Dog Joins Fellow Gang Members on Ground During Arrest

“We tried to make him leave, but he didn’t want to,” said Officer Fabio.

4.9.15 - brazil arrest

During a police raid on a home in Florianpolis, Brazil a dog that was on the premises did something a bit unusual.  When all of the suspects were ordered to the ground by the police, the dog got down on the ground to be arrested with his “fellow gang members.”

Piloto is the name of the dog in the photo.  Here you can see him on the ground alongside one of the men.  He then rolled over on to his back in a submissive gesture.

Once news of the arrests and the photo of the dog hit local and international news sources and social networking sites all over the internet, it went viral very quickly.

Officer Teily Fabio with the Santa Catarina police told news outlets that at first the dog was barking.  Then when they ordered the suspects to the ground, the dog followed suit and pretty much refused to move.

“We tried to make him leave, but he didn’t want to,” he said.

According to animal psychiatrist and dog trainer Barnie Rico, the dog was showing submission to the officers when they issued the command.

“By exposing its soft underbelly to any potential attacker, it is showing that it doesn’t mean any trouble,” said Rico.

42 thoughts on “Dog Joins Fellow Gang Members on Ground During Arrest

  1. He felt the energy from his owners and knew something was wrong. Hope he is now safe along people that aren’t comiting crimes.

  2. I made a comment on a local news feed in my area that “US cops would have shot the dog” and everyone lost their damn minds, lol..

  3. Is there any update about what happened to the dog after the raid? I’d really like to know if he’s safe. 🙂

  4. They ain’t gang members they were busted for selling drugs and cooking them jajajaja but that a loyal boy right there he ain’t gonna snitch on no one awww♡♡♡

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