Community Organizes Funeral for Beloved Stray Dog

Niño Andrade cared for everyone. He would walk neighbors home whenever they stayed out late partying. “Everyone loved him, he was our guardian.”

For ten years, a stray dog named Niño Andrade, roamed the streets of Las Colinas neighborhood, in Sincelejo, Colombia. During all this time, the dog became the neighborhood’s favorite pet. Even though he had no home or specific owner, he belonged to everyone and everyone loved him. On April 20, 2015, Niño Andrade crossed the rainbow bridge and the community came together to honor him.

Niño Andrade
Niño Andrade


No one knows for sure how the stray passed away. Locals say poison took the dog’s life. Witnesses recall seeing the beloved four-legged friend stumbling down the street before passing out and never again getting up.

After a neighbor confirmed Niño Andrade had died, his body was picked up and laid in a cardboard box cushioned by blankets. He was moved under the usual mango tree where the stray took his daily siesta. Soon, neighbors approached the tree to pay their respects, bring flowers and say their last good-byes.

Niño Andrade at the funeral altar community members made for him.
Niño Andrade at the funeral altar community members made for him.


Ismael Vergara told El Heraldo the community dog cared for everyone. “When we stayed out late drinking, he would walk us all home. Everyone loved him, he was our guardian.”

When the clock stroke 12:30 p.m., Niño Andrade was buried on the grounds of a local farm on the outskirts of the city.

You will forever be remembered.

141 thoughts on “Community Organizes Funeral for Beloved Stray Dog

  1. they might of loved the poor dog but apparently not enough to give him/her a home. Why didn’t someone give it a home & take it off the street? At least now it has a good home up in heaven where it’ll be loved.

  2. So they let him walk the streets and scavenge for food all his life then they all come together to grieve after the poor soul passes. Assholes!!!

  3. Great community that let him be a stray for 10 years. That sucks if you ask me. Now they want praise for honoring his death. I don’t think so

  4. I have been to Colombia, there are stray dogs and homeless kids everywhere. The dogs are actually fed by the people even they don’t have much themselves…don’t judge.

  5. Here is something to consider …. all of you who are complaining how this dog was a stray all those years….let me ask you one question (and for those who do I apologize, but I doubt if any of those complaining does) …. do you send $$ periodically to help homeless dogs in other countries or do you just sit and wait for an opportunity to jump and judge people and their situations you have no idea about what they go through daily or do ………why don’t each of you get off your pampered “butts” and do something to help them instead …… there’s a saying … judge not lest thee be judged ………….. I’m not judging anyone but I can tell you I am so sick and tired of the attitude of some people (who complain and don’t help) in this so called most educated country (USA) ….. those who all they do is only complain……it’s disgusting

    1. NO!!! YOU go away!!! Most (well almost) everyone here loves animals… yes, we WILL complain. Why do YOU consider that “disgusting”?!?

  6. I m happy at least he had funeral but, he never got a home or guaranteed meals :,(… poor fellow needed a bigger box too! He looks very uncomfortable in that small box…my heart feels bad for him. RIP sweet doggy!

  7. Rest in peace, precious angel. I wish you had been given a home and lots of love in your short life. You deserved better.

  8. I’m surprised that “Lifewithdogs” printed this article.
    And,….posting the pics of this poor, sweet creature makes sick at heart.
    Shame on you!!!

  9. Very sad, God Bless this pup and keep him safe – it’s sad that us as humans allow these stray dogs and cats to roam the earth with no care – its the human race to blame – Shame on us !!!


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