Investigation into Abuse at Shelter After Video Surfaces

“They insisted on spaying her. We agreed, paid the almost $300 fees and picked her up at about 2:30 p.m. on the 13th,” Carpenter said.

A video coming out of an animal shelter in Hesperia, California has launched an investigation into mistreatment and abuse.  The video shows a dog being dragged down a hallway by a leash, and is causing quite a bit of uproar both locally and across the nation.

The video in question shows a woman dragging a dog by a leash down a hallway at the shelter in question.  It was taken by someone then posted to the internet, where the public outcry became too much for law enforcement to ignore.

Hesperia Mayor Eric Schmidt has called a special city council meeting.  Its aim is to address public concern and outrage over the video, and what the investigation will cover.

“I assure you that appropriate action will be taken. The city is committed to the fair and humane treatment of animals. I’m not able to answer any question at this time regarding the incident, but I do want to reiterate that we understand the seriousness of the incident and extend our sincerest apologies,” said Schmidt at a news conference held this past Saturday.  The city council meeting is today.

Tracie Carpenter is the human mom to the dog in the video.  Mia is the dog’s name, and it’s easy to see why she’s not happy about the treatment of her furry family member.  Mia had got loose from her front yard, and was picked up by animal control.

“They insisted on spaying her. We agreed, paid the almost $300 fees and picked her up at about 2:30 p.m. on the 13th,” Carpenter said.

Mia is now home with her humans, and more information will follow, as it’s received.

2.23.15 - 11am

119 thoughts on “Investigation into Abuse at Shelter After Video Surfaces

  1. Why work at a shelter if you’re going to treat animals that way?! Grrrr this makes me so mad & disgusted. Glad the dog is back home. :/

  2. Let me guess. This was some lowlife doing community service at this shelter? I don’t want to believe she is a worker who actually belongs there!

  3. Why was the dog not spayed to begin with. She’s clearly an outside dog or at least allowed outside unsupervised. She should have long since been spayed. Don’t get me wrong… I do not approve of her being mistreated. However, it’s a little late for an owner who didn’t care enough to keep her contained or spay her to cry about how much they care.

  4. Why are two other people standing there saying nothing.. it shows the abuse is systemic to the shelter and not just an individual abusing the dog.

  5. What for a cunt and the other 2 just talk and don’t do shit about it …. Wtf it’s wrong with ppl .. Hope this fuckers got fired and never go close to animals

  6. They All think they can Do it . Because NO ONE DOES ANYTHING ABOUT THIS ABUSE !!!
    ENOUGH ENOUGH ENOUGH !!!!!!!!!!!!°

  7. Lady shouldn’t have that job. The other three should have asses kicked for not stopping that lady. The dog was scared and was like wtf. Very sad. Dogs can get very scared in an unfamiliar place. They lock up and won’t walk. Should have picked the dog up. Plus all other dogs barking

  8. If the people that work at the shelters do this it seems there is no hope, they are supposed to offer them help not add to their misery…..she needs firing the horrible person (n that is being polite)

  9. So glad the dog is back home w owners.. and if this were my dog i would not stop until this pos is fired then drag her ass like that down the hallway

  10. Amy Hall. Look at this crap. 2 other people are still having a converstaion like it’s no big deal. Wonder how they would like it if they were dragged down the hall on a leash? SMH!

  11. Didn’t open the link for fear of seeing the video. As for punishment? Give me a baseball bat and leave me alone in a room with the perpetrator(s) for an hour.

  12. There are many ways to abuse animals (sadly). This was one of them. Abuse is abuse, no amount of sugarcoated excuses will make it otherwise.

  13. The dog didn’t want to go with them. The owner has responsibility to for the safety of their pets. Would the dog had been better off that some dog fighting ring found it or the shelter? For the safety of the personal should not pick the dog up since it was scared and could bite. I don’t see abuse (kicking, hitting, or tormenting) I see a dog that doesn’t want to be there. I am happy the dog is with its family now.

  14. I would be furious if my dog was treated that way! I NEVER drag my dogs – it’s disgusting. The owner should also make sure her dog is secured from now on – and never allow her dog to get loose. I know it happens sometimes, but try as hard as you can to prevent it from happening. I do.

  15. DON’T just fire her but someone should file abuse charges. AND for the person who said”I don’t see any abuse” YOU ARE WRONG!!! The dog WAS BEING ABUSED by being dragged down the hall by a lease just because the dog wasn’t being hit; tormented; or kicked being dragged by a leash THAT IS STILL ABUSE!!! And I agree give her HARD labor&drag her down a hall or better yet drag her down a very long road with a leash. I SINCERLY HOPE GOD DOES NOT FORGIVE THEM EVEN IF THEY ASK FOR FORGIVENESS THEY DO NOT DESERVE FORGIVENESS!!! I believe eye for an eye!!! And for the other two people doing nothing to stop this they are just as guilty & should bne punished. SO GLAD DOG GOT OUT OF THERE. Hope the dog is able to have a GOOD life&NEVER have to ender any more abuse. SHAME SHAME on ALL ABUSERS hope you get yours. ANIMALS WERE PUT ON THIS EARTH TO BE LOVED NOT ABUSED.

  16. I emailed counsel members and have gotten 2 responses so far. They were just as upset as I was. I hope they do the right thing and punish all of the workers, plus if that had been my fur baby, i would take the roof off of that building. No precious animal needs to be treated like that, and as for the other workers just standing there they should be ashamed of themselves. To me, none of the employees ( if you want to call them that) need to be employed anymore, especially not around animals. Let them work with prisoners, see what they think about that. Thank goodness she is home with its family members.

  17. Horrible! These are people who are suppose to protect them from people like that. Wow! Yes laws need to change. What about a petition? I’m not sure how and what is involve. But its worth a try.

  18. i actually witnessed the shelter where i got MY dog from do this to my own dog. He was sick when i first got him so they took care of him at their expense since it was within 15 days, my dog was shy and scared, and would not walk on a leash he didnt know how, and i am waiting to be called back down this hallway and i look through the window on the door and see this “lady” dragging him exactly like that! to the point that he threw up, LOST MY MIND! i pushed through the door and almost hit the woman screamed at her to the point she cried. tried to have her brought up on charges with the shelter but they got out of it. just pick him up, cox him its not hard. my boy is fine now and never has to deal with that again

  19. I can only hope that the girl dragging that poor dog gets the same treatment and the ones standing there watching get the same treatment as well. I hope none of them have children. The girl dragging the dog is too non caring to even look at the dog. Don’t let this happen again.

  20. Unreal. So cavalier and inappropriate. The employees standing and conversing in the hallway don’t even seem slightly startled.

  21. Beyond disgusting. If they’re not in rescue for the love and wellbeing of the animals, what the hell is going on??
    Ban the lot of them for LIFE from having any pets or working with them 🙁

  22. I’d drag her down a hall the same way. Idiot. It’s scary how she has absolutely no remorse at all!! Sicko.

  23. I would be furious if my pet had been treated this way. This employee should lose her job….she obviously should not be working in the public taking care of pets or children.

  24. Absolutely disgusting a lot of these dogs have not had an easy life to begin with and to be treated like that when the are petrified is awful !!

  25. The person is just dragging that poor dog. This video disgusting. We trust when our pets are in a vets care they will be treated good. An it wasn’t just the Ass that was dragging the poor dog, every one working there seen an said nothing. EVERYONE FIRED.

  26. If it was my baby being done like that I would be meeting the person that did this with a baseball bat.

  27. There would be little need for shelters if when you get a pet you keep your pet… Instead of thinking your new pet is to much of a burden and you kick the animal out…. In this day and age everyone thinks everything is disposable… Don’t like you dog.. Kick it out.. Don’t like your spouse.. Just get a divorce…

    How about we bring back some old values..

  28. …sometimes they won’t move and they are just dead weight. working with animals you have to move them from one place to another even if they don’t want to go. However this is pretty callous…I’ve never seen anything like it in all my years working with animals.

    I’m actually more inclined to call into question the dogs home life. Running loose and not spayed? That’s how overpopulation happens!!!

  29. Appalling! I expect that woman is sacked? I hope so!!!!!!! Love toMia from Brisbane Australia. No one should ever treat an amimal like that. Where is the compassion? Tells us alot about that woman and the 2 people standing there doing nothing. Shame shame shame.

  30. Come on!!! People in positions of trust with children or animals…We must stop the cruelty! Protect the innocent and helpless! It’s up to each of us!!!

  31. What a f#*ken cruel bitch. Thats disgusting. When an animal is taken to a shelter we all expect them to be in good hands. U do not treat animals like that. Sack the lot of them. They should be done for animal cruelty

  32. Someone like that should by no means be allowed to work with animals or humans…cold hearted…I’m with you @Margaret Hillyard!!! Listen to Zac brown band ” cold hearted”…

  33. I see 3 people in that video who need to be held accountable: 1 dragging the dog and 2 doing nothing to intervene. And these are supposed to be animal care providers???

  34. Let me drag that bitch how heartless is this bitch and the two idiots just standing there God help you lady bc you will pay for this

  35. I hope someone drags her a.. Down the hall and knocks her head off. What are these idiots doing around animals…they should be beat

  36. It’s a crime that some of the least qualified people work with animals-I mean they lack the qualification of compassion.

  37. I’d have gone mad if someone had done that to one of my dogs. Johnathan Garnett totally agree to many people get one then when it starts chewing, digging, scratching like pups do people get rid. They should think long and hard about getting a dog as they are like children n you wouldn’t just get rid (well some would)

  38. The vile woman and the people who just stood there watching her drag the poor dog down the passage should all be fired!!!! They have no feelings for animals at all and should not ever be allowed to work with animals ever again!!! This video rightfully shocked all who watched it. I felt sick to my stomach!! Poor baby, so glad she has a wonderful new home. I hope we get feedback as to what is being done about the vile morons who work there, hopefully worked there….Spaying is good but you should have picked the poor dog up moron!!!

  39. So , the two that were chatting while this moron was pulling the poor dog along , took no notice whatsoever ………obviously this is daily practice at this supposed ‘ sanctuary ‘ ……..who knows what other vile things have been going on there ???

  40. just tie the leash in her neck and dragged her as well . . . . . this is just an emotional statement of mine . . . . Man belongs to the Animal Kingdom and Science says that we are the highest form of animal . . . but the video says otherwise . . . . pitiful! Shane on us Humans!

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