Potential Dog Abuser Gets His Comeuppance

“Instant karma’s gonna get you… gonna knock you right on the head!” – John Lennon

2.4.15 - Potential Dog Abuser Gets His Just Desserts



Don’t abuse dogs.  Don’t treat them badly, and don’t tease them.  If you do, someday you’ll get what’s coming to you.  In the cases of these people, their karma was instant.


This drunken fool comes across a very friendly stray dog who probably just wants a bite to eat.  But it’s the boozer who’ll be getting his just desserts.*



This poor dog is chained, and probably doesn’t live a very comfortable life.  So when a jackass decides to mess with him, he quickly gets what’s coming to him.



This girl impolitely nudges her dog, who’s just trying to enjoy a day on the beach.  Looks like it’s time for someone’s favorite beach activity…



87 thoughts on “Potential Dog Abuser Gets His Comeuppance

  1. Haha. This reminds me of a neighbour I once had who tried to kick my cat and slipped over. My cat scratched her finger which became infected and turned black, then she had a bad reaction to the medication her Dr gave her and her eyes became so swollen she couldn’t see for days!!

  2. I just wonder what happened to that poor dog that got off her chain. What did they do to her for standing up for herself?

  3. Son of a BITCH! And I hope he tries to do something like that again, will fall into something very sharp and cut off his fucking face!! Scum piece of putrid shit!!

  4. These would be funnier if it was less likely the dogs would end up paying the price for their minor victorys (except the last one — loving family!)

  5. Piece of shit, I’ve trained my dogs to attack, ONLY if being attacked. My husband also trains the dogs ( jack Russell and chow mix from shelter) to attack anyone with a gun or trying to assault me.

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