Young Fox Steals Golfer’s Ball for Play Time

This little fox knows how to “have a ball” when it’s playtime. Living on or near a beautifully manicured golf course means no shortage of “toys!”

Ah, a lovely, green golf course can be quite a peaceful  and relaxing place to be.  Until that time where a young fox decides that you’re not using the ball properly, and he decides to show you how wrong you’re doing it!

23 thoughts on “Young Fox Steals Golfer’s Ball for Play Time

  1. the user who uploaded the video, this video has not been made available in your country. can not watch it 🙁

  2. Can we catch this fox and keep it around the narcissistic President playing golf all the time??? Maybe he will get the message and actually do some useful work.

  3. Where I used to live there was a fox on the golf course for years that was always stealing golf balls. It had a whole stash of them 😀

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