Boston Terrier Won’t Get Out of Baby’s Crib

“Keira and Humphrey’s bond is going strong! It is a blast to see a child and a dog be best buds!”


Humphrey and Keira are best friends.  And when Keira’s in her crib, Humphrey isn’t far behind!



“Keira and Humphrey’s bond is going strong! They are inseparable! It is a blast to see a child and a dog be best buds! And no he still does NOT listen. Haha.”

57 thoughts on “Boston Terrier Won’t Get Out of Baby’s Crib

  1. Darling! I love the baby’s laugh, but I wish mom would tell her to be nice to Humphrey and not pull his ear. He didn’t seem to mind, but kids should learn early to respect their pets.

  2. This is not sweet or cute or funny. I wish dog owners would educate themselves on what are appropriate behaviors from dog and baby. Those clearly not being one of them. Very disappointing people like this and think it’s okay.

    1. “Lighten up Francis”.
      You sound mean and nasty. You don’t run a Reform School by any chance? I sure hope not!!!!

  3. I would have loved sleeping with a doggie as a child….missed that but am making up for it now…every night is a three dog night now…my idea of heaven!!…listening to Three Dog Night would be awesome, too!!!

  4. How cute building a bond that will last forever,amaze me how there is always a debbie downer that looks for problems in ever thing.

  5. I had a “best bud as a child” he was a mud, born the same day I was….we were inseparable till he died….still today 50 years later I say he was my best friend, my unforgotten Nero. Children and dogs make perfekt couples.

  6. Hilary Weber Ben South notice how they don’t say anything about moms. haha Im not worried about the kids getting along with the dog…what about all three needing something at the same time?

  7. That’s what you’re dealing with now Marykay Smith with Ata Serra. Maybe the dog will keep am three busy. Right Hilary Weber?

  8. Nettes Video! Kein Wunder, wenn der Hund nicht hört: einmal lachen, wenn der ins Kinderbett springt, dann aus dem Bett vertreiben, was jetzt? Der Hund versteht die Welt nicht mehr, der meint, es ist ein Spiel, vor allem, weil die Mutter das funny findet und dabei lacht!

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