Welcome to the Dog Condo in Thailand

This documentary is all about the Dog Condo in Thailand. All of the pets are abandoned dogs and cats, waiting for that forever home and forever family.

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This is a documentary that was filmed in Thailand, about the Dog Condo Rescue and Shelter.  There are over 1,500 abandoned dogs and cats there, waiting for that forever home they so badly need and deserve.  Make sure to visit the Bangkok.Coconuts.co, website for more info and to find out how to help this very worthy cause.

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We all feel that adoption is ALWAYS the right way to go, instead of supporting some of the worst animal rights offenders in this country, breeders.  Yes, some of them do their best to maintain the dog’s health and safety, but those breeders are too few, and of that tiny percentage of decent breeders out there doesn’t really help our overpopulation problem in the United States of America and also around the world now.

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Please consider helping this cause in Thailand.  That country has had one of the WORST reputations when it comes to animal rights.  Things are turning round there, and many people now feel dogs are not just animals, but life companions that deserve to be treated as a equal, and as a full family member that deserves at very least or love, kindness and protection.  Just like we would for any human family member.

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Thanks for your support in advance.  Let’s see if we can’t pull together as fellow dog lovers around the globe to give some assistance if we can.  Not all help is monetary, but donations are always a good way to help if it’s over a long distance.  You’d be helping some very needy and worthy animals, and the people that give their time and effort to save as many animals as possible in their part of the world.

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17 thoughts on “Welcome to the Dog Condo in Thailand

  1. With just 2 workers, it’s impossible for these 2 women to clean up after all those dogs. I give them credit for continuing to work there and try to help these dogs. It’s a shame they don’t fix all the dogs so they can stop breeding, but their dedication and love for these dogs is obvious. No one else to help. Sad.

  2. If people really want to make any size donation, Soidog in Phuket and Furget Me Not in Kanchanaburi are very worthy charities. These 2 are the ones I trust here in Thailand.
    John at SoiDog intercepts and saves countless caged dogs being smuggled out of thailand for dogmeat. Its v dangerous to take on the people behind this trade. And Soot @ Furget Me.Not, who runs a rescue centre and neutering program. Go to their facebook pages and see for yourself.

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