkin go!!

  21. I am so glad that there are compassionate people in this cruel world. Pumpkin now has the life that she truly deserves. I am crying with happiness.

  22. THANK YOU THANK YOU for taking Pumpkin and Itty Bit in and showing them respect and love. What is wrong with the citizens and elected officials of Houston that they allow so many dogs to suffer alone in the streets??? It is hard to believe that that many people in one city are so ignorant and disgusting.

  23. I am from Houston and I left that hell hole years ago! True Texans would never do this
    but most of the people there are not from Houston or true Texans!!
    God bless to the ones that help and the rest can burn in hell! Kinky said it best
    “you can judge a society by the way they treat their animals! Sorry Houston but
    you are doomed! I saw the writing on the wall and bailed years ago! Good luck
    when your judgement day comes!

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