Hundreds of Deputies Trained to NOT Shoot Dogs

“Officers are shown how read the character and personality of the dog. If the officer has time, he can make a better decision.”



In San Antonio, Texas 450 sheriffs’ deputies are gathering up to train specifically in what to do when encountering an aggressive dog.  The training comes after much public outcry over police officers shooting dogs during raids and busts.

Sergeant Steve Amerson calls the training a refresher course.  It’s very similar to the training that the officers went through roughly four years ago.

“It’s a refresher, and it also seems like this is a hot topic. Officers involved shootings with canines is on the forefront,” said Sgt. Amerson.

This training will reinforce what they have already learned.  Also it gives officers some options when it comes to dogs, so there should be less shootings of innocent dogs.  Amerson said it’s all about reading the dog body language and personality.

“Officers are shown how read the character and personality of the dog.  If the officer has time, he can make a better decision.  Whether it’s worth it to go further into the path of where he’s going or should just walk back out,” he said.

The training will continue through August to get all 450 officers trained.  The 450 deputies, once fully trained, will leave the Bexar County Sheriffs’ Training Grounds and pass the information around to all of their fellow officers.  Once everyone is trained and ready to go, there should be far fewer tragic stories of dogs being needlessly shot and killed during a police operation.

107 thoughts on “Hundreds of Deputies Trained to NOT Shoot Dogs

  1. They need it otherwise find another profession and get the right address while your at it, Dogs being shot that weren’t even involved, pitiful.

  2. Could save a cops life, I GUARANTEE if a cop shoots my dog, he is a dead POS, may take me weeks or years but that bastard will die.

  3. it’s about time. Grateful to my local PD for not shooting my dog when he broke out of the yard during the week before July 4. Some kids shooting fireworks, some ended up in yard while he was out and he tore through the fence and ran in a frenzy up/down street terrifying kids just due to his fear (did not attack anyone). Cops came and cornered him and were ready to shoot him when he saw an open door to police car and jumped in. Luckily I got home about 15 minutes later, found out what was going on and was able to retrieve him – still in the back of their car. He DID look dangerous and was acting unpredictable but as soon as I told the cops about the fireworks I found in the yard, and seeing how he had settled, they let me take him. I walked him up to the officers where they could pet him and saw he wasn’t a threat. It could have ended so badly, but thank God he had officers that weren’t trigger happy.
    BTW – I have a doggy door at my house, dogs can stay inside and are not just left out all day.

  4. Wonderful. They always say in a crisis or high stress situation they fall back on training. So makes sense to train officers to quickly assess how to reach the most peaceful solution. After all, wouldn’t killing a loved one, animal or human, just put the officer in danger of an emotionally charged retaliation?

  5. This is fantastic news! Keep our doggies safe as they are just trying to keep us, and their home, safe. Keep it moving and be THE example for other states to follow. Thank you for making my day and for making a difference. All doggies lives matter. 🙂

  6. not ALL cops are a-holes you know,in fact i’m willing to bet there’s plenty of cops out there who would put themselves in harm’s way to protect U and UR family. think about that.

  7. So thankful for this training and the Officers that place themselves in harms way every day to protect my family including my loudmouth dogs.

  8. Whew thank God hope all the cops would be trained not to shoot dogs… Especially if the dog isn’t aggressive at all that’s traumatizing for me

  9. Crazy to simply just shoot “just because!” Any dog will bark ans protect it’s territory not because he’s bad but simply because it’s his territory.

  10. To most it’s a joke …cops who think their strong at animals Abuse are just pricks who don’t have one bit of a heart !

  11. according to the cops ALL DOGS and ALL PEOPLE are “considered” to be aggressive… stupid training fro psychos and bad attitudes and NRA followers

  12. Its about time! I watch some ass hole cops shoot a beautiful dog last year on the net,If i saw that in person they would have to me also!

  13. I think the public outcry was about them shooting dogs that were not even aggressive. Many gentle family pets. But it’s a good start.

  14. Nah – it’s a feel-good exercise. Look at the weasel language in the release. “If the officer has time”, for example.

    It should probably start with: ” this is a criminal. A criminal stands up on its hind legs, carries a weapon that can be detached from an upper extremity, and vocalizes in an finite array of distinct sound blocks called “words”. The weapon has one purpose and one purpose only: to kill you. Shoot at will.

    This is a dog. It travels on all fours, vocalizes in a limited range of sound units called ” barks “, and carries no single-purpose weaponry.”. We are sorry, officers, but you *will* have to disconnect your testicles from your thinking parts in order to manage this situation effectively. Counselors will be available afterward.

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