Gus REALLY Wants an Indoor Pool

And why shouldn’t we all have an indoor pool?


Gus really, REALLY wants an indoor pool.  Who wouldn’t?  Despite his mother’s protests, he is going to make his dream a reality.  Of course, mom is so amused by his antics that she only half-heartedly discourages him.



Wendy Phillips knows just how Gus’ mom feels, and posted a photo of her pup with the caption, “It’s a bulldog thing.”


4.26.15 - Gus REALLY Wants an Indoor Pool2


Here are some other dogs who aren’t happy with their pool placement, either.





To see more of Gus’ silliness:


79 thoughts on “Gus REALLY Wants an Indoor Pool

  1. Mahina dragged a coconut through the doggy door once… That was pretty funny…Blue dragged himself through the doggy door while wearing the “cone of shame”…Dogs are so entertaining…:-)

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