Dog Who’s Spent Half of Life in Shelter Ready for a Home

Brando is a big boy, and he thinks he’s a lap dog, but he sure does like little kids!

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Brando has spent nearly half of his life in a kennel, and it’s showing.  The usually happy dog is now growing distressed and has been spending most of his time in the back, away from potential adopters.  He desperately needs to get out.  Can you give him a home?

This American bulldog is three-and-a-half years old, and has spent half of that at the Hempstead Town Animal Shelter on Long Island.

“It breaks our hearts because we know he will make an amazing companion, if only given the chance,” the shelter said on their Facebook page.  “Brando originally came into the shelter as a stray with a female dog who got adopted right away. Brando then was chosen by a rescue partner, but due to financial hardships, he had to come back.”


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“During his time with the rescue, he spent his days in doggy play groups and had a blast. Brando is a big boy, and he thinks he’s a lap dog, so young children who aren’t used to big dogs may feel overwhelmed by Brando’s size. But he sure does like little kids! Please, please, please consider this needy boy today! We’ve had enough of making him wait!”

If you would like to make this sweetie a family member, please call the shelter 516-785-5220.

Follow his Facebook thread here.


46 thoughts on “Dog Who’s Spent Half of Life in Shelter Ready for a Home

  1. Please some one give him a forever home as I’m 70 and have 5 dogs I do worry what is going to happen when I die that is my biggest worry ….but someone out there can love this little guy please SATX

  2. Jesus plz send adopters,rescues and fosters. We also ask for pledges for those in need. URGENT & CAN DIE ANYTIME!!! Thank you Jesus for all your about to do! Shared and cross posted. CODE RED!!!!! DIES ANYTIME!!!! NEEDS PLEDGES & NETWORKING NOW!

  3. this is breaking my heart. Yes, pray that this fellow can be happy and have a life filled with joy SOON! I’d take him but I have two dogs already and I’m in MN.

  4. They should make more effort to have their dogs get adopted.make them really cute and smelling good, teach them tricks so the adoptors will be amused and like them…..
    You cannot sell a house if the house is ugly same with cars.make them beautiful to get attention for buyers….your effort will not in vain put more heart and love for these dogs….thank you and God bless.

  5. If someone knows the answer, can you please explain to me this: if a dog is not adopted after more than a few months, why is it not taken to another shelter or rescue group that can help out? I feel like there are many methods of getting the word out that could prevent animals from spending years in a kennel. Media and social media have proven to be highly successful with adoptions. It saddens me that the shelter staff/caretakers let this happen.

  6. Why can he not be brought out more often? Why’s he left in the back away from potential adopters? sad indeed

  7. Beautiful boy. You are in Long Island. You should contact the Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo. He looks like their old dog Pete that died.

  8. Anybody know if he’s good with kitties? Love these dogs and lost my sweet girl to heart disease. Really looking for another big, sweet baby. Has he been neutered yet? I live in Gloucester va, but if he can deal with cats, I’ll do everything I can to give him his forever home.

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