Extremely Neglected Bonded Pair Rescued

“These pictures show what some grooming and TLC can do for two wonderful dogs.”

4.9.15 - Extremely Neglected Bonded Pair Rescued1


Many dogs in this condition would be terrified of human touch because of the amount of pain they are in from their matted fur.  But behind the hair, you can see the happy smile of this senior dog, who knows that she’s being helped.  Now this Virginia gal and her sister are ready for a home together.


4.9.15 - Extremely Neglected Bonded Pair Rescued2


This comes from the Danville Area Humane Society:

A big lesson to be learned here — Companion animals are a life-time commitment. That commitment and responsibility lasts through any hardship or change in circumstance. It doesn’t mean that if a family member is allergic to them, you must make that family member sick. It means you do not throw the companion animal outside to be ignored. You do the right thing and find them a loving home!


4.9.15 - Extremely Neglected Bonded Pair Rescued3


We investigated a complaint and found these two dogs outside. We seized them, but the owner opted to release them to us. These pictures show what some grooming and TLC can do for two wonderful dogs. (They were absolutely joyful after the hair was clipped and shaved.) These two girls are ten years old and are available for adoption. They absolutely, positively must be adopted together.


4.9.15 - Extremely Neglected Bonded Pair Rescued4


These girls are at the DAHS, which is located at 996 South Boston Road in Danville, Virginia.  If you are interested in adopting, please call 434-799-0843 or email [email protected].


32 thoughts on “Extremely Neglected Bonded Pair Rescued

  1. i dont understand how people can live with there selfs knowing they have treated a dog like this. i just wounder how they would feel if they were treated like that. it just makes me sick to see how STUPID people are. they need to be put out side and hung up for every body to throw stones at them and whip them with a razor blade whip. and see how they like that

    1. Deborah, you’re a lot nicer than I would be. I wouldn’t waste my time on so called ‘humans’ like that. One shot straight to the heart! 🙂

  2. What if someone did that two you what if you where a dog what would you do if that was you soul you be beatin up with what you are

  3. What must these people think of themselves. Certainly can’t be vey high regard.
    Must be short in the respect column! What people are people do!

  4. This makes me mad that there are people that can do such horrible things to animals.
    Thank god for people that take the time to rescue and help these poor babies.
    Thank you Danville Area Humane Society!!!

  5. I fostered a dog who looked like this when she was rescued. I adopted her when her court case closed. She’s beautiful and her name is Sami

  6. Please support your local shelter animals by volunteering with your local reputable rescues and humane societies – they cannot pull animals without fosters/sponsors/volunteers to help.

  7. So good to see a happy ending! This dog will know love before her time comes! God bless.
    facebook.com/helpsavemansbestfriend 🙂 🙂 🙂

  8. Tsk I want to smash their owner face with a mallet tsk makes me furious, but they’re safe now hope they’ll find a forever home

  9. Just when I think I can’t stand to look at another post about animal neglect and abuse…sometimes you just want to SCREAM!

  10. glad she was helped I thought that my two dogs had matts got them both cut for spring they were long but not this bad

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