Woman Donates Puppy to Boy that Lost his in Fire

“…so we made up our minds right then. I said, ‘I’m going to try to get in contact with NBC12 and see if the family might want another pet,'” said Welton.

1.13.15 - puppy relacement


Linda Welton is from Green Bay, Virginia, and is a watcher of NBC12 news.  After seeing a story about how eight-year-old Joshua and his family had lost everything, including their puppy, in a house fire, Welton decided she was going to do something.  Joshua got a big surprise when Welton donated a puppy to him and his family in the hopes of helping them begin the healing process.

“When he was talking about losing his pet and he was tearing up, I did, too,” said Welton. “So we made up our minds right then. I said, ‘I’m going to try to get in contact with NBC12 and see if the family might want another pet.'”

Welton took the trip from Green Bay to deliver the puppy personally to the family.  Joshua was over the moon at the mere thought of having a new, furry addition to the family.

“It’s good to know you have people out there caring for you,” said Joshua’s mom, Libny Reyes.

The family is getting help from neighbors all over the area.  A different viewer contacted the news station to let them know they had a storage unit that was brimming with various household items and necessities.  They wanted the family to know that they were willing to donate anything at all that would help them in any way.

Welton said she was happy to be able to help.  “We are just so proud to be able to do something to help,” she said.

If you are willing or able to assist the family recover from their horrible tragedy, click here to be taken to the fundraiser page.

1.13.15 - puppy relacement2

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67 thoughts on “Woman Donates Puppy to Boy that Lost his in Fire

    1. Nice gesture, maybe a bit too soon, let them get a house first… Really wish the woman that donated wasn’t a breeder. Breeding is awful and should be banned.

      1. You ban breeding, then you will no longer have dogs. You do realize that, right? Once animals stop breeding, they die out. You would rather dogs die out?

  1. How can a family who lost everything, look after a dog?? Isn’t that forcing another financial burden on them? this was a sad story, but I think getting them another puppy to heal the process should have been rethinked..I hope I don’t read another post later into the year, having this poor puppy being put up for adoption..breaks my heart really..

    1. How are they paying for his (multiple rounds) puppy vacs, heartworm preventative, etc.? This is a super kind gesture but based on what little info there is in the story it does not seem well thought out.

  2. How do u lose a puppy in a fire? :/ first things I’d grab if I heard fire are my puppy, my phone, and my purse.

  3. And puppies are not whimsical things you just gift on someone. They need to be placed where they are secure. This was too soon.

  4. Is there a fee for the “go fund me”… I know this doesn’t really have anything to do with the post… but I can’t remember if this was the site that takes a fee for donating money… ??

  5. I do fire training for my job…they certainly don’t tell you to grab purses and stuff…its about getting people out of danger.

  6. How can u people be so selfish???? Forget that this is a “good gesture” ever thought about what the puppy will be fed,taken care of, housed????? These people barely have food for themselves?? People can donate food, yes..but dog food, is a luxury, esp since gifting the dog to the boy should of waited until the family were back on their feet to survive..this by far was a really stupid move..

  7. Gee, Chandrika Nandlall, for an animal lover you sure seem heartless. Did it ever occur to you that through the power of social media and with the help of friends, family and strangers that these people just might get additional assistance? And did it ever occur to you that having this new family member to take care of just might be a beacon of hope for this family and especially that little boy? Why don’t you quit criticizing and do something useful like sending them a check? but by all means continue your rant…..

  8. Wow Chandrika! You are such a Debbie Downer. You know, any reputable shelter has programs for low income people with pets and a food donation program for those in need, because they recognize that spiritual stability is just as important as physical stability.

  9. We lost a cat and most of our belongings in a fire years ago, my son was just 5 years old and he was heartbroken. What a wonderful gesture and they will manage with this new pup just as we did with the new cat, it will never replace them but it will give them a reason to smile again. I was a single parent at the time and we DID manage, that cat lived to be 16 years old.

  10. Chendra, surely you aren’t so hearless as to not send a little $$ to this poor family to help out. This puppy may be the difference between this child being completely traumatized and having an awareness that people are good and he’s not alone.

  11. When one of our neighbors lost their pets in a house fire last year, I bought them a gift certificate from our Humane Society to cover the adoption fee for a puppy for their son. Then I went to PetSmart for a gift card for stuff the puppy needs. I’m a grown-ass woman, and I would be traumatized if my dogs died in a house fire!

  12. Damn, some of you people with the negative comments really need a new life. You’re obviously not happy with the ones you have. Maybe you never had anything kind done for you. Bravo to the lady with a heart. There should be more people like her.

  13. charities and the historical failure of animal research, what charities will never tell you, on my youtube/ms4mula1 (sorry about going off topic!).

  14. Has the puppy been spayed? How did the donator have an “extra” puppy around? From an irresponsible pet owner who did not have his/her animals spayed? Make donations to the upkeep of the pet: it doesn’t have a choice on its care. The humans do.

  15. As a passionate animal lover and animal activist, I look at the well being of the pet first..all good and well with all of the hate comments..no water of my back..all u people see is the “good gesture” behind it? When it comes to animals, especially pets, long term planning is key, all I can definitely see that this family was in no state to receive a pet, YET! A stuffed animal couldve done the same healing in the time being.. Thank u Carola..we will continue the fight, and be voices on behalf of the voiceless!!

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