Man Arrested After Dropping Severely Emaciated at Local Shelter

“I received a Facebook message from someone who knows Mr. Colson who said they were concerned for the dog and they asked if I would take the dog,” said Jackson.

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A man from Jacksonville, Illinois has been arrested on charges of animal neglect and cruelty after he dropped off a dog at a local shelter.  Due to the seriously malnourished appearance of the dog, the shelter staff felt as if they absolutely had to advise authorities of the situation, and Creighton Colson was picked up by police and taken to Morgan County Jail.

Protecting Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) founder and manager of operations Lisa Jackson said the whole thing started off after she received a Facebook message from someone that knew Colson.  The message contained a photo of a pharaoh hound that was pretty much skin and bones, and a plea for help.

“I received a Facebook message from someone who knows Mr. Colson who said they were concerned for the dog and they asked if I would take the dog,” said Jackson.  “Once I saw the pictures, of course, I wanted the dog immediately.”

Colson brought the dog to the PAWS shelter himself.  Coming face to face with the dog, now named Brody, it was decided the police needed to be called and a crime reported.

Jackson doesn’t want to put people off of bringing dogs in need to their facility.  They are still willing to help out dogs for any reason, and their not exactly in the business of reporting people for surrendering dogs in less than perfect shape.

“I don’t want people to be afraid to turn over animals to us, but I would ask them to, please, do it before the animal is in that kind of condition,” said Jackson.  “I don’t want people to think if they show up with a dog that is not in perfect condition, I’m going to run to the authorities.  But in extreme cases like this one, I can’t ignore it.”

Brody has already been adopted.  He is going to live with a couple that volunteer at the PAWS facility.  He is on his way to recovery after spending just a short time in the shelter in the care of the volunteers and staff.

“He just has such a sweet disposition.  Even for as hungry as he was, he never gets upset if you touch his food bowl,” said Jackson.  “His strength amazes me. For as little as he weighs, the fact that he could even stand on his own was mind-blowing to me.  Now that he’s got a week’s worth of groceries in him, he follows us everywhere we go.”

266 thoughts on “Man Arrested After Dropping Severely Emaciated at Local Shelter

    1. The man’s name is Creighton Colson. It’s common for reporters to just use the LAST name when referring to a person.

      1. I went on that facebook page and there are multiple pictures of cats. Are you sure it’s the right person since whoever did this to that dog is no animal lover.

      2. his name is Creighton colson and he has two jobs and is not mentally ill or anything like that he is just mean and his new wife knew about it to

  1. prison should not feed him and they need neglect the guy for a month and put him in cell with no bed and leave him on wet dirty floor !!

  2. sorry for the course language but how the fuck do you not feed an animal??? You have eyes and see its sad face. You see the bones protuding and even by then i can imagine they cry out. fucker. good that you ratted him out before he got another dog because of course he would. was too easy to dump him in the first place….fuckers.

    1. If the people that do these terrible things would get more severe punishment, the acts would lessen. Have the offenders carry a sign that states the offense. I’ll bet that will bring attention to the problem. Let’s put an end to this abuse.

  3. sorry i am not sorry for the swear words. If you ask if they are truly necessary , how about you take another look at the dog, and ask yourself that very question again.

  4. I would love to tie him up to tree and just leave him there. Heartless asshole. I hope karma gets him good.

  5. Glad the dog has a new home & doing well. For the person that did this needs to be tied to a fence & not fed. He’s Not worth people’s tax dollars to have room or any facilities sitting nicely in jail.

  6. No bashing as I think this guy deserves jail time, but I worry that the shelter calling authorities will result in fewer people turning in dogs. If this guy had been worried about being charged it is unlikely he would have surrendered the dog and instead we might not have such a happy ending… 🙁

  7. Good! Don’t give that POS any food during his (hopefully LONG) stay!! What goes around comes around you SOB!!

  8. Just remember when they get in trouble for bringing the animals in……they just let them die or kill them. Despise the creeps all you want but if they do the right thing (even if they wait until it’s this bad) that baby has a chance. God will punish the person.

  9. I really can’t say how I’d react to the human that had done this…..somehow I know I’d need to get bailed out.

  10. Anyone who abuses animals. Please die a very, very, very slow and painful death and may you see your loved ones suffer even more.

  11. Glad that the dog was given to someone who could help. Too bad it took so long to get to that point

  12. I’m glad authorities are taking this as a serious crime, but what will happen to other dogs in the same situation whose owners now likely will not relinquish them for fear of going to jail?

  13. If this guy knew he couldn’t care for him, he should have taken him to the shelter before it got to this point.

  14. People in to think about what would happen if they don’t eat and no one gives them food and water…. Maybe that’s should happen to this person just sickening……….

  15. this is unbelievable! how does a person let a living creature, a pet, get to this point???!?! i hope this pos owner is fined and punished to the fullest extent of the law…..

  16. Thank God he will be taken care of now. Poor baby. I just don’t understand how these sick ass people can do this. Starve him, until he dies.

  17. Thank God this sub human brought this dog in before he died. I am so angry at people that can treat a loving, smart, loyal and compassionate being so Badly. It absolutely makes no sense . I wish an eye for an eye…..but I also realize that for every evil non caring person there are such wonderful, caring people out there that put their heart and soul in to saving abused animals. THANK YOU to all that had a part in saving this sweet animal. He deserves so much better. He will be so much happier !


        1. You think he needs help…your being to kind…people of this mentality can’t be helped he is a waste of a human being…it pains me to call him human!

          1. Cliff is a great argument FOR abortion. Too bad in his case, it can’t be retroactive.

      1. Cliff, what is wrong with you. If you have no compassion for the suffering of a pet then you probably don’t care about the suffering of a child, you just care about abortion.

      2. Being concerned about animals doe not take away from abortion concerns. It is an added social responsibility to take care of all living things! St. Francis is the Patron Saint of Pets, would you like to criticize a Saint for his love of animals as well?

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