German Shepherds Being Big Goofballs

Not all dogs love the garden hose this much! If you have a silly shepherd, show us in the comments section.


German shepherds are known for being incredibly intelligent and fiercely protective.  But they can also be quite silly and entertaining.  Here’s a compilation video of a bunch of silly shepherds – the slap fight with the cat is especially funny!



Always be very cautious while having children around dogs, particularly when feeding.  Some dogs are fine with sharing their food bowls with babies, but others can snap without notice if they are not comfortable having people or animals around their food.  Know your animals and use discretion.


52 thoughts on “German Shepherds Being Big Goofballs

  1. Some of this isn’t very funny….allowing the little girl to constantly pull the food away is not too smart…nor is the man holding the puppies legs so he can’t defend himself!

  2. Some of the stuff was funny but I won’t share this video BC there is too much bad behavior on the part of the people that can result in a bite and death sentence for the dog.

  3. Shadow is my 9 month old lab/shepherd mix! She’s incredibly sweet but if she senses something wrong with you she’ll let you know you need to back off!

  4. Branka Dzalto all the more exciting for you when you come back home…at least it won’t be wet weather and you won’t see the real mess he makes in the backyard :p lol

  5. Sorry but I didn’t get past the first video. i felt very sorry for that cat and I would have removed him/her if s/her were mine.

  6. That little puppy on his back being held is being tortured! The hose was held on the JR too long so as to be cruel to him, Water hose should never be shot straight at the mouth of the dog, always downward . You can drown a dog that way! The two idiots on that boat knew the dog was going to jump or they wouldn’t have been filming it. Could have ended badly! Stupid risk of a dogs life for some film. Nothing funny or even cute here. I’ve been raising breeding training and showing as well as enjoying dogs since 1967. Non of these people would qualify for a puppy from me!

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