Dog Makes Unusual Friend during Walk on the Beach

These two snuggle-nuggets prove that just because we may look and think different, doesn’t mean we aren’t all deserving of the same love and respect from each other.

While a woman was walking her dog along a beach in La Cap Ferret, France, they happened upon what has got to be the single friendliest seal.  When the dog and seal began to snuggle, it had to be a real once in a lifetime moment for everyone there.

If one didn’t know any better, you’d almost think the seal has had regular contact with humans and their dogs to think it almost tame.  Remember dear readers, these are still wild animals.  They may display some almost “domesticated” behaviors, but you never know exactly what that animal will do if spooked or feels threatened by something.  It’s always best admire wildlife from a bit of a distance. It’s best for the safety of the wildlife, your pet’s safety, and of course yours as well.

It does seem though that this particular seal is quite well versed with how one is to deal with humans, and also seems to be a big fan of dogs as well.  This seal has even been known to try and hop up on surfboards with humans, presumably to hang ten……well, hang flipper with some cool surfer dudes.  If animals can set aside their differences and be loving and friendly towards one another, why can’t we do the same?

We humans could learn a great deal from animals.

1.22.14 - AM Video

64 thoughts on “Dog Makes Unusual Friend during Walk on the Beach

    1. This is the cutest thing. What an awesome seal, animals are really much nicer than people.

  1. Living in the NW, we all know what a big mistake this video depicts. Many seals are left by their mother’s while they’re out to sea finding their own food. The babes are left, presumably safely, on the beach. Dogs and people should stay completely away. Hope this one didn’t end up abandoned. Humans should NEVER interact with wild animals nor allow their dogs to do so. 🙁

    1. I agree Ann. That was a pup just looking for a friend, but it’s dangerous if the pup moves away from the area his/her mom left it at.

  2. I don’t think the seal wanted to be touched by that man. He was scared and was trying to receive comfort or shelter.

  3. This seal is all stressed. It is a wild animal trying to rest on the beach. It should have been left alone and observed from a distance. What is captured here is all wrong. It is likely a young seal.

  4. As cute as this is its dangerous to both animals. Dogs and seals can transmit diseases between the species- included Distemper.

  5. Bianca Woods that awkward moment when you take the dog for a walk & it ends up coming home with a seal…

  6. Dont think the dog is so much in to this new best friends thing …more like..whats this wierd deformed dog doing to me? ..someone please get rid of it haha …shame for the seal though that the dog was so standoffish.

  7. The seal was taking refuge to another animal as the people were ttying to pat the seal! ….. Leave wild life alone they are not your pets

  8. As usual, this site posts these “cute” pictures without any thought to what COULD have happened, how WRONG it is to interact with wild animals just for a picture op.

  9. I would be seriously concerned about the health of a seal that would allow people in such close proximity. ( unless the animal has been conditioned to human contact.)

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