Pet Owner Drives 20 Hours To Reunite with Stolen Dog

How Josie traveled from New Mexico to Illinois no one knows, but after being taken from her rightful home, the Border Collie is back where she belongs.

On July 2014, Josie, a Border Collie from Hatch, New Mexico, went missing from her 2,000-acre farm home. Her owners, the Carpenters, believed the pet was stolen during the last harvest, and even though they searched the farm, surrounding areas and neighboring towns, they gave up hope of ever finding their beloved pet. Eight months later, the pet owners receive a phone call from a Midwestern state telling them Josie was alive and well.

Photo Credit: Katherine Manola
Photo Credit: Katherine Manola

No one really knows how Josie traveled from New Mexico all the way to Illinois, but it safe to say she had some human help. The good news is that after being taken from her rightful home, the Border Collie is right back where she belongs.

When the Carpenters received the phone call this month from an Oswego, Ill., veterinarian, they couldn’t believe that Josie had really been found. The Carpenters had convinced themselves that Josie was long gone (dead), yet the pet was alive and her registered microchip helped her get back home.

Jake Carpenter hopped in his car and drove 20 hours from New Mexico to Illinois to pick up his four legged best friend. His wife and two young children anxiously awaited their return. Now Josie is back in the farm, resting, playing and enjoying life with the family she has always known as her own.

111 thoughts on “Pet Owner Drives 20 Hours To Reunite with Stolen Dog

    1. Skip….you bet!! “Hello 911?”.
      Looks like Skip comes from good family.
      Great story, great outcome, and, thanks to the vet and his staff. Well done!

  1. They are a part of the family .. Something you don’t Mess with in Our Family!! Damn straight would have Drove to the Depths of the World n Back Again!!

  2. Good for you that you have your pet your a real trooper I would have done the same I’m happy for you! Kim

  3. Oh happy day when he got him back home with the other family members.
    A special thanks to the Vet who contacted the owner.

    1. Seriously!!!! Now we know what Jerry’s been up to lately. Living “the good life”
      Wonder if anyone has informed Jerry that he has a body-double.

    1. My guess is……better than s_x. Can just imagine the anticipation of the other family members watching for those headlights.

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