Heaven… Just Heaven

It wouldn’t even feel right to get a paycheck for this job.


What’s your idea of a dream vacation?  Sunbathing in a tropical paradise?  Cozying up by a fire in the mountains during the peak of leaf change?   OR – hanging out with a whole lotta dogs at a pool?  Ahh, this is the life!



48 thoughts on “Heaven… Just Heaven

  1. I would rather swim in a pool with a bunch of dogs than a bunch of kids because I’m sure dogs don’t pee in pools.

  2. I think Christine Losecaat and Simon Simon Ludgate might like this little film as much as I do. When I win the lottery I too shall have a swimming pool for all my dogs

  3. Pretty close….we are putting in a new pool with a sun deck in the pool….easier for them to get in and out…cmon down and see for yourself. you have to give me your address so I can invite you to our little celebration next winter.. You and your hubby will probably enjoy getting away…

  4. I’ve seen this video a million times but there’s something abt it that keeps me coming back for more.

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