Potty Training with Keiko the Shiba Inu

Keiko potty trained so hard today. Now she’s too “pooped” to participate.

Who knew that potty training was so much work?  Keiko has put a lot of time and effort into potty training today.  This little fluff-nugget tried so hard, she’s completely worn herself out!

57 thoughts on “Potty Training with Keiko the Shiba Inu

  1. The video will not load… however I must say that I wouldn’t think that I could train a puppy to do business ‘on my time’ at this age, and its more ‘their time’ as to when they want/need to go. Can’t program it. So, at this age, if pup is falling asleep, let it sleep or put it in its crate…. let it sleep. it’s a wee baby.

  2. The puppy is sooooo cute but can you please get him a lighter leash. That one is a little heavy for that puppy. Sorry, just saying.

  3. First of all, the leash is too heavy for her and secondly, any living being, including you the owner, don’t want to pee when you are sleeping, do you? She’s only 7 weeks old, please don’t do that to her. Proper training is to train her to pee on the pee pad in the crate first.

  4. So they’re training the dog to peewee IN the house? Better read up some more on the time and commitment it takes to care for a dog.

  5. It’s a baby!! To young for potty training. Only seven weeks old, also to young for a new home.

  6. This is not cute, it’s sad. Poor mite is too young. Lead is too heavy (and why is it on in the house?). Peeing comes naturally for a puppy after play, sleep, food and she should be popped outside then, not dragged round the house on a lead until she does it. And she can’t think straight if she’s tired. This FB page should regulate posts like this. And, FFS, #wheresmum?

  7. You people have no idea. Let it sleep. When it wakes up it will want to go to the toilet. So
    you put it on the pad and say ‘good girl’ when it goes. And put a lighter lead on it. Its probably exhausted from dragging it around and having your boy jiggling it.

  8. That’s just mean! Theses people may mean well, but you don’t make a puppy “eliminate” on command. You gotta work around the puppy’s schedule.

  9. puppy wants to sleep, not be potty trained. let puppy sleep, then when [uppy wakes is the time to do potty training.

  10. Ur crazy he is still baby u must give him time and let him sleep he is not big enough to training him

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