Brazil’s Best Guard Dog

That hammock does look very cozy though….


Apparently, this Great Dane was supposed to be working as a security guard for his home and has been caught napping in that hammock.  No matter what his human says to him or tells him what to do, Nilo simply lazes there comfortably.  Yup, this is the best guard dog in Brazil, alright!





The man says his home is the safest on the planet because of his private guard dog.


84 thoughts on “Brazil’s Best Guard Dog

  1. I have a small dog and hubby called her our guard dog…..I said no she is a watch dog…….watch everything go right on by…lol

  2. Oh my God…… What a fun guy……payed back…..what a fun friend to hang out with…… Mercedes xoxo

  3. Danes are hopeless guard dogs in general they’re way too soft and laid back. Admittedly they look imposing sizewise but they’re no guard dog ha ha.(-:

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