Pit Bull Saves Girl from Dog Attack

“To me, he’s like a hero. He’s a protective dog,” Lucila said. “We taught him to be protective and caring for the family.”




A five-year-old Florida girl’s life was saved by her family’s pit bull, Trigger, after she was attacked by a Lab mix while riding her bike.

“She’s a tough cookie,” said mom Lucila.  “I think I was crying more than she was!”

Remayah Hernandez was riding her bike in her Lake Worth neighborhood in November when she stopped to pet Tank, a neighbor’s wandering dog, who then attacked her.  Lucila says Trigger jumped over the fence and got in the middle of the fray when Tank started biting her face.

“To me, he’s like a hero. He’s a protective dog,” Lucila said.  “We taught him to be protective and caring for the family.”


1.15.15 - Pit Bull Saves Girl from Dog Attack2


“He’s a superhero,” Remayah said of her pup.

The young girl had to undergo plastic surgery to repair the damage done to her face.  A fundraiser was set up to help cover the costs.  Any additional funds will be used towards a trip to Disney World to cheer up the traumatized girl.  The family had been planning the trip before this happened, and used the money for medical care.

Sadly, Tank was later picked up by animal control and euthanized.  His owner, Nehemias Gaspar, said he didn’t know how his dog got out, and was working at the time.

“He was very friendly with all of the kids. He was a great dog. He was a very nice dog,” he said.


1.15.15 - Pit Bull Saves Girl from Dog Attack


Nehemias believes there is more to the story than what the Hernandez family says.  He says Trigger has gotten out before and he’s walked the dog home.  He believes both dogs got out and were fighting before Remayah came into the picture.

“I sincerely believe inside of me that my dog is innocent. It’s very unfortunate what happen but I’m more worried about the girl now that my dog is gone,” the man said.

What happened was indeed a tragedy for all involved, but his scenario doesn’t explain how Remayah got attacked.

“This would have never happened to her if he would have kept his dog where he belongs: in the house or tied up,” Lucila said.

124 thoughts on “Pit Bull Saves Girl from Dog Attack

      1. If you’re going to insult the breed at least use spell check.. It’s spelled grenade you asshat troll…

    1. So a lab can’t attack? I’ve heard of labs attacking before. This isn’t the first time. I think it’s the owners fault. PUT your pets indoors when you work!

    1. It’s not front page as it does not portray the Pitbull as the aggressive breed. I love my Pitbull and the breed.

  1. Where was the parent?? These poor dogs/kids … dogs are amazing!! This would never happened, if parents, spent/watched their kids, she was 5 years old …. it wasn’t the dogs fault, something must have happened … it’s so sad the other dog lost his life!! Yes people … quite blaming dogs!! Watch your kids.

    1. Thank you!! I thought the same thing. I could maybe understand a bit more if the child was about 13. This little girl was 5 — she still needs adult supervision. I’m not saying be a helicopter parent, but if the mother was watching maybe she would have seen if the girl was maybe petting a little too hard or if the dog looked a little annoyed and stopped her before anything happened. It seems as though there is a bit more to this story.

    2. Agree, but also the owner should secure his dog before going to work. The dog should have been indoors. I feel bad for the girl and the dog that was euthanized since he wasn’t at fault (his owner was).

    3. I agree that the parents should be supervising children when they are outdoors playing; however, good dogs don’t attack people. Any aggression toward a human or animal from a dog is not a favorable trait. A dog that can’t be trusted should be locked up when not in the presence of the owner. Honestly, a dog that cannot be trusted (owner’s fault) is of use to no one. Nevertheless, there will always be people outdoors whether children or adults and they should be able to have the peace of mind to know that all measures have been taken by responsible pet owners to secure their dogs so they can enjoy the freedom of spending time outdoors.

      Judging by the photos I have seen circulating the internet, the dog looks more like a mutt than a Lab. Just sayin.

      1. Then you will have to put ALL dogs to sleep! ALL DOGS BITE!! ALL OF THEM DO! EVERY SINGLE ONE BITES its just a matter of time.

    4. This is an idiotic comment! This child has every right to ride her bike on a public street! I’m sure you rode your bike around your neighborhood when you were a child. I sure did. All dogs should be kept in their yard when owners are not home and kept on a leash when out for a walk unless in a leash free (specified) zone. Yes, I am sure it was the dogs fault. Just like there are good and bad people, there are good and bad dogs. I have seen dogs attack people or other animals for absolutely no reason(maybe didn’t like their odor?).

      1. Who said the parent wasnt there. How many of us stood at the end of a 2-4-8 feet away on the street/sidewalk /culdesac(?) etc watching our kid/s ride their bikes? How many times have we all seen a dog (in a flash) run into a street? it takes less than 2 seconds for a dog to run from a house in a neigborhood into the street/sidewalk and attack something. Blink twice and you got it. ALL dogs fenced or chained/ on a leash or in a house get loose sometimes no matter what you do.

    5. After reading different articles about this story there are to many things that don’t add up. And being in animal rescue and volunteering at shelters for many yrs I believe there is a lot of info left out and untruths added. And as a parent myself, my 5yr old would have never gotten so far from my site and thus been able to be attacked by a dog. Being that the “attack dog” was small and the child was only attacked in the face says alot. That child was bent down and hands on with the dog. The parents being that neglectful of not watching the child are more than likely the kind that have not taught the child to never touch or mess with other dogs not their own. And probably hasn’t taught to be gentle and kind to all animals. Pictures tell a lot!! And now they are using this to get a free trip to Disney? WOW

  2. Even Lassie could attack. Doesn’t matter the breed. Glad that this little girl is going to be okay could have been worse.

  3. Lab mix mauled my mom’s arm walking in her neighborhood. Yay for an awesome pittie comin to the rescue. I love pitbulls

  4. Good doggie!!! So glad the pup was there! I hope she heals quick and that there isn’t a lot of too bad of a drama.

  5. Really Rolo? I’m a dog lover and hate the fact that they put the dog down, but she was riding her bike and the dog attacked her. It has nothing to do with whether her mom was watching her or not. The owner was not aware his dog was out. That’s the problem here, not the mother of the child who was attacked.

    1. Yes,put down mother of that kid,and dog owner,,Realy Jan-Marie,5 years old girl,outside,that’s problem,not the dog’s ,problem’s is OWNER’s,what if two dog’s fighting???and she traying get her dog,,What!

    2. Although I believe in adult supervision of children playing outdoors, I have to agree. It is the pet owner’s fault. No dog, and especially an aggressive one should be left outdoors to its own devices. Even if the mother was outside supervising, I would be hard pressed to believe that the dog wouldn’t have attacked the child. It likely would have attacked her for trying to protect her child. Chances are that if it hadn’t been euthanized, it would have attacked again.

      It’s sad that so many people on here are more appalled at a dog being put down for brutally attacking a small child (or anyone for that matter) than for the child herself. When did a dog’s life become equally valuable to a human’s? What a twisted and sick mentality.

  6. Glad little girl was rescued. . It’s not pit bulls that are always bad it’s the way their owners taught them to be.. God Bless the dog that saved her life.

  7. I had a poodle that could bite!!!! He was 10lbs and could bite badly!! He was badly abused unfortunately. After moving in with me and working with him he stopped. But he was never off leash and NEVER went by a little kid. I would never risk it.

    1. Maybe it was mixed with pitbull . You know those pits they sure do love a good dog fight. We bred them to prefect this behavior

      1. You’re an idiot that obviously knows nothing about dogs. I’m guessing your I.Q. is 12 if you double it. Why don’t you crawl back into your closet and keep your brainless opinions to yourself. I’m sorry, I’ll type slower next time so I dont confuse you.

  8. I don’t at all like the comment “should have kept it where it belongs. In the house OR TIED UP!?”
    Sorry what!? 0.o Stop at “in the house” please.

    1. Most likely the cause of the dog attack. The lab was probably tied up, and the girl went to pet it. A lot of dogs tend to attack when they are in a position like that. No dog should be tied up.

  9. Both parties scare me. The owner of the dog and mother. Neither of them kept an on on their family. Especially knowing the neighborhood has dogs running loose as the article stated. Florida has something in the water.

  10. That picture is misleading and too many people just don’t read; they assume. Please change it. Pits are in need of this good press, so let’s see to it that they get it

  11. Saved by a pit, attacked by lab! Where is the main street media with this story!! So glad the little girl had her pup by her side & she will be ok!

  12. It is possible that the Lab mixed had a poor temperament or suffered the brain tumor. No one knows. Sad.

  13. Too many things don’t add up. Unfortunately, a dog had to lose his life because of human irresponsibility- a mother and a dog owner, both letting their charges run loose unattended. Mother is just as responsible for the attack.

  14. This story is wrong in so many ways . It shows that not all labradors are happy loving dogs and not all pit bulls are horrible fighting dogs . But what bothers me the most is when the mother said this would’ve never happened if the dog had been inside or tied up . The dog should never be tied up . That’s what’s wrong with a lot of dogs that go bad . They’re miserable from being tied up or chained up or penned up their whole lives . Very glad to little girls okay

    1. Ya labs killed 75 % people last year and years before that . Pitbulls killed none! Such none sence

  15. We need to stop assuming that all children need to be supervised every moment. Kids should learn about safety, and dogs should be contained.

    It isn’t clear, here, whether her pit saved her (which is certainly possible) – and reasonable that the dog may have chased her, or if her pit was fighting with the lab.

  16. Tied up or caged dogs tend to be aggressive dogs. Irresponsible owner, thats what caused this unfortunate event. Then they blame the dog

    1. I know labs kill so many people per year. No pitbulls has ever killed anyone. They are called nanny dogs for a reason !

  17. I agree with Heidi. The story as told by the child and her Mother does NOT add up. It’s too bad that Tank had to loose his life so they could deny that their dog, Trigger, was also loose and they had as much responsibility for what happened as the neighbor did.

  18. Second thoughts: For good or ill I was one of those kids who was taught to tell the truth and take the consequences. Looks like what Remayah learned from her mother in this case is that denying your own responsibility for a situation gets you sympathy and money and oh, yea, get’s the other ‘guy’ punished, in this case by euthanasia. I can’t believe people still buy it.

  19. How the tides have turned. It always seems that the pitties are the ones who bite (and hence the bad rep) but this one proved they can be heroes instead of just bad!

  20. That little girl looks like my niece Zoe .one thing pits do is protect children if raised around m good trate

  21. I just don’t understand why a 5 year old is out with no supervision? I would never let my niece ride of on a bike! It’s not the dogs fault! Poor dog had to be put down cause it attacked a child who did what? Or did the dog just attack unprovoked? Or were the dogs fighting and she got in the middle? Or dig her dog maybe see the other dog close to the child and wanted to protect her? Nobody knows! The mistake is the neighbors and the moms! Always look over your child and lock up your dog! And I’m an owner of 2 dogs and cats and I have little children around!

  22. Same thing happened to me when I was a kid. I had a pitbull who was gentle as can be and I was bitten by a Labrador that had wandered onto our property. For the record, I did not provoke the lab. I told it to ‘shoo’ and instead it ran toward me and bit me. Dogs don’t always need provocation.

  23. I’m glad to hear that the Pitt got good recognition. Everyone needs to remember ALL animals have TEETH and can hurt, mane, kill someone. It’s NOT just the Pitt.

  24. I think there could be more to the story, what if this child was in the middle of the dogs trying to break up a fight? If you read the article this could have been possible!

  25. Pit Bulls are extremely loving and loyal. However, Labradors and Retrievers are almost always out of control, maybe not generally violent, but they are rarely properly trained.

  26. The article says the pit jumped over the fence when the girl was being attacked. Clearly the girl was not in the middle of a dog fight. I work with animals for a living. Any one No matter what the breed can turn for any number of reasons..maybe she touched him in a way that made him uncomfortable. Sad that the lab was euthanized, but glad the baby girl is going to be Ok.

  27. My son was attacked at the same age by my best friend’s family yellow lab. I saw the whole thing, it happened right in front of me….my son did not provoke the dog! The dog just jumped at my son’s face and bit him. My son had to have plastic surgery as well, and long term therapy to get over the trauma. Labrador Retrievers are #1 for biting/attacking people in the US. Surprising. The dog owner is liable for all the medical bills. The family shouldn’t have to pay. If you own a dog, keep it safely away from others. Train it in obedience classes. Never trust a dog, even your own. You never know when a dog will just be having a bad day. My son almost lost an eye, and his cheek, he will have scars forever. It’s just horrible what a dog is capable of.

  28. The family is not being honest I think the pitbull did this to her and shes defending it for some sick reason. When she gets killled next week by the dog we will know the truth . But a lab attacking the face ? That is pitbull style.not lab.

    1. Any animal can attack. Fearful, insecure, aggressive and it does not matter. If you can not read the behavior of animals then we should not have them. ThanknGis this little girl is ok. I have been personally attacked by a lab but there was more to the story then it just attacked me. She was afraid. However children are not always apt in this department and should be taught how to properly walk a dog without tension and behind the human. Watch ceaser millan people

    2. Your ignorance makes me laugh. As if Labs don’t bite. My own rescued yellow lab tried to attack children right in their faces when I first introduced him to children. I thought that he’d be friendly and not react to the children. It’s a good thing I had him leashed. Everyone was surprised about his reaction, but this goes to show you must train a dog. If you don’t train a dog, no matter what the breed they can ALL attack.

      And like the mother said, tied up, that lab mix most likely wasn’t socialized. The girl also went to pet the dog. This must have been the reason the dog attacked the girl.

  29. Found a female pitbull wondering around my property once. I put my dogs inside brought it out some water and dog food. I sat on the steps next to her on the porch . When she finished she came over licked me on the cheek and started nibbling on my ear. I wasn’t afraid, found her a home with another pitbull. She had no collar dogs were always getting dumped on the outskirts of my little town. She was a sweetie.

  30. Labradors are the breed that should have a higher rate of euthanization when called for NOT PITT-BULLS, they get a bad rap. Because Labs look cute does not mean they are. I have come across many Labs that are highly strung and show unnecessary signs of aggression towards humans and animals.

  31. I have a pit mix and a lab mix and I never leave them alone with my son or in the yard room when I’m not at home. I trust my dogs with my life It doesn’t matter what the breed is. But I still take precautions for everyone’s safety and my own they are animals you can’t blame pitds Labradors retrievers Dalmatians anything it is the owner and how they are raised

  32. This dog is a hero i have three pit bulls and they are very nice its not the dogs its the owners that taught them to be mean and attack people. Dogs can be trained differently than the first time they were taught. We can teach the dog to be nice or mean. A pit will never just randomly attack someone or something it has to be provoked. this is a scientifically proved fact. They just have to have a dog to blame every few years so that they can make money. the people that don’t own pits just believe the media

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