Fritz Is Perhaps the Worst When it Comes to Catching

Fritz just can’t seem to catch a thing his human tosses his way.

Fritz is a champion, of a sort.  He is the single WORST at playing catch with his human.  He’s so bad at it, his human felt the need to make a video and some photos!


First attempt: The Taco – FAIL!


3.24.15 - tacoFAIL


Second Attempt: Slice of Pizza – FAIL!


3.24.15 - pizzaFail


Third Attempt: The Hotdog – FAIL!


3.24.15 - hotdogFAIL


Fourth Attempt: The Steak – FAIL!


3.24.15 - steakFAIL


Fifth Attempt: The Meatball – FAIL!


3.24.15 - meatballFAIL


Sixth Attempt: The Doughnut-EPIC FAIL!


3.24.15 - doughnutFAIL


Yes, if Fritz is going to win any awards, it most certainly will NOT be for “Food Catch” accuracy.  However, it doesn’t matter, because Fritz is a good boy and a very cute dog, indeed.  Check out the YouTube below!



218 thoughts on “Fritz Is Perhaps the Worst When it Comes to Catching

  1. 1) Funny as fuck video
    2) Please check his vision
    3) PLEASE stop feeding Fritz crap human food. You are hurting your dog, likely killing off some good years from him 🙁

  2. Glad to see other people are struggling to comprehend why this man would feed this dog all of this terrible food. This is not okay at all! I feel bad for the poor dog. He should be using tasty and healthy doggy treats instead.

  3. Hehehe! I have a friend who’s dog doesn’t just miss the catch but actually cringes and ducks when you throw her food. Too funny! 😀

  4. My dog is about as bad. He used to be able to catch stuff but for some reason he is too quick and misses all the time now…haha

  5. Dogs should be eating all this food ! Especially bread and sweets !!! This is very dangerous for dogs ! And he clearly has vision problem, cause you can see that he turns away from the food when it’s about to hit him ! People shouldn’t make fun of it !!!

  6. Leave the poor guy alone…and quit feeding him all that garbage human food…obviously this owner has no awareness of his dog’s needs. He might have vision problems. Poor guy.

  7. Poor dog…:( There is nothing funny about this video. Also, what kind of dummy throws a taco at their dog anyway? Or any of that kind of food, for that matter. If you get enjoyment out of watching this poor guy get hit in the face with food, then you have a problem!

  8. Some people are wound too tight. It’s funny and innocent. Especially the strawberry slowmo. My dog can see just fine and can’t catch either. If any of you people say you have never once given your animal people food, you’re lying. I’m sure that’s not all he eats. I swear man, people can’t shut the heck up. Always negative crap surrounding something harmless. There incomprehensible travesties going on in the world at the moment and you people want to complain about this. So annoying.

  9. Let me guess….pointing a laser pointer on the ground teasing your dog or cat is abuse too?? Ridiculous people are being critical of this.

  10. He’s absolutely darling looks like a precious personality and yet you feed him bad food including donut with icing on it seriously bad for the dog

  11. Funny how so many people are making comments about NOT feeding your dog junk food yet I bet they give it to the kids!! LOL But that’s ok, right?? Such a funny video. I’m sure you love him. Maybe some day he’ll catch something. 🙂

  12. I would like to see the owner of this dog catch and eat donuts…pure poison and no we do not permit kids to eat this crap either

  13. Our boy Huck can’t catch. We spent 6 years laughing at how bad he was at catch. Then one day I noticed something reflected in his eye, and I started thinking about how afraid he was of sudden movements. I took him to the vet who had seen him just six weeks previously and given him a clean bill of health. He can’t see. I don’t feel bad for a baseball player when he misses a catch. But I would feel horrible if I ever saw someone throwing a ball at a visually impaired child and laughing when they missed. This isn’t funny – it’s sad.

  14. maybe he has poor eye sight have you looked into that. Dogs are usually good on catching foods but he seems to me having trouble seeing it. dont know if it is the sun in his eyes or just his eyes not seeing it go have them checked I would. our kids catch every piece of food

  15. Although, I would never feed my dog any of those things my lab Harry is just as bad at catch. He could miss a ball lying on the floor lol!

  16. All of the people who are butthurt over this video is hilarious. He is clearly a happy, well-loved and cared for dog. It’s a joke and hilarious and he probably gets a kick out of making his humans laugh.

  17. My dog would flinch just like this this before he went completely blind from cataracts, eventually it’s gets to where they flinch at changes shade/sunlight, wind or any strong scent

  18. Not funny at all! One of my huskies is blind in one eye and can’t catch anything but I don’t put him on display and make fun of it. I love him and hug him and let him know I am there for him helping him see things that he can’t on his own. And I certainly don’t feet him donuts and hotdogs and white bread and all that crap! Shame on that sweet dogs parents for being so ignorant of his needs!!!

  19. Apart from the fact that this is a video of someone basically just throwing stuff at their dog, which isn’t funny in the slightest, the actual foodstuff being thrown is so bad for a dog! A whole taco? A whole doughnut? Pizza? One doughnut to a dog, is the equivalent of a person eating 12 of them. Definitely not something many people would consider healthy!

  20. oh my god…could not stop laughing from the first instant the video started. He is so funny…what a sweet heart.

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