Community Organizes Funeral for Beloved Stray Dog

Niño Andrade cared for everyone. He would walk neighbors home whenever they stayed out late partying. “Everyone loved him, he was our guardian.”

For ten years, a stray dog named Niño Andrade, roamed the streets of Las Colinas neighborhood, in Sincelejo, Colombia. During all this time, the dog became the neighborhood’s favorite pet. Even though he had no home or specific owner, he belonged to everyone and everyone loved him. On April 20, 2015, Niño Andrade crossed the rainbow bridge and the community came together to honor him.

Niño Andrade
Niño Andrade


No one knows for sure how the stray passed away. Locals say poison took the dog’s life. Witnesses recall seeing the beloved four-legged friend stumbling down the street before passing out and never again getting up.

After a neighbor confirmed Niño Andrade had died, his body was picked up and laid in a cardboard box cushioned by blankets. He was moved under the usual mango tree where the stray took his daily siesta. Soon, neighbors approached the tree to pay their respects, bring flowers and say their last good-byes.

Niño Andrade at the funeral altar community members made for him.
Niño Andrade at the funeral altar community members made for him.


Ismael Vergara told El Heraldo the community dog cared for everyone. “When we stayed out late drinking, he would walk us all home. Everyone loved him, he was our guardian.”

When the clock stroke 12:30 p.m., Niño Andrade was buried on the grounds of a local farm on the outskirts of the city.

You will forever be remembered.

141 thoughts on “Community Organizes Funeral for Beloved Stray Dog

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    1. Geez!!! I hope not. Doesn’t look like anyone took care of this pup. He’s supposedly 10 years old, and he looks emaciated. This story sucks. I thought it was going to be a nice story. It wasn’t!!!

  2. Why didn’t somebody take him into their home and give him a safe place to sleep and eat.he was surviving on the streets.he would be alive today.

  3. That’s pathetic. For 10 years no one had the heart to give him a home? Sure they fed him here and there but dogs need to socialize, play and be cared for. Most of all no one “loved him”. This story sucks.

  4. In ten years no one took him into their home and took care of him?? Maybe then he wouldn’t have been poisoned… Shameful

  5. bless his heart. what a wonderful tribute the community bestowed upon him. The thought that he was poisoned breaks my heart though. Run free and happy now that you’ve crossed the rainbow bridge. You will be remembered Nino Andrade <3

  6. Every one loved him but no one gave him a forever home–couldn’t have loved him that much-didn’t love him enough—just threw him in a box–my heart breaks for him—-not them—-

  7. Lot of stray dogs in colombia like to live as strays lots of people try to rehomed them but they scape we use to have a stray dog in a neighborhood that he just loved to be free and live outside and he scape all the time from my neighbor home but everyone feed him and respect him

  8. And also noticed that where he was is a very poor comunity, in our countries we dont trow our strays in shelters to be killed we have a lot of strays in poor neighborhoods and people feed them isnt that good enough?

    1. Pau, I understand you completely because I come from a community like that. What these people did for the dog is a very nice gesture.

  9. Leah I’m thinking your baby will be ready to come home on Thursday, he’ll be 6weeks but at this point lily isn’t even feeding them anymore they’ve been eating on their own for almost two weeks so we can give it a try and see how he does with you,

  10. It is so hard to say goodbye! This was a wonderful tribute. RIP sweetheart 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  11. Everyone loved him but no one bothered to offer their home. They had so many years to make that happen. Where’s the love in that?

    1. Lenie – I agree. Who the hell submitted the “subject” for this article. Did that person think we would applaud this community?!? This story is heartbreaking.

      1. Your community and theirs HAS to be different. When you come from a poor background, the scraps you give the dog to eat, RIGHT there ALONE is sacrifice. They could be eating it, or saving it for tomorrow but instead they chose to share it with Nino. No one even bothered to think of where this community is how people live there. But SOO quick to throw stones because he wasn’t offered a home. It sucks to be a non-cultured person!

        1. Vee – You are delusional!!! So poor??? Wonder how much that poison cost. Sorry it sucks to be a “non-cultured person”.

  12. So sad to see him in what was probably the only “BED” he ever had! Think about this: When we see a stray dog or cat why don’t we give/try to find them a home?? And the same is true for people too: why can’t we find room for them?? We are on this Earth to care for & love each other! So simple, so easy: Why are so many lost??

  13. if everybody loves him how come nobody adopted him …so sad…i got dogs this really makes me really really sad.

  14. If everyone loved him, why didn’t one of those people adopt him. Every dog should have an owner!! It died of poison?? This is very sad!

  15. Well i agree ith alot on here u could of brought him into ur home till his last day of life what u did for him yes it nice but not nice enough to have him live out side for 10 years i would bring any stray in and did anyone feed him he looks like a puppy

  16. Such a tiny little one , why didn’t someone open your hearts and take him in for 10 years this little guy was homeless. How sad and now everyone comes together to give him a funeral wouldn’t it have been so much better to have given him a FUR-EVER HOME …. This makes me cry for this Animal loss of the love and Family he could have had ….May now that he has crossed over to The Rainbow Bride that he is with his new found Loving Family …..

  17. Very sad, but if they loved him so much why didn’t someone offer him a warm place to sleep with guaranteed meals? A home would have been nice. But at least they cared enough to honour him I guess. RIP little guy, run free over that rainbow bridge <3

  18. Little one deserved all the love and attention the community gave him and now he is in a great place of love, happiness and protection.

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