Bright Flowers Are Helping These Dogs Get Adopted

In 2014, HSU adopted out over 9,600 animals. They’ve set the goal for this year at 10,000, and so far they’re doing pretty well.


The Humane Society of Utah is at it again!  In December we showed you their hilarious photo booth collection, and now they’re trying something different that will help their black dogs get adopted.  It’s working!

In 2014, HSU adopted out over 9,600 animals.  They’ve set the goal for this year at 10,000, and so far they’re doing pretty well.  Black dogs tend to wait the longest to be adopted – because they don’t photograph well, and because of vestigial, naïve beliefs that black animals are aggressive or evil.

So HSU staff have begun decorating dogs with floral headbands and wreaths.  Five out of the eight pictured below have already found their forever homes.  Perhaps you’ll fall in love with one of the remaining three!  To see who still needs a home, click here.


2.6.15 - Black Flower Campaign1



2.6.15 - Black Flower Campaign2



2.6.15 - Black Flower Campaign3



2.6.15 - Black Flower Campaign4



2.6.15 - Black Flower Campaign5



2.6.15 - Black Flower Campaign6



2.6.15 - Black Flower Campaign7



2.6.15 - Black Flower Campaign8


86 thoughts on “Bright Flowers Are Helping These Dogs Get Adopted

  1. My family’s black dog, Ziggy, is the most wonderful, fun loving, energetic, and adorable boy. Our lives are so much better with him in it.

  2. I have two mostly black dogs now, and have had them in the past. My sister too has had a series of what she calls BBDs (big black dogs) or OPCOs (other people’s cast offs). Can’t understand the mentality of someone who would reject a dog because it is black.

  3. It’s not necessarily that people think they are scary, it is just hard to show the facial features and personality in a picture. A bit of a lighten issue. The flowers help highlight to people to just scroll past.

  4. I love my black lab mix! I was so sad to learn people sometimes pass up the black dogs because it’s hard to see their eyes…I hope more people give black dogs a chance.

  5. It works for me, it makes me feel even more sorry for the dogs and I want to take them away from people that put them in silly costumes or bouquets. 😀

  6. I have 3 black dogs.I don’t understand why people don’t adopt black dogs.They’re beautiful.I would never care about the dogs color anyway.They are all special.

  7. I like black dogs … I can not lie …. They are beautiful …. I can not deny … Thank God for black dogs …. With out them I would certainly …. Insert your own ending 🙂 Ode too Misty, RIP my beautiful black duck & my current Plus Sized Model Maddie xx Please don’t over look the black fur babies … They are the best xxxxxxx

  8. Black Dog are wonder to have, they are no different than their lighter brothers and sisters. They still love you with all they have and more. They play and listen as well as the owner teach them. They are just a beautiful as any other dog.

  9. My most beloved dog ever was a black lab…he passed over two years ago…..color should not matter….black dogs r no different than the other colors

  10. Love all Dogs, its just a color which by the way looks beautiful, don’t get why it should make a difference.

  11. I cannot understand why people do not want to adopt black dogs, it is ridiculous! Here is our precious Molly adopted a year ago, she is about 14 years old and we adore her..nothing bad has happened to us since she joined our family!! How could anyone not love this angel?

  12. Anything to make those black cats and dogs be seen. They tend to always be hiding in the back of their cages, poor things. I adore all black dogs and cats and am glad this is working for them.

  13. Awesome idea to get those dogs adopted. Sad but true that black dogs tend to get overlooked at shelters. Nicely done Utah Humane Society.

  14. Just because of this…my next dog will be a black one. I don’t get it and didn’t know it was an issue. Love for the canine love for the canine kid!

  15. I don’t understand why black animals aren’t adopted…my baby is a black lab mix and she is the best dog ever! (Not to mention the prettiest, but maybe I’m biased

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