Firefighters Rescue Dog from 6-inch Gap

Firefighters used a pike pole and some rope to rescue a dog from a 6-inch gap.



On March 2, 2015, firefighters from West Hollywood, Calif., rescued a medium size dog trapped in a 6-inch gap between a house an a retaining wall. The dog was not injured in the rescue and was later reunited with his owner.

When firefighters arrived at the 9000 block of Lloyd Place around 3:30 p.m., rescuers weren’t sure how they were going to get the canine out of the slim trap, but after a quick assessment of the situations, firefighters came up with a plan.

The men used a pike pole to support the dog’s weight and prevent him from falling further into the gap. They also tied the dog’s front paws with a rope and gently pulled and nudge the dog to safety.

Once the dog was out from between the walls, the pet was able to walk on his own. The dog was scared and tired, but unharmed.

The rescue video was capture on camera and posted on Facebook. Fire Inspector Randall Wright said the video will be used to train other firefighters that could face similar pet rescue situations.

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