Dog with Jug Stuck on Head for Three Weeks Rescued

“He didn’t have much time left. Someone would’ve walked up and found him dead.”

3.27.15 - Dog with Jug Stuck on Head for Weeks Rescued1


A dog whose head was purportedly stuck in a jug for three weeks has finally been caught and freed from his plastic prison.  Now the search is on to find him a home.

It is highly unlikely that any dog could survive more than a few days without water, but that’s how long his rescuers believe he was trapped.  However, it is possible that condensation built up and was able to be licked off the inside of the container.

“His big ears kept him from getting it off,” Katherine Nelson told KARE 11.

Minnesotans Katherine, her husband Don, and Sue Leach learned that the poor Lab was wandering around a North Manako park, and spent several days trying to catch “Jughead.”  They set a live trap with food in it, but that obviously wasn’t able to work.

On Wednesday morning they went to check the trap, and came across fresh paw prints in the snow.  Sue and Don were led to a swampy brush, where they discovered Jughead sleeping.  Don gently scooped him up, and though he initially struggled, the starving and scared dog eventually allowed his rescuers to load him into a van and get him to the Minnesota Valley Pet Hospital.


3.27.15 - Dog with Jug Stuck on Head for Weeks Rescued2


“He didn’t have much time left,” Katherine noted.  “Someone would have walked up and found him dead.”

With a little assistance at the vet, Jughead was able to wriggle free.  Staff at the animal hospital are donating their services to the stray, who endured the entire harsh winter outside.

When he is well enough to be released, the Nelsons will foster him on their farm until they can find a good home with a fenced yard for him.  This will give him time to learn how to socialize with people and other animals, as well as learn some manners.

“He’s a runner,” Katherine said.

She wants to remind people to properly crush containers like that jug before recycling so other animals do not wind up in the same situation.


3.27.15 - Dog with Jug Stuck on Head for Weeks Rescued3


Though he doesn’t look it, staff say he was very happy with the bath he was given.

48 thoughts on “Dog with Jug Stuck on Head for Three Weeks Rescued

    1. Huh? What article were you reading? I didn’t read anything about a “mama dog” and “babies”

  1. Heartwarming!! The world needs soo many more like the couple that took the time to help this Angel!

  2. Poor little dog I ‘m glad he was found in time. I hope he finds a good loving forever home. He looks just like my Dukeums.

    1. There are so many opportunities to “pass it on” each day. Don’t pass up a moment to do a good deed. What goes around comes around and the animal stories really hit home. The headliners usually do get homes, but there are countless others at shelters and animal “dog pounds” who need homes – they are on limited time. Bring a dog (or two) home and don’t forget the cats. LOVE changes everything.

  3. Wonderful story. Heads up, lifewithdogs with this article tried to put 15 different tracking cookies in my computer. some of their pages have nearly 30 trackers per page. So get a free tracking cookie remove tool such as ghostery. They’ll tell you at whatever page you’re on, how much spyware theyre trying to put in your computer.

  4. God Bless people like you…Not enough people will get envolved to save an animal…Thanks soooooo much for not giving up.

  5. poor bud. probably got stuck at the hands of some a$$hole fukkktard. people suck. abusers need to be punished. not slapped on the godddddamn wrist. hurt – like they hurt the innocent animal.

  6. Its nice that you share some heart warming stories about animals, but than in the SAME article, you want the readers to look at dogs that are starving, injured, has a knife stuck in their head, broken bones etc, etc, We really dont care to read/ watch videos of animals being abused.hurt or dying.. I think whomever idea it is to put that GARBAGE on your site has to be sick in the head and sadistic, and should go get help.

  7. Hey shortcake, these people did a heroic thing & your going to say something derogatory about it? How do u know they weren’t waiting for another person to bring, saw, knife, or whatever & had an extra second to snap a cell phone picture. Give em a break lady

  8. How did we know it had been 3 weeks??? I think this is great this fur baby got help, but why did it take 3 weeks??

  9. God Bless all who helped this poor dog! How could he survive 3 weeks with his head stuck in a pail? Amazing! Dogs are tough and have a strong will to survive!

  10. Its fab that he’s been rescued. But 3 weeks? Surely he would have died without water within 7 days?.

  11. That why I always crush my cans and make sure all lids are on glass jars or cut whatever else can be a hazard to the wild animals.

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