Woman Drowns Puppy at Airport Before Boarding Plane

Witnesses saw when Cynthia V. Anderson entered a bathroom with a puppy but left without the dog. The puppy was found dead inside a toilet bowl.

Cynthia V. Anderson from Edgewater, Fla., was departing from Nebraska’s airport on January 23, 2015, with two older dog and three Doberman puppies, but after authorities informed her she would not be able to board the plane with the puppies because they were less than three weeks old, the woman drown one of the dogs in an airport bathroom.



Authorities said that after they informed the 56-year-old woman of the rules and regulations against boarding a plane with live animals younger than eight-weeks-old, Anderson gave her parents two of the puppies and concealed the third on in her purse, but when she was denied entrance on the plane, the woman went to the nearest bathroom and drowned the puppy in a toilet.

Witnesses saw the Florida woman enter the bathroom with the pet but leave without it, therefore one of the witnesses looked into the stall Anderson used and discovered the dead puppy in the toilet.

Anderson was immediately detained by airport security and animal rescuers were called to take possession of the dead puppy and investigate the cause of its death. After performing an autopsy and finding water in the young dog’s lungs, rescuers confirmed the young dog drown.

The Humane Society relinquished the other two puppies from Anderson’s parents, however the older dogs are under Anderson’s parent’s custody.

The 56-year-old woman now faces animal abuse charges.

657 thoughts on “Woman Drowns Puppy at Airport Before Boarding Plane

  1. Why the hell did she have puppies so young away from the mother? They need to nurse. Special place in hell for her. Backyard breeder probably.

  2. What a horrible excuse for a human being. Why didn’t she just abandon them in the bathroom? They wouldn’t have been there for long. Someone would have rescued them.

  3. Humans never cease to amaze me. Why did she have 3, 3 week old pups? Did she buy them, and not bother checking on flight restrictions for getting them home? ? Wrong on all sides.. did she find and rescue them? Obviously not or she would have found somewhere for the 3rd one to go. Handing it to the first person you see is equally dangerous but damn

  4. fuking sick son of a bitch !!!!! fuking hang her upside down and dip.her head in water for 25 sec and pull her out again and do it again for a week straight !!!

  5. Seriously?! What is wrong with people?!! I hope she gets the most severe punishment for doing something so horrible! One more innocent puppy crossing into rainbow bridge..

  6. psychotic. What kind of creature has she got to be to do that to an innocent animal. It is unfathomable.

  7. Puppy mills are happy to let their pups go at any time. All about the money. This woman has obvious problems that we are not aware of and to allow this to post, the comments wishing her dead or worse is appalling. Happy, LWD? Canceling your feed.

  8. This is an awful situation…the poor, poor puppy. This woman obviously has a problem…no sense stooping to her level of violence. Karma will prevail.

  9. I’m so tired of animal abuse stories. I never knew it was so bad. But it is. It’s worse then even I can imagine. I can speculate that the dogs future was not going to be very good in FL. Her future will not be very good either. She showed no compassion. She deserves no compassion.

  10. Yes Debra you really should drop this feed. May I suggest No kill revolution. That might open your eyes to why most of us wish her a long slow painful death when it is her time.

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