Adopted Dog Saves Two People from Drowing in Riptide

Heroic Nico wasn’t known to have ever been in the ocean.

3.28.15 - Bernese Mountain Dog Saves Two People from Riptide1


A recently adopted Bernese mountain dog became a hero when he saved two people who were being swept out into the ocean.

Too months ago, Dan and Vivian Clarke adopted Nico from a local shelter.  Nico was enjoying himself on the beach in Ventura, California last week when he noticed something was amiss.

A lady appeared to be struggling against the riptide.  The woman’s husband swam out to save her, but Nico was already on it.  Dan, a former lifeguard, couldn’t believe the instinct of his dog, who wasn’t known to have ever been in the ocean.


3.28.15 - Bernese Mountain Dog Saves Two People from Riptide2


He shouted for the woman to grab Nico anywhere she could.  With one arm around Nico’s chest, the woman was pulled to shallow water.  But his work wasn’t over.  The valiant dog swam out to retrieve the husband, who was also being swept away.

“The woman and the gentleman they were just exhausted. They just looked and said, ‘Is that, like, a trained life-saving dog?’” he told KTLA.  “That’s the first time I’ve seen him doing something like that.”

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    1. Please , let us not forget to ask the Grand Prize Question —- Wait for it—–what is

      1. What the hell difference does it make if someone misspells a eord or puts a comma in the wrong place? This is not an English class . Get over yourself and just enjoy the story and the response.

        1. Its not english class but the first thing it says about the author is that they studied english and have a bachelor degree lmfao

        2. It DOES matter a GREAT deal “bea” (you should have written “Bea” as it is a proper noun) – if you are “authoring” articles for the internet OR if you are corresponding with anyone in writing – that you LEARN to utilize proper English & all that is associated with it, such as sentence structure, spelling, grammar, etc.

          Not doing so indicates sloppiness and/or ignorance on the part of the writer (especially with today’s technological advances) as well as demonstrating that public school system within the U.S. is apparently accurately noted for being one of the worst in all the world among developed nations.

          That fact that you don’t believe any of it matters at all is equally as sad.

          1. don’t get pants in a bunch. Everyone, well mostly everyone knew what was trying to be conveyed. The most important thing is the dog is a HERO, people were saved. All in all a good story.
            Nico did a great job. He saved lives and you are nit picking about 1 letter in a word which everyone understood the meaning of said word.
            Can’t you just be happy this dog saved lives?

          2. Whoa!!! What’s “sad” is that your comments DO NOT belong here.
            Take your “cause” somewhere else, cause we don’t want it HERE!

            Great story, cool dog, good parents, and a good outcome.
            Nico – you and your parents were at the right place, at the right time.

          3. Oh my goodness…. Go somewhere else with your negativity! This is a beautiful story.. How can you be so ignorant?!

        3. Bea, you’ve totally missed the point. English class is not where they hassle you about grammar and spelling rules. It is where you are trained to communicate clearly and accurately. Secondly, using these rules shows you are an intelligent (hopefully) and educated person. No, it isn’t a crisis to misspell an “eord” now and again, but a professional should not. Ever. Even someone who communicates by texting and in that E-speak nonsense should be able to master the intricacies of the spellcheck button. I am proud that I have an education and know where to put a hyphen. Hope you learn to value education somewhere in your future.

          1. Wow! So happy you’re proud of being educated. But, it doesn’t excuse your arrogance and ignorance!!!
            Bea – you’re cool.
            Gosh, this is a great story. I think some people need to “walk away” from that screen.

          2. Taiga a/k/a Anonymous, I have been reading these “happy endings” articles for about 3-4 months and this is the first time I’ve seen such nasty remarks. I guess when you don’t have to log-on to a site you can get away with this type of extreme rudeness. I would rather live next door to Bea than you.

            Hello Nico, your family, and new best friend’s.
            Would love an update. Nico’s famous and could care less.
            Soooo cool!

        4. thanks I do not know how to spell that good since I do not have much of a education and I am tired of people making fun of me about it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        5. All of us make little mistakes in spelling or punctuation occasionally but when you write in a public forum an effort to follow rules of grammar, spelling, and punctuation should be made.
          There is a little book called “The Elements of Style” by William Strunk Jr. and E.B.White. It is thin and easy to read and most people like the fourth edition the most. Buy it and read it. A Webster’s dictionary and Roget’s Thesaurus are also good books to have. All three come in paperback and are relatively inexpensive.

          Read “The Elements of Style” and use the dictionary and thesaurus as reference books. Also use your spellcheck. Pretty soon you’ll be able to correct the people writing all the nasty comments about you 🙂

          1. The ending of the final sentence I wrote had a “:” and a “)” to form a smile face but the website decided to substitute it with an emoticon, something I despise in formal writing. If that is their idea of editing we have much more to worry about than Bea’s grammar.

        6. I completely agree! Who even worries about such things as words misspelled… This is a beautiful story and the true focus should and is, the beautiful dog and his bravery. Shame on others who miss that and have lost focus on what is really important about this story.

          1. Seriously you ignorant idiot! Go somewhere else with your disrespect! My goodness. .. Who the heck do you think you are!

      1. If you cannot spell the simple word “drowning” correctly, then per chance WRITING for the INTERNET isn’t the right calling for you. Same goes for not knowing the difference between the words too, two, and to. Shameful.

        And do you need a professional to spell/grammar check? No. Try your own computer’s program. There is no excuse for this, however, it does explain why the US school system is one of the poorest w/I developed nations & the fact that our entire culture & society has been sliding downhill for decades.

        Back to fourth grade, young “writers.”

        1. Enough already!!! Don’t you have some errands to run, or someone to call? Oh, on second thought….nix on that call.
          You’re burning daylight. This is a GREAT story.

        2. sometimes a person types to fast and not all letters are hit properly. Other than that it was a good story. It had a happy ending and the dog did a GREAT THING. The most important part is lives were saved by a dog.
          Most of us understood what the “author” meant.
          Enjoy your day

    2. What a wonderfully simple life you must have with nothing better to do than to put other people down for every little error made. Does that make you feel mighty and masterful… or just as empty as you obviously are?

      1. No, I feel annoyed because this so-called professional is paid to write this stuff and can’t be bothered to do it correctly.

      2. This person has no friends at all, and I bet you even correct your parents. They probably hate you too, two or is it to. As for that awesome dog. maybe before he was adopted by this wonderful family, he had some training. I think it’s great when people adopt. I would love to see all the puppy mills go out of business.

    3. Rather than all you complaining about misspelled words that don’t matter, how about what the article said. This wonderful dog saved two lives…he is a hero. People need to stop nitpicking about stupid stuff.

      1. Do you even realize you just made a crap response to a nice comment???
        Maybe you should put that bottle down and have a nice, warm, glass of milk.

  1. Just amazing. But not really out of the ordinary.As we humans underestimate the intelligence ,&perception of mans best friend.

  2. note to the writer: There is no such thing as a “riptide,” its called a rip current. People commonly mix up tides and currents; tides having to with moon and sun where water levels rise or fall with the average sea level at that particular beach, and currents having to do with the ocean drifting in a north or south, from the swell direction. So a Rip current, like an ocean current, is a mushroom-shaped part of the ocean, where water is rushing back out to sea; water is coming up the beach from waves, and rushing back out sometimes causing a rip current, that looks like a huge mushroom depending on the energy on the ocean that day. There is so much power when the water is washing back out that sand is also being churned. You can always spot a rip current from just standing on the beach; top of the mushroom being the end of the rip current where the outside waves break, depending on the beach.

    1. They are used interchangeably. In fact, in Hawaii there are signs warning of the riptide, where only rip “currents” could be. You really don’t know which one it was. It very well could have been an actual riptide.

  3. It is “drowning” not drowing. Good God, does anyone proof read these things before they are posted?

  4. Shelter dogs are the best dogs in the world. They know they were saved and they are so thankful for it. You will never be loved by anyone or anything the way you are loved by a dog.
    Go Nico!!!
    Go Dan and Vivian Clarke!!!

    1. It is not just dogs who can help humans; heard a story several years ago a story of how a woman’s home was being broken into.
      “No way,” apparently thought the woman’s Siamese cat. It waited until the man was within leaping distance…and leapt. Landed on the guy’s head and shoulder, got busy with the claws.
      The jerk ran away, bleeding from many deep scratches inflicted by the protective cat! Now that is seriously wonderful.

  5. I do believe the grammar etiquette, was noted as in the Bio of the author, she was noted she had studied Grammar. So, that being said, a great story, did emerge of a dog saving lives that had’nt been trained to do so.
    A few errors overlooked, causes ? Loved English classes in school, such fun with hanging participles.
    Its OK, It is not a thesis, simply a story of a loving and intelligent dog. A person or persons, abandoned this dog. And yet the dog save unfamiliar people and should be applauded for doing so.

  6. Oh and neglected to point out, “downing, and drowning” are quite interchangeable depending on which side of the pond you reside.

  7. A “grammar enthusiast”? I guess intent counts for something, even if you can’t execute. What happened to editing as part of the print service? I’m still wondering what is going on with the statement he writes under her name and vice versa. What?!

    This dog MIGHT have been trained to do this. That’s the fun thing about adopting a pet. They sometimes have mysterious skills and talents.

    If you’re ever in a riptide….swim with the flow, not against it. The tide will typically carry you parallel to the beach and have a place where you can swim in to shore where the tide isn’t as strong. Fighting through the tide only wears you out and risks disaster. If there is a lifeguard station, look for the flags. Yellow means only experienced swimmers should swim and red means stay out of the water — period. I see so many tourists and crazy people with weak swimming skills head for the water on a yellow flag.

  8. Do you know how to spell duh?
    You do need to find something better to do with your time besides putting someone else down, not drown.

  9. My rescued Chihuahua mix saved my life but, in a different way… Before we met, I had severe depression, suffered from extreme insomnia, never exercised, was lonely… Then I adopted Fritz.

    He’s become the most important thing in my life. I take care of myself so I can take care of my dog. In turn, Fritz makes me laugh, helps me sleep, helps me meet others and takes me for walks.

    I saved Fritz from a horrible situation; the irony is that now I don’t know what I’d do without him.

  10. A D o g ’ s P r a y e r
    Treat me kindly my beloved Master , for no heart in all the
    world is more grateful for kindness , than the loving heart of me .

    Do not break my spirit with a stick , for though I would lick your
    hands between the blows , your patience & understanding will
    more quickly teach me , the things you would have me do .

    Speak to me often , for your voice is the world’s sweetest music , as you must
    know by the fierce wagging of my tail , when your footstep falls upon my waiting ear .

    When it is cold & wet , please take me inside , for I am now a
    domesticated animal , no longer used to bitter elements . And I ask no
    greater glory , than the privilege of sitting at your feet , beside the hearth .

    Though had you no home , I would rather follow you through ice &
    snow , than rest upon the softest pillow in the warmest home , in all
    the land . For you are my God , & I am your devoted worshipper .

    Keep my pan filled with fresh water , for though I would not reproach
    you when it is dry , I cannot tell you , when I suffer thirst .

    Feed me clean food , that I may stay well , to romp & play & do
    your bidding . To walk by your side & stand ready , willing &
    able , to protect you with my life , should your life be in danger .

    And beloved Master , should the Great Master see fit , to deprive me of my health or
    sight , do not turn me away from you . Rather , hold me gently in your arms , as
    skilled hands grant me the merciful boon , of eternal rest . And I will leave you ,
    knowing with the last breath I draw , that my fate was ever safest , in your hands .

  11. I did see the signs where it said NO Swimming.. Dangerous! What were they thinking.. obviously not thinking.

  12. I am sure the people that were saved don’t care about misspelling and I’m sure Nico doesn’t either. Maybe everybody should talk and add commas and periods. They should have to spell every word too. I agree he should have spell checker. Who knows maybe he wrote the story but didn’t type it. Just saying. Anyway atta boy Nico.

  13. Good Dog!!!!!!!! Bad Grammar Nazi’s, so sad you choose to Bully and puff your chest. Be more like Nico, and maybe a few mistakes won’t get your panties all bunched up. Made a few mistakes just to piss you off

    1. Couldn’t have said it better.
      Good story. Sounds like the two families should be getting together soon for a cookout.

  14. Stephanie Marie, Zoey is a Greater Swiss Mountain dog. They look similar but Zoey has shorter and straight hair.

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