Dog Tied to Tree During Massive Storm Rescued

This is one heroic rescue!

Someone left this poor dog tied to a tree in one heck of a storm in Colorado.  The Uploader posted this with the video: “Went to shut my front window because water was coming in when I saw that somebody left this dog tied to a tree. It had been nearly ten minutes since the rain and hail started. Thank goodness my neighbor acted on behalf of this innocent babe. =(“

153 thoughts on “Dog Tied to Tree During Massive Storm Rescued

  1. Someone needs to find the demented bastard, who did this to this poor innocent, and tie him to a tree in the next, raging storm. Thank you to the blessed negibor who rescued this baby.

  2. This just shows that no matter how badly humans in general suck, there’s a choice few who don’t. Thank you, nice neighbor. Ya done good..

  3. A neighbor did that once. Once. I walked around the block to their house and verbally chewed them out for 15 minutes. That dog was never left out again. (I couldn’t get the dog myself, because our yards are separated by a 5. Foot fence)

    1. I was thinking the same thing. How heartless is the person with the camera watching for 10 minutes and doing nothing.

  4. Pets are like children, they are a commitment for the rest of their lives. If you can’t commit to either. Don’t have one damn it!!

  5. what is wrong with people why would anyone tie a dog to a tree in the first place.. thank gosh there were kind souls out there

  6. I don’t. Understand why people have pets if they don’t. Want them it makes no sense that is why there r spay & neuter free!!! People .no more breeding nowhere! This shit needs to stop ! People need to be fined or jailed for this enough is enough!

  7. I’d like to know, who was on the other side of the camera or phone and why was he out there recording this whole thing? Why wern’t they helping the dog?

  8. Broke my heart to see that dog just stand there…then sit – after he was free…you know he is probably so used to being tied up and left he didn’t know what to do once he was not tied up anymore. That lady has a heart of gold…I wonder how long the person taping the dog stood there doing nothing but watching the poor thing before she came out….

  9. God people make me so fuckin mad. How the fuck can someone do this to this precious dog and be okay with it??! Let’s find the owner and tie him to a tree in a storm and see how he feels!

  10. I must have missed the end of video because what I saw was she unhooked the dog and she ran back inside and left the dog still outside

  11. Have u ever wonder something might have happen to the owner prior to the storm to prevent him/her from getting to the dog? I m in no way agreeing with tying the poor doggie to a tree but I’m just wondering….I’m a dog lover myself I just hope that this poor doggie can find a good home.

  12. I would love to send her a thank you card!! If anyone knows who she is and her address, or if she is on fb..

  13. I wonder if she (or anyone else) would have done the same thing if a human was stranded outside without any sort of protection from the storm.

  14. She didn’t even put on a jacket or shoes. Just ran out there to help the poor dog. Its a shame the guy with the camera didn’t get up to help right away and waited for someone else to. Bless her.

  15. Should tie up the “owners” and let them sit out there. Hopefully, the dog lives elsewhere now! Bless you for saving him!

  16. To many sick ppl …..every day I read about ppl just leaving and hurting there pets I sure hope KRAMA is out there …..and God bless the person that saved him

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