Dog Survives Stab Wound Defending Owner from Thief

Dicon suffered a stab wound while protecting his owner from a thief. The dog almost bled to death, but a Facebook post and animal lovers saved his life.

Would you jump in front of your dog to protect your pet if you knew someone wanted to stab or shoot him? We all say we would, but would we really? Our pets risk their lives all the time to protect us, and a dog from Argentina just proved that to save his owner.

Dicon is a dog from Rio Negro, Argentina, and on April 26, 2015, he almost died defending his owner. On Sunday morning, around 6 a.m. a thief broke into Gloria’s house, Dicon’s owner, while she and her two sons were asleep. The loyal dog heard the thief enter the house and went to investigate. The pet’s barks awoke Gloria who followed the dog.

Dicon recovering at the veterinary clinic.
Dicon recovering at the veterinary clinic.


When Gloria went to see why her dog was on the alert, she saw an armed man stabbing her loyal dog and fleeing the home.

Gloria was scared for her life, her son’s and her dog’s. The pet owner had undergone recent surgery and had limited mobility but as she could, she reached a phone and called police.

Even though officers took a while to arrive at the residence they were able to identify the criminal and apprehend him. However, Dicon laid on the floor bleeding to death, and even though Gloria pleaded with the officers to take her dog to a veterinary clinic, the officers refused.

Dicon before he was taken to the vet.
Dicon before he was taken to the vet.


The woman then took to Facebook to ask for help and before noon, neighbors and animal lovers arrived at the home to take Dicon to a veterinarian and save his life.

The loyal dog arrived at the clinic in critical condition, but he has since healed and made a remarkable recovery. He is expected to go home soon.

56 thoughts on “Dog Survives Stab Wound Defending Owner from Thief

  1. Hell yes. Make a move towards one of my dogs and I couldn’t stop myself from dropping you like a bag of hammers.

  2. They need to stab the person who did that to this dog. Not a fatal stab but one just so that they can feel what they did to this dog.

  3. god bless u Dicon-u r special–and yes I would lay my life down for my dog Jake or my Bird-Baby-and no one is gona hurt my 12 barn kitties if i can help it

  4. I wouldn’t need to think about it; I’d just do it. My dogs (and cats) are my kids. End of story.

  5. The officers were probably at the donut shop. Had to hurry and go back for seconds the reason they didn’t care about her fur baby. So happy it’s going to be OK.

  6. Shame on the police for not helping. Karma for them. Glad you Dog will be ok. Animals love unconditionally and always will.

  7. I had a very large pit bull charge out of their yard onto a street that I was walking my dog – on a leash – and I didn’t hesitate to put myself between that aggressive pit and my sweet girl. It stopped just short when I swung at it with my stick but I don’t know what would have happened if I didn’t have the damn big stick in my hand…

  8. People criticize social media such as Facebook but I think it has a real place in today’s world enabling people to reach out and help strangers in need. Well done Dicon, speedy recovery.

  9. I did. when some ass**** tried to run my dog with motor bike, I pushed him. there’s a lawsuit for running a human with bike on purpose, so I dare him in front of everyone and gave him a hard kick :p

  10. There have been several instances where Facebook has helped a cause. We can do so much if we really want to make a difference! We are “backlash”

  11. Good job little pup now find an charge to prick Who brought this foolishness on .. KARMA is gonna get you !

  12. I have, stupid idiot shot and killed my dog on my property, I shot and killed his pickup which was on my property, he s–t himself, and ran. The truck is still there, I use it for target practice.

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