Dog Accidentally Buried Alive Digs Her Way Out of Her Grave

“She’s a true miracle dog and she deserves a good life,” Sara Mellado said.

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Sure, zombies are all the rage, but zombie dogs?  This sounds like something straight out of The Walking Dead.  But it really happened.

About a month ago, a stray Washington dog was struck by a car.  Because she was so badly injured, someone attempted a mercy killing and buried her.  However, Theia wasn’t dead, and actually dug herself out of her grave.   And there’s even more to this amazing story!

Theia is a neighborhood dog in the Moses Lake area of Washington state.  She belongs to no one, but residents look out for her and give her food.  In February, she was struck by a car and left for dead.  One of the neighbors believed nothing could be done, and to put her out of her misery, they struck her on the head with a hammer and buried her.

Four days later, residents were stunned to see Theia wandering the streets, wagging her tail and looking for help.

“Considering everything that she’s been through, she’s incredibly gentle and loving,” Sara Mellado told KHQ.  “She’s a true miracle dog and she deserves a good life.”


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Sara, who took the poor dog in after reading about her sad story on Facebook, asked a friend to take her to Washington State University’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital for treatment.  After learning what happened, the hospital’s Good Samaritan Fund committee decided to donate $700 toward Theia’s care.

Even though Theia arrived at the hospital with a caved-in sinus cavity, dislocated jaw, and leg injuries, she has been an absolute delight.  Her tail wags constantly and she showers everyone she meets with kisses.  She’s so cheery that most don’t even know there’s anything wrong with her.  Until she sleeps, that is.

A CT scan showed that she has nasopharyngeal stenosis from the hammer strike, which restricts Theia’s airflow.  Because of this, she is unable to sleep very well.

“From what I’ve been able to piece together from talking to him and other people who had contact with Theia, her injuries to the sinus cavity were caused by hammer blows to her head,” Mellado said. “I’m assuming that the person who did this meant to put her out of her misery, but I’m still horrified by the carelessness of the act.”


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To correct this problem, Theia must undergo surgery where doctors will insert a stent to help her breathe.  The operation is expensive, so an online fundraiser was launched with a $10,000 goal.  Because of so much news coverage, over $16,000 has been raised in a month!  Mellado was flabbergasted by the overwhelming amount of support, and kindly thanked her benefactors.

“First, I want to say thanks again for all the support and donations. I really cannot say thank you enough! I have received many e-mails and inquiries regarding her adoption and I wanted to say that I have not yet placed her into a home. Right now my first priority is making sure she receives the medical treatment and care and is on the mend before sending her to her forever home. I have saved all the inquiries and plan on e-mailing as many people as I can back with updates and information. I plan on starting a Facebook page as well since I also receive many inquiries about keeping updated on her progress. I will also do my best to post additional donation options such as donations to WSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital. A trust will also be created in her name to cover all medical expenses and her expenses going forward and once is all said in done, all left over proceeds WILL be paid forward.

“Again, I cannot say thank you enough! This is all so generous and just absolutely amazing and I will admit that tears of joy and appreciation have flowed a few times in the last couple days.”


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108 thoughts on “Dog Accidentally Buried Alive Digs Her Way Out of Her Grave

  1. Glad this dog is doing well. The person who hit her on the head with a hammer to end her misery should have instead took her to the vet to be humanely euthanized if he really wanted to help the dog.

  2. Great dog, stupid “person” with the hammer….who could even attempt that.?A needle at the vet is the right way to put a dog out of its misery.

  3. Amazing !! I hope she lives longer! No thanks to the person who hammered her on the head and buried her!

  4. How do u accidentally bury something alive I don’t get it? It doesn’t move for an hr so u bury it in a hole???

  5. Calling it a “mercy killing” is very reckless and should in no way be what people should think is the right thing to do. That was not mercy, but the very opposite. You rush an animal to a vet to have them assessed and if there is no other option you have them humanely euthanized. Now the only permanent injury this poor dog has to suffer from isn’t from the car accident, it’s from the head trauma. I am so upset about this. I cannot believe others are reacting so mildly to this story. All I can say is, if you are ever in an accident, I hope this “merciful” person isn’t there to “help” you.

    1. I absolutely agree. It takes a certain kind of person to hit an injured animal on the head several times with a hammer and Mercy has nothing to do with it.

    2. I agree with you Megan! Can’t believe someone hit this dog with a hammer…take em to the vet for crying out loud. What is being done about these stray dogs….this is the USA not Russia …

  6. Why on earth would anyone not take the poor animal straight to the vet!?! Poor baby. Glad she’s getting help and hopefully soon a new home.

  7. How about finding the bastard that used a hammer and hammer the person in the head and then dig a 6 feet hole and bury that person.

  8. So that’s what they call it when a lazy asshole uncaring piece of shit does something stupid? Mercy? Sick. What are they going to call people that do dog fighting? Promoters? People suck.

  9. Guess that butt hole was a vet. Which they could dignose she was too bad to save. Look at her now! That person should be hit with a hammer.

  10. Poor little girl. Wow. No way that was an attempt at “helping”. Nobody could do that with the idea that it was the best thing. People do awful things to dogs everyday. And still, she’s (they are) happy, loving, and affectionate.

  11. I’m so glad she’s going to he ok. Not thanks to the moron with the hammer! Why would any decent human being think that was a good idea? Unbelievable stupidity and heartlessness. Poor dog.

  12. What an amazing story, and what a wonderful dog. Blessings on all of you who are caring for her — and on all her potential adopters..

  13. The guy who hit her with hammer should be put behind bars…what was he thinking…he actually tried to kill her..that is stupid!!

  14. What the fuck is wrong with us humans take the dog to a vet im glad this beautiful dog survived i prefer animals to humans any time

  15. I hope this sweetie goes on to have a good life. No words vile enough to describe the scum who did this to her. X

  16. Someone thought she was beyond help and hit her on the head with a hammer…God almighty, if they know who this moron is please charge them with extreme animal abuse and ensure they go to jail. They very obviously should have taken the dog to the vet…f…ing idiot!!!

  17. What is wrong with the humans race take the dog to a vet im glad this beautiful dog survived i prefer animals to humans any time any day!!!!!!

  18. All those people in the neighborhood could not take her in? I would have and done it many many times and saved about 13 dogs off the street and found the owners or new homes or took them to the shelter… don’t let a poor dog running around free!!!!!!! That’s just as cruel as abusing an animal.

  19. A hammer?!?!?!?! REALLY!?!?!?!?! What an asshole! There are shelters everywhere!! Why didn’t this idiot bring her to one???? Now they’ve caused her all this terror & pain 🙁 Imagine being buried alive….OMG

  20. I wonder if the same idiot who hit and ran over her is the same monster who hit her to kill her. I hope they look for to find the “killer beast” and I pray that whoever did that cruel deed will die, because they are dangerous and a threat to us all. Animals matter and we are to take “good care” of the animals!

  21. The person who used the hammer on the dog should have to pay the vet bill and do some jail time!! Yes, he/she may have thought they were ending the suffering of the injured dog, or they are just that super CRUEL and STUPID (A hammer to the head~Really????)!!! Whatever the case, he/she should never take any object to an animal, leave the Vet determine what the injuries are, (and if dead or alive), and then handle it in a professional way!!!!!!!!!! So happy she is doing well now!!

  22. Is the person who decided to kill this dog with a hammer a licensed Vet? They caused more harm than good. She should of been brought to a Vet to be checked out and humanely euthanized if necessary, and not by hammer!!! Glad this dog has pulled though, hopefully she will be able to adopted by loving family.

  23. To put an injured creature ‘ out of it’s misery ‘ you smash it with a hammer ???? ……..whoever the imbecile is that did this horrific deed is , I sincerely hope he/she is satisfied with a job ‘ not well done ‘ ……..

  24. Sarah’ I agree! Screw d driver in d car, n screw d person with d hammer!!! Remember… GOD DON’T WEAR PJ’S!!!

  25. the person that hit her with the hammer should be hit themselves with a hammer so they know what it feels like (sheer ignorance and no conscious)

  26. The poor sweetie. She deserves nothing but the best. Sending her much love and hope she’s finds a loving forever home! ❤️

  27. That person who hit Thea with the hammer needs to be hit in the head a few times with the same hammer! That is an act of a psycho!

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