Pet Owner Rides Bus and Loyal Dog Won’t Stop Chasing after Him

A dog sees his owner hop on a bus and decides to chase after the vehicle. The pet runs a few miles and begs to be let on the bus.

In Lima, Peru, a pet owner hopped on a public bus and didn’t realize his dog named Ramon had followed him to the bus stop. The loyal and persistent dog ran after the bus for a few miles until he was allowed to ride the bus as well.

The video of Ramon chasing the bus was posted on YouTube by a bus passenger. The camera man spotted the pet running desperately after the bus and pawing at the public vehicle at different stops. The dog begged to be let in but the bus driver kept denying him access.

The video is approximately five minutes longs and it shows how Ramon came close to losing his life while he ran through heavy intersections and along side other vehicles. At one point, the dog can’t keep up with the bus and gets lost in the distance, but seconds later he resurfaces right along side the bus.



The man recording the event asks if the dog belongs to anyone on the bus, and after his owner is identified, passengers beg the driver to let the dog in.

Fortunately the driver agrees and the dog is reunited with his owner. The pet get a free bus ride too.

56 thoughts on “Pet Owner Rides Bus and Loyal Dog Won’t Stop Chasing after Him

  1. Why wouldn’t he get off the bus and not let his dog run so long. I don’t see anything good about this story. I would of stopped immediately if was my dog.

  2. I agree to all. The owner should have gotten off the bus. Thank god the dog did not get hit by a car while in pursuit of the bus. SMH. Idiot.

  3. Really cruel why didn’t the idiot get off the bus!!!! Jerk damn right glad the dog didn’t get killed!!! Moron do the dog a favor and find him a decent human who deserves his loyalty !!! Sick S.O.B.

  4. ive had dogs who were like this dog. they used to go inside the bus and take a ride with me when i have to go to school. its difficult to send them home and theres 2 of them!

  5. Typical moron, I mean seriously, who does this to your Dog, my first instinct would to get off the bus immediately

  6. Felt extremely scared for this dog while watching the video. The title somehow doesn’t seem to fit with what I just watched. The cameraman is an idiot for recording this and not using his mouth to help stop the dog from potentially being fatally hit.

  7. it’s awful, but if you read the article and not just watch the video it actually explains what happened…I don’t speak the language and wasn’t there, so don’t know truth but :”The man recording the event asks if the dog belongs to anyone on the bus, and after his owner is identified, passengers beg the driver to let the dog in. Fortunately the driver agrees and the dog is reunited with his owner.”

  8. I wish they’d let the dog on sooner, but he definitely wanted to go with the owner! I had this happen one day, just after they moved the bus stop from out the front of my house down the street. I walked there thinking Danny was in the backyard, got to the stop to wait and heard a funny noise, look down and he’s sheepishly looking up at me as if to say ‘Hey, you forgot me! and the leash! where are we going?’ he climbed a colorbond fence to get to me, because he couldn’t understand why I would walk anywhere without him lol.

  9. He could have gotten off the bus instead of making the poor dog chase the bus and be run over by any other vehicle. What if something like that happened ? The dog is loyal while its master is not.

  10. So sad :'( poor baby it broke my heart just to think that he must of gone through the same thing when his AHOLE owner must of taken the bus back home :'( :'( so sad the only reason they let the poor baby on the bus was cause everyone else kept saying he is suffering his suffered enough that’s why they finally let him on but truly don’t understand why his owner never got off since before if they kept also asking also who’s doggy this is?? Smfh………. :'( :'( I just thank God this poor baby didn’t get hit :'(

  11. Grabe. I see one here in regalado chasing the tricycle where his owner is riding. Thought he’s leaving him…..MAN’S BEST FRIEND!

  12. why didn t he leave his dog inside his home he dosen t deserve such a loyal dog that poor dog could have been killed by a car he must be realy stupid

  13. I am disgusted with the man. He doesn’ deserved to have a loyal dog. I hate that man. Poor dog i have a heart break upön seing u poor baby following ur owner. U deserve to have a new parent who have loving heart and care.

  14. Even if it’s not the owner filming he should have made an effort right away to try and stop the bus or, like he did several minutes later, ask if anyone on the bus is the owner. Just recording this shit and not even reflect on the fact that the dog could get killed in the traffic….
    Also, when the owner finally realised his dog was running after, then get off the buss. Stupid.

  15. I’m so glad the dog didn’t get hit by a car!!! I’m Peruvian, and even though i haven’t been there in years the one thing I still remember and I’m told by family members hasn’t really changed is the way people drive, stop signs, red lights etc don’t mean a thing.

  16. To everyone saying the owner is cruel, at the end when the dog is with it’s owner you see the owner is sitting across on the other side of the bus, therefore he wouldn’t have seen his dog outside the window.

  17. That owner is an AHole. He allowed his dog to run that fast for that long, risking his life without getting off? Sorry, but he is a jerk and doesn’t deserve the love of that loyal dog.

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