Fritz Is Perhaps the Worst When it Comes to Catching

Fritz just can’t seem to catch a thing his human tosses his way.

Fritz is a champion, of a sort.  He is the single WORST at playing catch with his human.  He’s so bad at it, his human felt the need to make a video and some photos!


First attempt: The Taco – FAIL!


3.24.15 - tacoFAIL


Second Attempt: Slice of Pizza – FAIL!


3.24.15 - pizzaFail


Third Attempt: The Hotdog – FAIL!


3.24.15 - hotdogFAIL


Fourth Attempt: The Steak – FAIL!


3.24.15 - steakFAIL


Fifth Attempt: The Meatball – FAIL!


3.24.15 - meatballFAIL


Sixth Attempt: The Doughnut-EPIC FAIL!


3.24.15 - doughnutFAIL


Yes, if Fritz is going to win any awards, it most certainly will NOT be for “Food Catch” accuracy.  However, it doesn’t matter, because Fritz is a good boy and a very cute dog, indeed.  Check out the YouTube below!



218 thoughts on “Fritz Is Perhaps the Worst When it Comes to Catching

  1. Poor Fritz.. maybe his human should focus on things he is good at… positive reinforcement for fur babies too ! my dog doesnt like to play catch either.. thats some major treats he’s getting!

  2. I can’t stop watching it. It’s hilarious. Reminds me of my golden retriever who can’t catch either. I think in her 8 years she’s managed to catch one cookie.

  3. Monica Vidal Jorge L Porter Raul Sosales aren’t you happy your dogs aren’t this bad? I was rollin’

  4. My friends dog does this. Toss her some (dog) food, and she just randomly jumps and snaps – no aim, no direction, never close. It’s really cute.

  5. My sheltie can catch a flying frisbee, but so often not food. He is not food motivated, so I think he has to sniff it and all befoe eating it. Maybe this is what this dog is doing.

  6. good thing he can’t catch or else you would have a fat dog on our hands LOL. I have only one dog out of many (many) dogs that can catch. You are not alone Fritz. Good boy 🙂

  7. Ivana Bilic Martin Bilic Antunovic snälla visa mamma!! Jag skrattade så jag grät!! 😀 så söt

  8. Maybe he can’t see well…looks like a depth perception issue. Love that he keeps trying and trying…❤️

  9. I don´t think it´s his eyes…..there are just some people with bad reactions – as i know from my myself when my friend went throwing my key at my head these days, meaning no harm……

  10. Without a doubt the funniest video and pics I’ve seen in a while! Remember, Fritz is a Golden RETRIEVER, not a ‘catcher’. Try throwing the food and see if he runs after it. Although if it’s food, he may eat it on the spot and not bring it back to you. Maybe Fritz needs glasses! Thanks for sharing. Love our Goldies and Labbies! I give Fritz a Best In Show Award for being the funniest! ♥

  11. This is hilarious… already watched 3 times. I am trying to contain my laughter while I’m at work, but it’s hard. Something about when he throws the taco cracks me up! I love this.

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