Four-Year-Old Commands a Pack of “Wild” Dogs

All it takes is patience and perseverance, and any dog can be this well trained… even a whole mob of them!


See how well this four-year-old is able to take control of a bunch of pit bulls during feeding time.  Real vicious, they are!


97 thoughts on “Four-Year-Old Commands a Pack of “Wild” Dogs

  1. While it is nice to see these Pitties behaving so well, I think it is absolutely ridiculous that an adult thinks it is necessary to put a child in the middle of a potentially very dangerous situation! Just to prove a point! This is irresponsible parenting and pet ownership.

    1. This was not a potentially dangerous situation in any form…
      And if you have children and you have pitbulls or any kind of “so called” dangerous breed, they will need to co-exist and live together and respect each other.

      This girl shows that a well trained dog is no threat for her.

    2. Pitslbulls are not dangerous unless you trained them to be this family trained their pit bulls correctly so there is no threat to the child.

      1. All dogs are dangerous if you don’t train them. My yellow lab wasn’t raised with kids and his first reaction when he saw children was to attack them. After a few weeks training he got used to children and he now tolerates them. All dogs need to be trained!

  2. That’s the whole point, its not a dangerous situation. These are obviously very well trained animals and the mother was present the entire time. Just because they’re pit bulls doesn’t make it dangerous.

  3. Haha. This video is getting passed around a lot. I’d like to see her do that with a “pack” of Chihuahua’s!!

  4. This video is so dangerous. It doesn’t matter how good the dogs are, they shouldn’t be fed like that nor should the kid be that close to them while they eat.

  5. Awesome……good owners make great dogs. I had 2 pit bulls, 1 rottweiler and a chihuahua before my grandbaby was born, and my dogs have been so good with her. She crawled and learned to walk with the dogs around. Not once did I ever feel my grandbaby to be in any danger. Grandbaby is 3 and they are all best buddies and they sit and watch cartoons with her

  6. Oh my gosh people. Pit Bulls can be very nice dogs! And if the owner trains them well which its obvious they were and are well loved they will be good dogs. I have a Siberian Husky who is very protective of her food because when I was married the idiot I was married to said she didn’t have to be trained to let others touch her when she’s eating and she didn’t have to share food with other dogs. And yes, I was married to an abustive piece of work that if I didn’t do what he said, there was always some kind of threat. And it would take me years to fix the damage he made. At least these pit bulls share and let a child feed them. I am sick of people bad mouthy pit bulls. Stop any dog can go after someone and not let them hand feed them. Even Golden Retrievers have been known to go after people. Train dogs right and show them you love them.

  7. All of the animal sites that I like have been posting this video. I’m sorry but I think this is complete irresponsibility.

  8. That is ridiculous to feed your dogs like that….they have bad days same as we do & if one happens to b in a “mood”….there is gonna b trouble….its not worth the risk. I also have 5 large dogs…..i kno what its like to live w a pack & i dont believe a child should attempt to b the pack leader. Just my opinion.

  9. I have a fair amount of dog training / behavior experience and am on a number of FB groups that include very experienced trainers, certified behaviorists, and vet behaviorists. All of them that have responded to this video find it concerning, potentially dangerous, and not a good example of how a child should interact with dogs. Even though I’m a big fan of pits, there is no way I would put a child of mine in such a situation.

  10. Although I’m happy that this could happen for this family, I wouldn’t recommend anyone to copy this situation. Especially with such a young child.

  11. I think its great the parents are teaching their children how to work with dogs and to respect their space. She told them to sit and made them wait gave them their food, gave them the command for them to eat and walked away. Those dogs are learning to listen to her also.

  12. These dogs are very well behaved but as both a mother and dog owner this is completely irresponsible. Things can go bad very quickly and even the chance it could happen means you don’t put a small child in the middle of it.

  13. I have been surprised at the attention this video has garnered. I doubt most people would have batted an eye had these dogs been collies or poodles. Pit bulls do not even make the list of dogs most likely to bite; the dogs that do make this list would surprise most people. The dogs in this video are obviously well trained if they will do this. I wish we could all get beyond the myths surrounding the pit bull–known as the “nanny dog” in Britain at the turn of the century.

  14. There is nothing wrong with this. The dogs are trained and the little girl is in control. Sounds like some people don’t drive “as something could go terribly wrong any minute”. Seriously, just because you can’t do it doesn’t mean she can’t.

  15. ☝☝ agree! This video hasnt been put up to encourage other people to do the same. Its just a lovely, heartwarming situation in which a mother has raised her daughter right to be kind and assertive to these wonderful dogs. All these negative comments are bullshit, just a bunch of people pissing all over a magical connection this little girl has with her dogs. Theres always threat in EVERYTHING we do. This is how they do their feeding time so grow up and back up. Its none of your bussiness.

  16. Very cool..Goes to show with proper training any dog is a good dog.. Now if people can get their kids to behave like this !

  17. pitbulls are so awesome i use to think differnt thats before i met some at my mechanics shop they scared me at first but then i learned there not scary there awesome would like to get one one day its just because all the news about them that scares people i was one of them but people need to be around them to figure out that there not killers they can be but thats the owners fault instead getting rid of bad dogs get rid of bad owners

  18. I’ve always said it’s not the dogs but the owners that are to blame. Inconsistent training & discipline and that’s just the

  19. If a person is going to go by the whole “it may never happen, but just incase it does!” approach, how do you even manage to do shit like cross the road with your child? You know theres a chance they could be hit by a car… you see where im coming from? We all make calculated risks. Obviously the mother of this child, did her maths BEFORE putting her child in this situation.

  20. It’s not a breed of dog that is vicious it is the person that’s training the dog, no dog is born nasty it’s the arseholes that make them that way, so this is good training behaviour wise

  21. This is still quite dangerous. Even the best trained dogs have bad days. Food is usually the most common element that sparks aggression. The breed doesn’t matter at all. This would have been unwise with shi-tzus or Great Danes.

  22. Mom putting her child at risk to further her personal “pit bulls are okay” agenda. This feeding method is unwise and dangerous for dogs, for multiple dogs, for multiple male dogs, for big male dogs, for multiple big male strong-jawed dogs – for ANY dogs!

  23. Whatever… people. .if your dogs fight when there is food…ask yourself what you did wrong from puppy age onwards. Have never had dogs fight over food. I can touch them all when they are eating. Boerboels, great danes , bassets. All together. No problems. Half males . Half females.

  24. Its a beautiful thing to see how this little girl can be with her dogs 🙂 Power to the mom for giving her little one the power and guidence

  25. How many people feed their dogs like this? Who knows how the video ended. And who knows how much food each dog received? What happens when one of the dogs doesn’t feel well and snaps at the others? We always feed our dogs in separate bowls.

  26. My dogs weren’t food possessive at all (not to say they weren’t food motivated though, lol). If you raise them to know you will play with, take/give back their food, etc., then no issues. These dogs have been raised in a loving, disciplined home, clearly. And for those crying foul that a child is alone with dogs….who do you think is holding the camera?

  27. With a kitchen like that,you can’t afford 6 bowls, I get the point to the video but this is so reckless,please no one try and copy these idiots,I have 3 and don’t even leave bones or chew toys down when I leave the house.

  28. Oh so vicious! They did indeed hurt the child…………..they stepped on her toes!! I say that sarcastically, please don’t freak out on me! On a serious note, they did an amazing job training all six of those beautiful pups AND the child in how to handle them.

  29. All things aside it’s not a very good way to feed dogs you have no way of portion controlling. Eventually something probably will go wrong this

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