Bathroom Time Always Means Time to Hang with Dad

Well, that’s one way to maintain a captive audience…

Does your dog do this to you?  Most seem to have the idea in their heads that bathroom time always means it’s dad time.  But how could anyone deny that fuzzy little face?  OK, OK.  You can stay and hang out.  Even if it is a bit… creepy.

44 thoughts on “Bathroom Time Always Means Time to Hang with Dad

  1. Gross. Does ANYONE want to see a puppy trapped in a mans shorts while he takes a dump? Close the door. You are gross.

  2. Oh please .. usually the tiniest room in house and closest undivided attention they seek..only gross in the head of someone who can’t understand the bond ..and loving something more than your imaginary audience!!!??


    SERIOUSLY, “fred” and “melanie” you guys keep posting videos that are not available to UK readers…

    Your leaving UK viewers unable to want to use this site, and that will affect your ad revenue income…

  4. One of my two cats does this and I’d love to know the psychology behind it….he is a nervous wreck ordinarily and shies away even from people he knows, but when it’s bath/shower time he becomes this confident, affectionate and very vocal cat desperate to get as close to you as possible. There must be some scientific answer behind it, warmth in the room or something

  5. I can’t go to the bathroom or for a shower but my 3 dogs have to come. If I don’t let them in they bark and scratch at the door. They Will wait at the door till I come out. It’s so mad. Lol

  6. The dog and the cats: when mum’s on the dun it is time to come and have some fun, pats and a game.

  7. I have a very tiny bathroom, not even big enough to swing a cat in. When my canine nephews visit, they always have to join me in the bathroom. One is a 110 lb pitbull and the other is a 20+ lb puggle. Good times…

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