Puppies Chucked in Dumpster Raised by Inmates & Find New Homes

“We just call them adorable!”

3.10.15 - dogsinprison

Back in January, these six little puppies had been tossed in a trashcan and left for dead.  Flash forward to now, and they are all headed to new forever homes.

Thanks to a program involving the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society and some inmates at the South Dakota State Penitentiary, there has been someone making sure their transition into new homes will be as smooth as possible.

“It started terrible as we all know,” said South Dakota State Penitentiary Inmate Lance Przybylski.  “When we first saw them, they were a week old and had just been discovered after being thrown away in the cold.”

“It’s so sad, it’s really sad, especially when there’s a shelter so close,” said Sioux Falls Area Humane Society Humane Officer Andy Oestreich.

As soon as they were rescued, they were put into the Paroled Pups Program at the state’s prison.  While there, some inmates learned about what it’s like to have real responsibilities, and how to take care of someone, and the pups got 24 hours a day seven days a week care.

“We were just looking at a picture of how small they were before, and it’s just incredible how big they are and healthy.  For example, this guy here, he’s a little bit more aggressive than the others. He’s kind of the bully,” said inmate Przybylski.

So, after raising them for the past two months, they are ready to say goodbye to their charges, as they make the next step in the journey of life.

“It’s really sinking in, and it’s going to be, it’s going to be difficult,” said Przybylski.

It’s going to be tough to have to watch them go.  But just minutes into being back up for adoption, they found loving forever families.  Also, the inmates get to meet their new charges.  A new crew of pups were brought in, and the inmates get to start the process with a whole new set of furry friends.

82 thoughts on “Puppies Chucked in Dumpster Raised by Inmates & Find New Homes

  1. i hope this dogs are under a lot of survience and not with inmates who would mistreat them.. if someone broke the law they may not have respect for people so we can’t assume they would have respect for dogs.. just saying hope the dogs are protected..

    1. Paul-for the most part-prisons that have these programs also have a screening to get into them. You have to ‘earn’ the right to work with the dogs.

  2. We need more programs like this. People can be rehabilitated, you just have to give them a chance to do good, instead of bad.

  3. Thank You to the inmates/men for caring for these puppies and giving them a great start in life. You have my respect & admiration for all the work you have done and will continue to do! God Bless each and every one of you! 🙂

  4. There should be more inmate/ shelter dog programs. The inmates enrolled in the program can teach basic obedience to the dogs and help get them forever homes

  5. You people are amazing, you freek out over a few dogs but shrug your shoulders to the millions of babies murdered in abortion clinics every year.

    1. Pro Life means all life including dogs and prisoners. Just because someone cares about puppies does not mean they don’t also support Right to Life movements. God gives everyone a different purpose in life. He values all of His creation. Some of us He wills to care for animals; others to work with prisoners, the disabled or the poor. He works in mysterious ways. Do not try to discourage any good done by others for a living thing even if a puppy means little to you. You are working against His purposes by discouraging good deeds in others including caring for a suffering animal.

  6. Oh wow, what a great idea! At least these puppies know love no matter where it comes from. Love this!

  7. Beautiful story…..thank you Humane Society and thank you to those inmates who did a terrific job for these little guys. Really touching.

  8. Such a great idea! So good for the men to have the opportunity to care and nurture. I wonder if they get the puppies together to play and interact with their siblings. Seems like that would be a really positive social opportunity for inmates, too. I love these kinds of programs. Win Win!

  9. Programs like this are all over the US and I thank you all involved for giving the dogs and inmates a chance to help each other. My first service dog came from one of these programs and I saw first hand how wonderful they are and how much they do for all involved…

  10. WTG guys on raising the furbabies to healthy, happy pups 🙂
    (to the person who dumped them..Karma’s a ‘w’itch so beware)
    While these babies were raised as pets.. there are also programs
    where the prisoner starts the assistance animal training/search and rescue process..
    The rewards are many for both furbaby & prisoner.. More facilities need to look into it..

  11. Awww.They should of let them keep them. (And I doubt these were serious offenders, they don’t let them fraternize like this. I hardly think they would allow serial killers to play on the floor with puppies and other inmates.)

  12. Programs like this benefit abused and abandoned puppies and dogs and the inmates. Dogs are amazing animals that bring out the good in people. I wish more programs like this existed. States wouldn’t have to euthanize so many dogs.

  13. Someone who can put a living creature in the trash where they will starve, suffocate or be crushed to death is a worthless pile of sewage and deserves brain herpes.

  14. such a good program! Dogs and inmates benefit from this. I just feel bad for the momma, she doesn’t know where her babies are, and if she didn’t get to nurse them she probably got mastitis or worse :/

  15. These programs need to be implemented in ever jail/prison in the country. Teaching inmates responsibility while saving shelter animals’ lives. It’s a win-win!

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