Court Orders Dog to Stop Barking at Night

Medo’s owner were taken to court by one of their neighbors who said the dog’s excessive barking was too much to take. Now the dog can’t bark.

Medo, a dog from Peroj, Croatia, cannot bark between 8:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m., this after a court declared the dog’s barks as public nuisance and if the pet doesn’t follow the law, his owners will have to pay more than $2,900 in fines.

Photo Credit: Croatia Week
Photo Credit: Croatia Week


Medo’s owner were taken to court by one of their neighbors who said the dog’s excessive barking was too much to take. However the dog’s owners say the barking only started after the neighbor started teasing their pet.

A local judge heard the case and ruled against Medo and his owners. Now the canine is forced to stay indoors between 8:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. to prevent the dog from breaking the law.

However, Medo’s owners say the court mandated curfew is affecting their pet. The dog is not an indoor pet and was used to roaming the neighborhood freely as he wished. Now Medo has to be locked indoors every night.

302 thoughts on “Court Orders Dog to Stop Barking at Night

  1. What the fuck.. That’s insane keep on barking buddy! Fuck the police! Dogs bark alot it’s fucking instinct. They should fine any dumbass who can’t handle a dog bark.

  2. The ruling may be excessive but why do the owners think it’s alright to let their dog roam the neighborhood freely… Leash him keep him safe and maybe that will solve the problem

  3. Did you read the article? The dog roams the neighborhood barking. TOTALLY different situation. I think the time frame is a little harsh, but also why is your dog just roaming around barking incessantly? Not even in your yard but just in the neighborhood?

  4. The dog should be kept inside! I can’t say I feel bad for the owners. Who allows their dog to roam free?

  5. I can totally understand the neighbors frustration. I had a neighbor that had barking dogs outside 24/7 and I had to move my children into another room on the other side of our home so they could sleep. Barking all night is absolutely not ok. And roaming the streets is equally as bad.

  6. Its annoying as hell. We have a police dog next door that will start barking at 8:00pm and continue to bark til 2:00am. What is wrong with these people. I dont blame the poor dog, he gets no attention. Dont get a dog if you can’t pay attention to the poor thing. I think he bored and lonely. Still irritating after you have worked your ass off all day and want to sleep!

  7. This is why I’m glad I live out in the country. My Great Pyrenees barks at air, he doesn’t need a reason. I still keep him in at night and if the dogs do go out late at night, I make sure to get him back in before he gets going. Yes, dogs bark, but when it’s nonstop it is most definitely a nuisance.

  8. Dogs can be anywhere, sorry you humans don’t wanna hear it while your shoving food in your face and watching TV like its religion.

  9. To be fair, a dog that constantly barks is a major pain in the ass. People have to go to work and this fucking dogs that yaps all fucking day. It’s the owner’s fault to allow it. Full stop.

  10. Dog is confused, by letting it roam the neighborhood it thinks this is my territory, so when a stranger is seen in the dogs territory it barks as a way of saying. ” What you doing in my territory?” Only natural. Needs to be kept in it’s own yard, not left to roam around.
    Retrained the dog would soon understand it’s own boundaries.

  11. the owner’s are idiots, you don’t let your dog roam the neighborhood, or keep him outside at night, for one its just like having children, you want them to behave and not be a nuisance and of course be safe. I don’t know why some ppl think this is acceptable. it’s taking a chance of your pet being taken or killed. Of course dogs will bark but they shouldn’t let him roam.

  12. I hate a dog that is permitted to bark endlessly. I had 3, 90 pound dogs when I moved in to my neighborhood and it was months before people even knew I had dogs there is no excuse for uncontrolled barking. I hate when dogs have deaf owners

  13. What kind of responsible owner lets their dog roam free? This is the dumbest story I’ve read in a while.

  14. Bad ownership. Dogs bark excessively when they are left outdoors alone, anxious, ignored, abused. Dogs are pets and should be kept indoors with their owners and taken out for exercise and play.

  15. The dog owner does not know how to be a good dog owner ! There are people out there are not qualified to own a dog ! On the other hand , it’s sad we have plenty of dumb people in the government making unrealistic rules or laws !

  16. I understand that in other countries there are different norms for animals. But I also know that in other countries there are people who believe their dogs are family and should be kept indoors, just as most do here in the States. To allow your dog to roam the neighborhood is ridiculous to me but I don’t think it’s unreasonable for them to quiet their dog between 8am and 8pm. If my dog barks during the day while I’m away there isn’t much I can do about it, but if my neighbors complained I would figure something out. And standing outside at night barking for the hell of it is not allowed. I’ll check out the reason for barking but if I can’t find one she is told to hush. If this dog were here in the States I’m sure there would many people complaining about his barking. If you have a dog it is your responsibility…that includes taking responsibility of what it does and if it bothers your neighbors. Bring it in at night and keep him quiet. I’m sure this dog doesn’t dislike the warmth of the house and company if his people as much as the owners say he does.

  17. …humans talk// dog bark… humans many time ..we talk crap..dogs also bark when they see crap happening..maybe trying to alert someone about something..when humans talk crap s because no one pay attention to us..i guess dogs is the same some how…..please don’t get me wrong..but most of the time when this happens is our fault because ..any animal can be train..,good food, nice little shelter to sleep or dog bed..attention, love .education..all good!!!

  18. I have two old dogs and both sleep inside. There are times however when we are not home one of them barks and I have had some unpleasant notes from my neighbors. In fact I just received the note so this post is timely. My dogs do not roam the streets. I don’t know what to do about it. They are usually quiet so I am at a loss here.

  19. it’s like a human been asked to stop shit! barking is…a dog’s nature…come on! laws are unrealistic!

  20. As a dog owner whose dog lives indoors there is NOTHING worse than a dog that barks nonstop. Generally they bark because they get no attention, not enough or no exercise and get shoved in a backyard and left there. Good on the neighbours. Now you will be forced into looking after your dog. I bet it likes been inside, you are just making up excuses because you don’t want it there. And what’s with this “roams the neighbourhood” ? Don’t you have laws making that illegal? Get picked up and taken to the pound in Australia.

  21. Our neighbor tends to let their dog outside, in their back yard. The dog does its business and then is right back at the door, constantly yapping to be let in.
    They are rude to leave the dog out there, to bark non stop.
    We have 4 dogs, that normally stay inside. If we hear any of them barking while outside, we get them to stop. We can tell from the tone of each dog if they’re just barking at nothing and we can tell if they’re barking because something isn’t right…we do not make them stop, in that case.
    During the warmer days, 2-3 dogs may stay outside. If they bark, we do not know, but at least it’s during the day, and thankfully no neighbors sleep during the day.
    There are dogs that bark and there are dogs that bark constantly…the latter is a huge nuisance.

  22. It’s not rocket science, bring your baby inside for love and warmth. The outside world is not your doggie’s babysitter

  23. Dogs bark it is what they do. They do it for different reasons. Bring the dog in at night. It does Not need to be roaming at night.

  24. Yeah i agree dogs barking can be annoying. Sometimes mine will go on and on but only when she is being playful or telling us something is wrong. Fining someone for this is just nuts. I would rather hear a barking dog than a whiny ass kid any day!

  25. After reading the article, I can honestly say that the only one I feel sorry for is the dog. Due to his irresponsible owners, he is now in this position. Why would he be allowed to roam around at night (or day for that matter) anyways, for one thing? Why are the owners not giving him proper attention? I doubt they’ve attempted any sort of training. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have two large dogs and am very aware that dogs bark, HOWEVER, I also know what it’s like to live near people who ignore they’re loud incessantly barking dogs for hours at a time. It’s darn annoying. Luckily for my situation, though, I was able to approach the owners and ask them nicely to attend to their dog and they seem to now be doing so (knock on wood). Anyway, the owners in this particular situation should be held accountable. Judging by the article, I’m definitely on the neighbor’s side.

  26. It’s like asking the “judge don’t give verdict between 10:00 am to 5:00 pm ; otherwise u will be fine”

    Be responsible don’t be a as$h01e.
    Mistake of the owner and punishment to the poor soul crap

  27. A dog left to bark all night would annoy anyone. Dog owners have to be considerate of other people. When we have to leave our dogs outside during the day, we put their bark collars on them. When they start barking non-stop inside the house, we show them the bark collars and they immediately stop.

  28. I’d have felt this insensitive toward dogs, until I grew tired of listening to my neighborhood kids screaming on my street. It’s not unreasonable to want some peace and quiet. This is Croatia, not Nebraska or New Mexico. I have not a clue regarding their local rules and regulations, sorry.

  29. How is this expected to work? Love to know so I can stop mine from barking. The bark collar she has has some effect but not much.

  30. It’s probably not a bad thing that they are ordered to bring their dog inside. Seems like they just left out outside all the time to fend for itself.

  31. The dog shouldn’t be roaming the neighborhood all night anyway. It’s not safe for the dog. It’s irresponsible of the owner to leave him roaming around all night long alone. I’m glad the owners have to keep him inside. I have 3 dogs and I don’t like excessive barking either, but they aren’t left unsupervised. They are in bed with us. 🙂

  32. I’m so glad that we have solved every other fucking problem in the world. Now we can go after “Big Dog”, and show the rest of the world that America is the ultimate bastion of justice the world over.

  33. Yes bring the pet inside at night. Unless you want someone to steal it or kill it. Either one is possible.

  34. OMG . If the dog is kept outside at night it probably will bark if it hears anything. How the hell can you stop a dog barking? The dog should be indoors.

  35. This has to be a joke!! Can’t fine parents because their kids babies scream their lungs out.. It can be bothersome for others but really??!

  36. I know if I let my dog out by himself, he will bark and bark. So, I get my ass out there and walk him, even in the freezing cold temps. It’s rude to your neighbors to allow your dog to bark his head off!

  37. If you are the neighbor putting up with the barking, I am sure you would see it differently. If you have not been exposed to a chronic dog bark then you do not know. Try sleeping through constant barking.

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