Motorcyclist Rescues Abused Dog Abandoned in Crate

Charlie Bravo was extremely under weight and had an unnatural posture due to the prolonged entrapment in a cage too small for her size.

On January 31, 2015, Bret Winingar from Little Rock, Ark., was out riding his motorcycle with some friends and family members when he came across an old pet carrier tossed in a field on the side of the road. At first Winingar thought nothing of it, but upon inspection, he discovered an emaciated female dog left trapped inside the crate.

Photo Credit: Charlie Bravo/Facebook
Photo Credit: Charlie Bravo/Facebook


No one knows for sure how long the dog had been abandoned in the crate, but the black colored dog was extremely under weight, had her nails so long they were embedded under her own paws, and presented an unnatural posture due to the prolonged entrapment in a cage too small for her size.

At first the motorcyclist drove away but not because they were turning their back on the dog, but because they went to get food and help.

Photo Credit: Charlie Bravo/Facebook
Photo Credit: Charlie Bravo/Facebook


Winingar and another motorist named Zach came back with a bag of dog food. They opened the crate and learned the abandoned dog had tried desperately to chew through the plastic crate. They fed the dog small amounts of food and left her in the field while they went to get their truck to transport the dog to safety.

The men named the dog Charlie Bravo (CB) and Winingar welcomed her to his home where became the fifth rescue pet. Winingar originally planned to find her a forever home but after nursing CB back to health and falling in love with her personality, the rescuer decided to keep her.

Based on the dog’s initial lack of social skills and her skittishness toward human interaction, rescuers believed she lived most of her life inside that crate. But thanks to the love and care the Winingar family have given her, Charlie Bravo has blossomed into an amazing, friendly and healthy pet.

Photo Credit: Charlie Bravo/Facebook
Photo Credit: Charlie Bravo/Facebook


CB has more than doubled her weight since rescued. She is very playful with her fur siblings and enjoys sleeping on the couch.

A Facebook page called “Charlie Bravo; rescued motorcycle dog” set up by her rescuers helped Charlie Bravo gain local news attention and thanks to the page and the local coverage, many people donated money to help cover the dog’s extensive medical costs.

Winingar says that after paying CB’s medical bills there were enough funds left over and the family plans to use them to start a foundation called “Charlie’s Angels.” They want to honor CB and the outpouring support they’ve received from the community. Winingar says the foundation will benefit other abused and abandoned pets in need.

Follow Charlie Bravo on her Facebook page and learn more.

190 thoughts on “Motorcyclist Rescues Abused Dog Abandoned in Crate

  1. I hope they find who did. Then we should put them in a crate and leave them out in a field. Thank to the young man who saved this dog!

  2. Hope the little dog, with care, is getting back to a normal life. Just hate hearing of these situations, but I know they must happen much more than we hear of on facebook.

  3. Oh my gosh, major tears! For all the POS humans that do things like this, thank god there are humans like this wonderful man who put those humans to shame. Karma is a bitch, and it will get you

  4. For the life of me I don’t understand why people leave an unwanted animal trapped to suffer to their death. So thankful she was found.

  5. What a fantastic man. Thank you so much for saving this fog. You are an angel as some wouldn’t have bothered looking in the crate.

  6. This is the epitome of cruelty! Thank you to the rescuer Who had the compassion to save this beautiful dog!!!

  7. if you ever find a dog like this…bring them right to the vet..after not eating they can die from gorging….they need to be fed very slowly and have fluids…..bless you for saving her

  8. pet is a part of your family not a thing that you throw away if you dont want it if i would see someone do that i would do the same to him !

  9. Thank you for rescuing this girl from her torture. It’s good to know that there are good, caring people to counteract the abusers. I hope good things come your way, and that this sweet dog has a good life from now on.

  10. Why dump the animal? Give it to a shelter. People cannot be bothered to make a little effort for the only living being that gave them unconditional love and loyalty. The world is going to hell on a roller coaster. Hats off to the compassionate gentleman. You are indeed a human with an awesome heart.

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