Won’t Anyone Love Stella?

Poor Stella doesn’t get the attention the cute, young dogs get.

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From Stella’s Facebook Page:

Stella was found running the streets of Griffith, Indiana over three years ago, at the age of five. She has spent the last three years in her cage at Griffith Animal Control. She is a volunteer favorite, a very loving girl. But her time stuck in that cage with no home, no family to call her own has taken its toll on her. She now would need to be an only dog in a home, but she would be a wonderful friend to someone old enough to understand what she has been through. Poor Stella doesn’t get the attention the cute, young dogs get.

Stella now has three HUGE problems: first, she is an older pit bull; second, she is a black pit bull; and third, someone in her past tried a home ear-cropping job on her. She has spent the last three holiday seasons waiting, and waiting, and waiting for the right person to come along and see that she deserves to live the rest of her life being loved, and giving all the love she clearly has to give someone that would give her the chance. Isn’t there someone out that that would like to give Stella that chance, give her a home, and let her celebrate the holidays without being locked up in that cage for another Christmas?


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I got to be out of my cage for four whole hours on Saturday, and even got to meet a few people, still no adopter, but still I was seen, people touched me, petted me, rubbed my ears.  I have only had that happen two or three times since I’ve been in the shelter.  It was fun.  I love people, I love getting some attention, but now I’m back in my cage, for who knows now long. Anyway, here is a picture of me outside my shelter cage….


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Now I’ve spent the first full week of 2015 in my cage, and on the 2nd day of the 2nd week, will I ever find a home? Will anyone ever love me enough to give me a chance to show them how loving I am, how grateful I’ll be to have my own home, my own person, or people, how much I’d appreciate getting love, attention, always having food and water. I didn’t think I was asking for that much, just the same thing so many dogs that end up in shelters get, and far faster than I have. Is there something that wrong with me that makes me unlovable?  I hope not, I’m really a good girl. Won’t someone please give me a chance to prove what a good dog I really am?

If you would like to adopt the lovely Stella, please CLICK HERE.

114 thoughts on “Won’t Anyone Love Stella?

    1. Miss Jona
      I hope you are really taking her and giving her a super cush life to live out her last years here on earth. I would take her but life in MInot North Dakota with two cats. if I knew what to do with my 2 cats. Even if I did I have to pesky neighbors that would probably be jerks and call the Animal Control of Minot to pay a visit and see what she’s about being there is a stereotypical animal ordinance that a group of people in Minot are trying to overturn for their pitbull and pitbull mix breeds. I hope you are calling the animal shelter she is located on Monday and getting her asap. I’m praying for stella, the sweet angel face that she is, I feel so bad for her. I hope you are really going to get her and give her a real gud cush life. one love.

  1. This sounds like my girl when I brought her home! She’s a rotti-chow, and was going to be euthanized. Was terribly aggressive, zero manners (even jumped on a kitchen counter to steal a glass of milk!!), and didn’t like people or animals. Old dogs CAN learn new tricks. She’s now a thriving, friendly, loving member of our family, follows commands like a dream, and LOVES my baby daughter and our much younger hyper male dog. All dogs can be turned around:)

  2. Surely there is someone with a big heart and home for Stella. I have five rescues and each one has been a great addition to the family. As an only dog I know Stella will be a prize.

  3. Poor sweetheart, hope God finds her a forever home. She needs some love. For a great family. Kisses Stella

  4. She pretty i hope she finds a loving home even if dhe has pit in her what diffents. Dose thst make hell it shouldn’t hell i have a Chihuahua and he meaner then any pit so stop putting her down because she is blk and has pit in het hell i am white snd have Indian in me so a dog shouldnt be no diffent

  5. I love pit bulls but I have a hard time trusting them. I was attacked when I was young by a neighbors pit bull for no reason and this dog never behaved like that before. So it would be hard for me to trust one

  6. If you’re not going to help Dwane..then shut up!! Pisses me off that ppl judge the breed and know nothing about them. Sharing in MO

  7. All she needs is a home where she’s the only pet. She deserves the love she’s been deprived of for so long. Somebody please step up and give her what she needs!

  8. If she only got along with others . . . I’m a sucker for senior dogs. I adopted a 6 year old black lab who had a bad hip and knee. Brought him home. Took him to the Ohio State Vet School. Surgery wasn’t cheap, but not as expensive if I’d taken him somewhere else. He’s in great shape now, and I live him to pieces. <3
    I do hope Stella gets her groove on and someone gives her a loving home.

  9. Stop arguing because you are not helping. Just share and both of you win and maybe someone perfect will see Stella and adopt her tomorrow

    1. No…Gary, did you fail to comprehend the story on why she has to be the only pet now? It wasn’t always the case. So go listen to the bell ring somewhere else!

  10. asap share this poor senior needs a good lovin home for the rest of his life please please hurry and gave this senior his dream hurry

  11. If I didn’t have a 10 yr old pittie that doesn’t get along to well with mostly females, I’d take her in a heart beat.

  12. Poor baby wish someone would give her a chance.. She needs to find someone to love her and make her part of the family. . God Bless Her. .

  13. I would take her in a heartbeat if there were a way to get her here to SC. she deserves a loving furever home!!! What a beautiful girl!

  14. I would take her but I already have a fur baby. And Stella isn’t good with other pets. 🙁 Isn’t there a way to coordinate transportation for her if there’s someone willing to adopt?

  15. I wonder if the shelter would set up transport for her and ppl posted they’re interested from out of state?????

  16. It’s always sad to hear that older animals, who also have odds against them for one reason or the other, don’t get the love and the homes they deserve.

  17. I don’t see any different with her ears being chopped . She still cutes look at her with warm smiles on her face.I believe she is a loving dog.

  18. I hope that there is a home for a gal like her. Maybe folks who’d be happy with just one dog. Not her fault that some backyard breeder hacked her ear crop. Which is totally an unnecesary procedure. She looks like a nice gal. I already have a dog and two cats…

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