Blind Bait Dog Gets a Much-Needed Surgery

“We are so happy for this amazing baby girl! Talk about Second Chances!”

1.14.15 - Sienna Rose's Reconstructive Surgery6


Sienna Rose has been through so much in her life.  While her complete history is unknown, she’s fully blind in one eye and partially blind in the other, and it’s obvious from all her injuries and scarring that she was once a bait dog.  But now she’s gotten the reconstructive surgery that will help her live a normal, happy life!

From Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs on January 8th:

Very tough to put together the right words here. We received a plea for this poor girl tonight & of course, immediately said yes! The pain & suffering she endured to look like this is unimaginable! It’s a pretty good bet that she was used as a bait or fighting dog as she’s covered in scars & something took part of her face off!!


1.14.15 - Sienna Rose's Reconstructive Surgery4


Meet Sienna Rose (aka Seal, shelter name). She is heading to our vet tomorrow & will be seen by our surgeon ASAP!

Of course, we want to give this sweet six-year-old love the best rest of her life possible!





We are so thrilled to show the amazing results of Sienna Rose’s miracle reconstructive surgery!  Thank you to Grossbard Veterinary Referral services!  We are so happy for this amazing baby girl!  Talk about Second Chances!

Now she needs a home.  If you’re interested in adopting her or any of Second Chance’s pups who could really use a good home, please CLICK HERE.  They are located in New York, but have dogs up and down the east coast!


1.14.15 - Sienna Rose's Reconstructive Surgery3

280 thoughts on “Blind Bait Dog Gets a Much-Needed Surgery

  1. As I gazed at her face.. thoughts of what I would do to a person I saw hurting a dog, unspeakable.
    Look what greed has done to this innocent animal! I’m sick that so many animals are injured for no greater good.
    I’m so happy to know this pup will know love!

  2. God, I hate most people. Those who save animals are far & few between. Those that hurt them hopefully have a special place in hell.

  3. How utterly disgusting n cruel some ppl can be!! I’m glad she’s had her face fixed, hopefully she’s with someone who can fix her heart!

  4. My god – we live among fiends. Thankfully for everyone of them, there are thousands of us. Such a sweetie – live well, darlin

  5. Jodie Poller!!! Brian did such a great job that lots of animal groups are recognizing his amazing work!!

  6. my god… thanks to everyone involved in making this miracle happen. i cannot comprehend the evil in some people.

  7. Always brings me to tears when i see a fur baby like that. It brings out the anger, I just wanna hurt those people like they hurt innocent animals!

    Glad she became some help and got love. Thank you for rescuing here!

  8. I wish all people involved in dog fighting would just drop dead, the world would be so much better off

  9. Dog fighters, there not much worse in humanity than those people. Strict laws that follow through with heavy jail sentences are needed. The best people in the world? Those that help beautiful souls like Sienna Rose

    1. If you look at the colour of the things surrounding the dog, the colour of the photo itself has changed how she looks. My first reaction was different colours… But taking a closer look, you can tell the first photo was heavily coloured. Likely the lighting in the room changed the way the photo was taken.

  10. This has a good ending but it’s so devastatingly horrific to think about what this poor soul endured. My gawd… I can’t believe what some human beings do

  11. It makes me so sick to see what people do for their entertainment or a little profit. Laws need to be equal for pets as humans, pets are so much a part of a family as humans are.

  12. God Bless you beautiful girl..So sorry you ended up in the wrong hands hopefully the next leg of your journey is filled with love,compassion and protection..

  13. Praise God for folks that help these babies…My heart hurts for all the suffering she went through. May karma find every last soul that has abused an animal.

  14. Poor baby I hope she has a wonderful life from now on thankyou to the wonderf people people who have helped her and I hope the scum that caused this rots very slowly

  15. I am happy and sad for her that she endured more torture than anything should ever have to go through. Thank heavens for her second chance at life.

  16. People suck and I just cannot wrap my head around this evil. I’m so, so sorry baby. If I could I would hold you and love you. Again, my heart breaks for you. <3

  17. Some people are such cruel monsters. So glad this sweetie pie got a second chance. The fuckheads who did this and all of them who still participate in this unbearably barbaric and inhumane sport wiIl get served cold hard justice. We have to keep fighting them back. Never stop fighting for this cause.

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