Kentucky to Strengthen Dog-Fighting Laws

The laws are so lenient that many consider the state to be a “hotbed” of fighting activities.

2.4.15 - Kentucky to Strengthen Dog-Fighting Laws1


Kentucky, the state with the laxest animal fighting laws, may soon see a reinforcement to them.  A bill that would make it a felony to possess, train, sell, or transfer a dog for fighting purposes has passed in the House of Representatives, and will now move on to the Senate.

Proponents of the bill say Kentucky is the only state where possessing dog fighting paraphernalia is not a felony.  The laws are so lenient that many consider the state to be a “hotbed” of fighting activities.

House Speaker Greg Stumbo brought the proposal to the House Judiciary Committee, where it was approved and will now go to the full House.

House Bill 154 would make it a stricter felony to own, possess, keep, train, sell, or transfer “four-legged animals” for fighting.  Some are left wondering why the bill is specific to four-legged animals when cock-fighting rings have surfaced in the state.

“No, I think the federal law took care of cockfighting.  I’ve got a couple of distant, distant cousins who are serving time on that very issue right now,” Stumbo said.

His bill is referring specifically to four-legged beasts because people have been known to fight dogs with bears and hogs.    But Rep. Johnny Bell says all animal fighting for gambling is barbaric, regardless of how many legs they have.

74 thoughts on “Kentucky to Strengthen Dog-Fighting Laws

  1. It should be a felony in every state and the useless spineless chickensh-ts that fight dogs should be beat and sent to hell

  2. Montana is pretty ass backwards too. They also won’t prosecute the ones watching. It’s not a felony here. This state doesn’t care about animals or people.

  3. Tenn needs to do something about the increase in pit breeding and abuse of growing rapidly in our area.low class people are breeding and selling them on the internet and instead of working they over breed these animals to make them a few dollars. I once called the police on someone because he tried to hold his female down to let another dog mate with her.but his dog kept resisting and he was hitting his own dog to make her lay still.she kept fighting him tho..the police put a stop to it.very sad for these beautiful dogs.

    1. joeann who made u god and have the right to judge people and call someone low class you flat face bitch

  4. Thank God many people in KY are hounding the politicians to amend, write & pass laws/ordinances & YES by all means, Law Enforcement & Animal Control need to follow up with complaints & tips. Proceed with undercover investigations and stings.
    Follow all protocol so each case is air tight & isn’t thrown out court on technicalities.
    Unfortunately most people have no idea what all goes on in the cruel world of dog fighting. Thousands of dogs including puppies & seniors are stolen
    every year from their families fenced backyards or even from a parked vehicle by these vermin so they can use them as bait dogs. After the terrified pets flesh has been ripped apart, torn into pieces ?shredded by the fight dog/s.
    Now the helpless injured dying dog is cold- heartedly dumped in a field, side of the road wherever these punk animal abusers decide. Unfortunatey, the majority of people have no idea or very little as to what is going on with dog fighting. It’s brutal horrific gruesome cruel “sport” for these low-life scum buckets. Popular money-maker & hobby amongst the Mexicans. However, HOWEVER, all races get involved or want to participate.
    A long post because this topic causes me to feel frustrated , upset , feelings of my own helplessness.
    These weak links who aren’t man enough to secure a real job/career would rather make & take (bets) money from other people that are obviously sick twisted sadistic demons by being ANIMAL ABUSERS.
    With KY finally taking the step to make some animal abuse/cruelty offenses a FELONY CHARGE is the humane thing to do. Many hardcore criminals are or get involved with DOG FIGHTING. Like with dealing drugs..all money is under the table & tax-free making it all the more attractive to these blood thirsty greedy
    evil spirited punks.
    Once arrested, prosecuted it can only be hoped that the Jury, DA and/or Judge convict the perpetrators and impose the strictest sentence. Not some lame slap on the wrist with or without some silly petty fine. If I could I’d make the SOB’s eat dog chit everyday. No TV, no
    Privileges whatsoever. Just a cot 3 concrete walls a sink w/only cold water & a toilet that backs up often. Oh and of course the prisoner’s that enjoy getting a piece (w/out KY jelly) every few hours !

  5. I would have never thought the law would allow something like this to exist in this day in age but I’m glad something is being done! Long over due!

  6. YES!! Maybe a few lives can be saved now. But of course, there’s still the underground. Ppl need to be vigilant n turn in anyone suspected of illegal dog fighting, or animal fighting of any kind! This should help though, so CONGRATS Kentucky for steppin up!!

  7. there definitely needs to be a stop put to this ridiculous sport, who in their right mind could enjoy seeing two animals hurting or killing each other

  8. This is one area where we need a national law. Doing this piecemeal just doesn’t work very well. By the way, those people are not ignorant. They are evil!!!

  9. This should be a federal law. Dog fighting is horrible, and the people who support it are not your average good guys. Aside from the illegal gambling, if they enjoy this type of violence, then it’s not much of a leap to taking the violence out on other people, wives, children, etc.

  10. You would think with all the Publicity on this it would be a no brainer, make it a Felony across the board, in every State and Maximum jail time for these scum.

  11. About damn time Kentucky gets with it……my mother is from there, but the way animals are treated makes me ashamed to have any connection whatsoever to the state. I’ve refused to go back for at least 10 years now b/c of the things I’ve seen (puppy mills, puppies dying of heat at flea markets, animal cruelty, etc.) I can spend my money in more animal friendly places……

  12. I think it’s good to pass these laws but they need to be more clear I myself have and will hunt hogs with my pit bulls I love my Pitts and take very good care of them they even wear Kevlar vest to protect them.. But hogs are a very big problem here and the dogs with there power and strength can do the job the most humanely for the hogs if this offended you too bad it is legal to hunt hogs with pit bulls and other breeds of dogs in many states and always will God bless

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