Family Missing Dog After Auto Accident

“I know it happened, but it happened so fast, the next thing I knew I was upside down,” Karen Love said.

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A family from Franklin County, Georgia is missing their dog after an accident on a quiet country road.  Her name is Georgia, and she is a one-year-old German shepherd.

On late Monday afternoon, the family was returning home to Atlanta when they were involved in an automobile accident.  Karen Love and her husband Dan were in their SUV, and said the whole thing happened in a flash.

“All of a sudden, Dan just said, he is going to hit us,” Karen Love said.  The SUV began to roll over and over.

“I know it happened, but it happened so fast, the next thing I knew I was upside down,” Karen Love said.

After the SUV stopped rolling, a couple of good Samaritans had pulled over to see if they could help.  They pulled Dan and Karen from the smashed up truck.  Somehow, they were unhurt.

The man driving the other vehicle was also pulled out, and kept away from the damage until highway patrol arrived.  It was later reported that he was charged with a DWI in the incident.

Once they regained their bearings, they realized they had no idea where Georgia, the dog, was.  She wasn’t in the SUV, and nowhere in sight.

Georgia had been spotted by other drivers on I-85, down by mile marker 155.  She was spotted again on Tuesday, running near Neal Road.  She still hasn’t been found, and the family fears for her safety and miss her very badly.

“I know it’s a dog, but when you have a dog as a pet it becomes part of your family and I really fear for her. I mean, I truly shake inside fear for her,” Dan said.

Georgia does wear a collar with her and her family’s name on it.  It also has an up to date address and phone number.  The microchip that she has also has valid and current information.

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  2. My daughter’s dog Ellie jumped from the window of her car after an accident in Wichita Ks. They had lived in town for just several days. We searched for 2-3 days for her with no luck at all. Then, Ellie just walked into Maggies front yard !! It was a miracle..
    SO, keep your hopes up, Good Thoughts to you all.

  3. Hope you’re calling all shelters in GA! Can’t find it but yesterday a shelter in GA had a baby similar to her!!! Best of luck!

  4. Do visit every shelter in the area. Don’t just call and don’t trust they will contact you. Love, hugs and prayers for your family.

  5. So happy to know that you are responsible pet owners. My heart is broken for you. But, you stand a better chance than most recovering your furry girl since she has current information available to anyone who sees her.

    1. I agree thank goodness you had the forethought to have her identified- family had a cat escape a minor fender bender and since it was scared it ended up 25 miles away- look at vets and animal controls all over the area- if possible look don’t just call- your dog appears to be a purebred sable shepherd but some who do not know would call it something different say a blackish or brownish shepherd cross so you and the shelter personal might now be on the same page!

  6. Hello I live in Suwanne on Tuesday morning when I am on my way to work I saw a dead dog on opposite side in Old Atlanta Road why don’t you check with the place where they pick up the dead animal, after I saw a dog get run over make me crying, I have a dog she just run out after me the minus I saw her boom she get hit by a car ,tuesday morning when I sees I thought a deer but my friend said its a big dog you can contac me on this email.

    1. I hope this was not their baby but if it was I know from experience it is better to know what happened then to always wonder……….

  7. I hope your baby comes home soon. I would go nuts if this happened to one of my fur babies. I will say a prayer that you find her.

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