Florida Deputy Befriends Wandering Pit Bull

It seems like this dog was just looking for someone to play with!

3.25.15 - Deputy Befriends Wandering Pit Bull2


On Tuesday, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office posted this status, along with a few photos:

This morning, deputies responded to an Animal call in South District. A large Pit Bull was running around and neighbors were worried. Upon arrival, the deputy discovered that this wonderful dog was just out looking for friends to play with. After sufficient play time and fun, deputies were able reunite the dog with his owners. A gate was accidentally left open and this beautiful dog was able to be taken back to his loving home.


3.25.15 - Deputy Befriends Wandering Pit Bull3


This was one of the hundreds of comments on the photo post:

Ray McphatterΒ Similar story, got a call in reference to a pit bull running loose. Got it came running to my patrol unit and put her paws inside my window. I rubbed her on the head and got a lot of slobber. Popped my trunk and got out to get my rope I keep for callsΒ like this. Got my rope looked around and she was gone. Went to get back in the car and yep she was sitting in the driver’s seat. I put the rope on her and she walked me to her house.


3.25.15 - Deputy Befriends Wandering Pit Bull4

136 thoughts on “Florida Deputy Befriends Wandering Pit Bull

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  2. People stop listening to the things you here about Pitbulls, and actually meet one and let me know if they’re what they’re hyped up to be or if they’re completely the opposite. If anything they love nothing more to love to be loved, snuggle, attack you with kisses and so much more. They truly are wonderful dogs, reason why I have 2!!

    1. if your dog and daughter gets attacked. dogs face eyes nose forehead and daughters both hands and fingers bitten trying to get our dogs face out of pitbulls mouth, those are not kisses, all that time the owner had a leash on her dog. her do would not let go. would you not be afraid

      1. It doesn’t just happen with pit bulls. I have seen many a small dog attack people, viciously, leaving scars. I am sorry that this happened to the child and dog, but the owner is to blame. If a Lhasa Apso attacked your daughter and dog while the owner had it on a leash like that, you would be leery of every other Lhasa you came around? Pits are very affectionate loving dogs. I feel like owners should have a license to own a dog. Maybe you should meet another pit bull, and get to see what wonderful dogs they are.

      2. Does not mean you should be scared of the entire breed just THAT dog. NO different than being a bigot.

      3. This post contains some graphic descriptions that have been made public in the past……your discretion is advised.

        I am so sorry to hear what happened although I honestly believe your fear and anger are sorely misplaced, and I can’t say I would react any differently. It may be like the saying “guns don’t kill people, people kill people”. Take a good hard look, with open mind, and read what all these people are saying about Pit Bulls…maybe watch an episode or two of “Pit Bulls and Parolees on” Animal Planet”.
        I have been a follower of USHS…several years ago I watched some horrifying videos (which I expected, but needed to know) that showed a couple methods of turning a dog, considered by the American Kennel Club as #1 people friendly dog, into these dogs. They (owners) make dummies, drench them in blood, and train them to attack. Also, on video mind you, have a treadmill device in a cage, ties the dogs head up with thick chain (build neck muscles and keep dog in place) once the dog is in place, on treadmill, door closed, a person stands in front of the dog and constantly pokes it in chest. Of course the dog tries to get at them but that treadmill just keeps on turning..! It is hard to tell but any dog has the potential for aggression, depending on the owner. As I am not an authority I would find someone that can help you avoid or ward off these situations.

      4. My daughter was bit in the face by a Bassett Hound when she was about 3 yrs. old. She was in our neighbors yard and Augie was sleeping. we were on the porch and before any one could stop her, she bent down to pet the dog, which she had done many times before. This time he was really asleep and it startled him and he swung his head and caught her in the mouth. Don’t think he bit merely caught her wit a tooth, but the damage done was no different. Any dog can cause damage for many different reasons. Most of these reasons are because the dog is not properly cared for and trained and neither is the owner. It’s not the dog’s fault. Did you know that insurance companies charge more for liability ins. if you have certain types of dogs: Pit bulls, Siberian Huskies, Malamutes, German Shepherds, Mastiffs, Doberman Pincer, and more. None of these dogs are aggressive unless they are trained to be or mistreated. It’s not the dog it’s the owner.

    2. Good dogs can be figured out… glad that these police officers were trained to know how a good dog acts vs a vicious dog… Totally different body language.

      Stop listening to what you “hear” about Pitbulls… Hear as in ear with an “h”….
      Remember that Here and There come from the word The.
      Some tricks in remembering the difference. <3

  3. Good job! Police Departments should always send out an animal friendly officer (preferably one that has pets of his/her own) on calls like this. The outcome will be just as pleasant as this. Tired of hearing cops shooting dogs!

  4. Every loose dog is not dangerous. In fact very few dogs are truly dangerous. Time for more cops and media to realize it!

  5. Wow c police officers u don’t have to shoot and kill the dogs u come into contact with. This officer shows it can b done

  6. Finally a story involving a pit bull and a cop that shows the cop with competence, understanding and compassion toward the pit bull. Thanks for doing the right thing by the pit bull and not just lumpng the dog in with this nonsence and ignorance portraying them as vicious. I’m sure his humans are appreciative and greatful as well.

  7. Why do people automatically assume the worst just because it’s a Pit Bull? On a walk, I passed a Yorkie that was growling and barking at me, trying to act tough. Apparently, he didn’t know his size, lol.

  8. so glad to hear this happy ending most times ends sadly for the dog thank you for your compassion Deputy good job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I used to work at a broward rescue. You wouldn’t believe the amount of Miami dade cops who would drive after their shifts the 45 mins + north to bring stray Pitts north to us where they wouldn’t automatically get put down. Great officers!

    1. Hi Brenna, that is great to know. I live in Broward and every time I read an article on a dog site about dogs at the Miami Dade shelter I get sick on my stomach and wish they would bring all the Pit Bulls and Pit mixes here to safety. Something has got to be done about the killing on all the Pit Bulls and mixes that don’t get lucky to get that ride to safety to Broward or to another county. Thank you.

  10. Now this is the kind of cop and dog relationship I like! We need more! Maybe these guys can train the rest of them πŸ˜‰ Good job officers! πŸ™‚

  11. Great story, I have 2 great pit bulls, , I truly believe the owner should be mentioned here, responsible ownership should be addressed here, accidents happen, but when somebody let’s an aggressive mistreated dog run loose, and it attacks, the media and many others will blame the breed. Luckily the dog was friendly, as most pits are, every dog is different . Anytime a dog roams unrestrained, its the owners fault. I stick up for all dogs, and some unfortunately arent as lucky as this dog when having a run in with cops. Everything here is fine and peachy, but what about all those owners who mistreat dogs, then allow them to roam and attack? Show me a bad dog and I’ll show you a bad owner.

  12. So glad they didnt shoot to kill..I’m always worried for my pittie. I make sure he’s always on a leash and that the backyward is secure when I let him out. He’s a sweetheart but ppl would know that.

  13. Thank you for being wonderful you and loving and caring and showing people that not all officers shoot just for fun and protect and serve even our 4 legged babies. Thank you officers <3 πŸ™‚

  14. Nature vs. nurture. If the dog is trained to be vicious it will be. Most dogs just want love, good food, a soft couch, room on the bed–the better to share their fleas.

  15. Looking at that face and thinking someone thought it was a danger makes me sad. They look at the breed, not the dog. Kudos to the police that looked at the dog’s heart first.

  16. It all depends on how the dog was bought up and trained. Our old down stairs neighbors had a pit bull and it was a big baby and would just slobber you to death. Nice way to take a quick face wash….!

  17. Had the “scared to death” reaction from two separate people when they saw my sweet Pittie at a recent visit to the vet. It really surprised me.

  18. THANK You Kind Officer For NOT Hatefully Pulling Your Gun And Ending This Baby’s Precious Life Simply Because He Is A PIT Bull!!! <3 Thank You For Helping Me To Believe That There Just May Be Some Good Cops Left Out There After All…<3

  19. This could be my stupid dog, almost looks like him. I live in kind of a rough area and i wish he was mean but he’s a big cream puff

  20. Nice to know there are coppers out there that don’t just wanna shoot them caus they are pitties !! Most beautiful dogs ever πŸ™‚

  21. Here’s my lovingly pit bull. I had him almost 6 years now. They are truly lovable and loyal dog. I love him very much. I’m glad that officer did his job to do the right thing to that pit bull. God bless him..❀️❀️❀️.

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