Couple Saves Emaciated Dog Freezing on Side of Road

We have people bring in dogs all the time, but when they removed Bronson from that crate, I literally cried, the worst we’ve seen here.

A couple from Pennsylvania were driving on Route 209 in the Marshalls Creek area on March 1, 2015, when they saw a black Pit bull lying on snow, unable to stand on his own. The dog seemed hopeless and if it wasn’t for the couple, the stray would have died within hours.

The good Samaritans picked up the dog and took him to AWSOM Animal Shelter, where staff couldn’t believe the extent of his abuse.

“We have people bring in dogs all the time, but when they removed that dog from that crate, I literally cried, the worst we’ve seen here in a long time,” AWSOM board member Sandra Fellin told WNEP.



The Pit bull, now named Bronson, was malnourished down to his own bones. He had raw pressure sores on his bottom and his bones were visible. His paws and nails were discolored and rescuers believe the dog was probably kept in a crate or small space where he was forced to live in his own urine and feces. Bronson’s immune system was so weak that he suffered from Babesia (a blood parasites), anemia, and respiratory infections. What’s worse, the stray also has a level one heart murmur.

Bronson was transferred to Creature Comforts were he was kept in isolation while veterinarians treated his multiple illnesses. After days of intensive care and after vets worked hard to stabilize his health, Bronson was moved to a foster home. There, AWSOM hopes the abused dog will heal while he is surrounded by love.

Bronson is not out of the woods yet, but AWSOM is hopeful he will make a complete recovery and then find his forever home.

Fellin says that even though the only thing Bronson has known is abuse, his personality is of a gentle loving dog who wants nothing more but a loving owner of his own.

61 thoughts on “Couple Saves Emaciated Dog Freezing on Side of Road

  1. Thank you as well to the veterinarians who treated Bronson. Poor, sweet baby, I am praying you get well soon and find a loving home.

  2. So sad someone would let their dog get into that condition. I am always so thankful to kind hearted people who change the lives of these precious souls for the better.

  3. There are still good people left in this world. Bless all who are helping this sweet baby! :). 🙂 🙂 :). 🙂

  4. Thank you for saving Bronson’s life! There is a lot of evil on this planet. But there are good Samaritans too. This time they came in time for saving an innocent soul. Hopefully Bronson will fully recover and find a forever loving home.

  5. Hello! This is the story of Panda, the puppy I found near a dumpster and who have became in only one week not only my companion but also my best friend! Unfortunately he has an urgent need of a hip surgery so he can walk again but after a couple of visits at the vet I am no longer able to provide him the help he badly needs. That’s why I am asking you kind people to help Panda get through the surgery that will help him live a normal and a happy life. Please read and share his story below and may God be with you all!

  6. Bless the couple that took this sweet baby to the vet. God bless this sweet baby. I just hope someday his abusers are treated the same way.

  7. aw. poor doggy! how skinny; happy he’s on the mend! are you saying i need to adopt him, Alison ? 🙂

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