Police Request Help from Public in Abuse Case

People with information are asked to call animal services at 1-619-767-2740, or to call Crime Stoppers at 1-888-580-8477.

In San Diego, California on the 3rd of January, a small dog was found with multiple rubber bands keeping her mouth tightly closed like a muzzle.  The poor little dog had suffered some pretty serious wounds on her face, and she was a bit underweight.  Now, police and animal services officials are asking the public for assistance finding her abuser, and need all the help they can get.

“The most serious of the injuries are to the left side of the face; they are the deepest and most penetrating wounds. The cut goes across the bridge of her nose and wraps around to the right side,” said David Johnson with the County’s Department of Animal Services. “This magnitude is pretty significant, we normally don’t see things of this nature.”

The rubber bands were on so tightly and for so long, they cut her poor little face straight down to the bone.

“This may have been some sick attempt to keep this sweet dog from barking,” stated Dawn Danielson, the Director of Animal Services.  “However, their actions have caused this poor dog to suffer horrendous pain for a very long time.”

The authorities, after taking into consideration the severity of her wounds, have opened up a full scale investigation.  They are asking the public to come forward with any information in this case.  Specifically, if anyone sees the dog’s story and recognizes the dog is asked to assist with the identity of the dog, or it’s “owner.”

People with information are asked to call animal services at 1-619-767-2740, or to call Crime Stoppers at 1-888-580-8477.  If convicted of animal cruelty, a person could face a three year prison sentence, or a fine of up to $20,000 or both.

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184 thoughts on “Police Request Help from Public in Abuse Case

  1. I would love to get my hands on the human(s) that did this to this sweet baby & wrap some VERY tightly Rubber Bands on them SOMEWHERE painful! POS!

  2. Thanks for rescuing her! I hope this dog gets a loving family soon! I hope her abuser walks in the police station!

  3. Yes special place in HELL for f%-%-$s who hurt any animals..I say find them or it… Tie them up and cut till the bone shows. Evil. SOB’s

  4. Either extremely ignorant or just cruel..apparently 2nd case in the area…who would ever think this is acceptable?? Hope they find and prosecute!

  5. Poor girl.. She’ll find someone to love her like she had before. And her abusers will pay the price for what they’ve done to her. Karma!!

  6. Shared! I can’t believe our universe is filled with such cruel people. I can’t stomach another story like this. The media is filled with horror stories!

  7. Evil. It’s best that someone like this is caught and put away. But I don’t have hope for that. People who abuse and torture animals like this will eventually move on to humans. A psychopath, whoever did this.

  8. Once again, everyone is jumping to conclusions instead of waiting for adequate information. Know the facts before you accuse, and give due process before you convict. It may have been done by a child who didn’t know any better.

  9. This is devastating totally sickening!!! What in he– is wrong with people???????????????????????????????????

  10. Sounds like a job for Dexter. Find the person responsible for abusing this poor dog and kill them!

  11. there are much more humane ways to keep a dog from barking to much. Hope they find the culprits and tape their mouth shut for a while so they know what it feels like

  12. What a coward to abuse such a tiny helpless babe! I hope they find the SOB who did this and they are fully charged

  13. Animal abuse should be a Felony and jail time, the idiots doing these types of things are no use to Society and should be treated as such.

  14. Im not suprised. Unfortunately there is psychopats all over the society. Poor little girl. Bring them to justice !

  15. @ Jill J. So, do you think the dog put the rubber-bands on by himself? You are just as sick and twisted as the person that did this! And any child that would do this have crap parents. Do your kids do this?

  16. Im from San Diego!! I didnt even know, poor baby. Find those damn bastards/bastard who did this 🙁

  17. Please, when these pieces of s**t are found would you be so kind as to do the same to their ‘man bits’ – make sure the rubber bands are extremely tight

  18. Pat, I can’t stand this! My stomach is sick. This poor dog. How can people be so cruel to their animals. Why get a dog or cat if you cannot treat them with love. Just awful!

  19. I hope they catch the mongrel that did this to poor little Minnie and I hope she finds a new loving home when she recovers. All dogs deserve that

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