Man Trains Dog to Be Unofficial Greeter at Local Store

“Now everybody wants to take him home – four months ago, nobody wanted him.”

When Steve Moore adopted Jackson less than a month ago from a local shelter, Moore couldn’t believe nobody wanted him.  Jackson sat at the shelter for four months before Moore came around.  Now, less than a month into being with his new forever family, he’s already not only amazing his humans, but some of the locals as well.  Jackson has been trained to stay outside of a store and wait for Moore to return to get him back to the vehicle.  The best part is he will NOT leave with anyone but Moore.  What a good boy!

38 thoughts on “Man Trains Dog to Be Unofficial Greeter at Local Store

  1. Great dog, great story, but I’m not sure I would trust that someone wouldn’t come up and bribe him with food and take him because he’s such a great dog.

  2. I will have to unfollow this website . For some reason it is the only website that I’m not able to play the videos, it is sooo slow that is imposible to enjoy it.

  3. Great story but not in today’s world where people are stealing and poisoning pets. It’s just a gimmick. Why do people feel above the law and just do what they want?

  4. I’ve had many Golden Retrievers in my love and I absolutely love them. The sweetest dogs ever. Hard to believe a beautiful boy like Jackson sat in a shelter for so long.

  5. This is not a cute article. It is horrifying. Leaving a defenseless dog outside a store is the height of irresponsibility, neglect and stupidity. You NEVER EVER leave your dog unattended when out in public. ALL kinds of horrible things could happen. Would you leave a one year old baby outside a store while you went shopping? Then you shouldn’t leave a dog. Just terrible what this guy is doing.

  6. Cool story, beautiful dog, not so smart owner. Too many sick people out there will offer sick treats or try to pick up dog and steal him. Much safer for all, that the dog stays home if you need to shop!

  7. I could leave my 140lb bullmastiff, Grendel, alone on busy streets in Brooklyn. He would not take food from strangers, and would NOT leave without me. One time I was in a small card/stationary store in the Park Slope district of Brooklyn. I was in there for about 45 minutes, having told Grendel to “stay”. While in the store, I over-heard several people mention to another person, “did you see that big dog sitting just outside the door to the store? He is so impressive, and so well behaved.” And a little girl, about 7-8 years old is telling her mother, “Mommy I petted the nice doggy. He is so nice.”
    I was getting steady feedback on his behaviour. knew that Grendel was trustworthy, gentle with kids, and would not leave without me. Yet, as soon as my foot stepped outside of the store, without a word from me, Grendel was instantly at my side in the heel position. He had been so intently watching for me, that it was almost seemless, as if I hadn’t even been gone. I miss Grendel so much. He lived to 13 years old, which is old for a bullmastiff.
    Training a dog to tolerate such distractions at an early age is one of the best things you can do.

  8. theres pros and cons to this story, first and foremost,its always heart warming to know people take the time and effort and cost to adopt a pet, and to know they will have a good home and owner. however, I, like this guy trust my dog completely around strangers , until 1 day a coworker said my dog went after him,i take him to work with me on Fridays, I don’t believe my dog went after him,because I was right there in the same room, but ,my back was to them, never heard a growl,not even a noise that my dog had moved an inch, but the mere suggestion annoyed me. then of course, theres the law , how long before a cop with a mission comes along and fines him for a dog at large,even though hes just sitting there he’s still considered at large.

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