Dog That Fell 30 Feet Down Jagged Canyon Wall Gets Rescued

Audi fell 30 feet over a cliff and and was only found after another dog standing on a ledge kept looking down.

Audi, a two-year-old Labrador from Boise, Idaho, fell 30 feet down Dedication Point between Kuna and Swan Falls Dam on January 26, 2015, while she was out on a walk with her owner and needed the help of skilled rescue climbers to be hoisted out to safety. Thankfully, the Kuna Fire Department responded to the emergency call and helped Audi get back up on safe ground.

Photo Credit: Courtesy Boise Fire Department
Photo Credit: Courtesy Boise Fire Department


According to Magic Valley News the pet owner did not see the dog go over the jagged cliff wall and only became aware of the accident after another dog standing on a ledge kept looking down.

Kuna Fire Department Capt. T.J. Lawrence said the pet owner made a wise call when he reached out to authorities for help, if he had attempted rescuing the pet, firefighters would have had to rescue an injured dog and owner.

Hero rescuers used safety ropes to descend about 12 feet down the canyon wall and then walked about 100 yards to reach the dog. Fortunately, Audi did not suffer major injuries from the fall. She had no broken bones or internal bleeding, only some scrapes and cuts, low body temperature and some blood loss.

Firefighters placed and IV on the pet before hoisting her up to safety. Audi was reunited with her owner, transported to a veterinarian a for a thorough checkup and later released. The dog is expected to make a full recovery.

34 thoughts on “Dog That Fell 30 Feet Down Jagged Canyon Wall Gets Rescued

  1. Who the “H” would even take their dog on a walk on a jagged canyon wall? Some people have NO respect for their animals!

  2. Once again Life With Dogs strikes!. Life With Dogs please tell me how a RESPONSIBLE dog owner allows this to happen. If the dog was on a leash ….and the human is aware of the risk of “getting to close to a ledge and has complete control of the canine they have agreed to care for” the dog does not fall. I am thrilled that this dog had rescuers come to his/her aid. But once again Life With Dogs fails to point out the obvious. RESPONSIBLE DOG OWNERSHIP IS THE ANSWER.

  3. I agree, the dog should have been on a leash, I know stuff happens …its not worth the risk to your pet or the ppl having to rescue and don’t think it would happen to your dog

  4. I am from Twin Falls Idaho (Also known as the Magic Valley) and we have the snake river canyon..we are a few hours from this location. It is common to take your dog out in these areas. Most of the time you never see another person so allowing your dog to enjoy their surroundings off leash is quite common. It does not mean they are responsible dog owners. I took my dog out on the canyon rim all the time..most of the time she stayed away from the rim but it does happen that some sort of wild life attracts their attention. there are also some areas that have small trails that people take their dogs on. It is usually safer to take the dogs out there than a dog park where other dogs can attack them. Just because it might not be common where you are from doesn’t mean the people were irresponsible dog owners. When you live close to wilderness areas you tend to take dogs out..yes off leash…to enjoy nature. Now that I live in an area with no wilderness like this I have taken my dogs to several different dog parks…more issues there than any time I was ever out in the wilderness with my dog back home. Including all the times on the canyon rim…also road horses on the rim…it is what you do in areas like that. Quit being so judgmental.

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