Photo Contributes to Adoption After Five-Year Shelter Stay

After his photo went viral on Facebook, Chester has a new home.

4.7.15 - Chester Photo


Chester, as seen the the photo above, finally has a forever home.  After a five year stint at a shelter (that’s 36 in dog years!), and partly thanks to this very photo that seemed to take the internet and social media sites by storm, Chester’s long wait, is finally over.

The North Fork Animal Welfare League on Long Island, New York posted Chester’s photo just this past Wednesday to their Facebook page.  His adorable little face and sad eyes accompany a sign saying, assumed in his own words:

“Why doesn’t anybody want me?  I’ve been waiting 5 years.  Everyone at the shelter tells me what a good boy I am.  So why has no one adopted me?  I promise to be good and love my new family.  Please maybe you are my new family.  I sit and wait for you to come.” – Chester

After gaining a full head of steam in the way of over 2,800 “likes” and 20,000 “shares” on the Facebook page alone, that very Friday, Good Friday to some around the world, Chester had a new family.

Here he is in a photo from a Facebook post on The North Fork Animal Welfare League’s page enjoying Easter Sunday with his new family in Michigan.

4.7.15 - Chester FEAT


Chester got to celebrate a beautiful Sunday afternoon with his new forever family.  It would seem by the look of things that Chester is definitely settling in quite well.


4.7.15 - Chester BODY3



Relaxing on the deck with his new folks, enjoying the sunny day and taking a snooze were just some of the various activities he got to enjoy in his new freedom.



4.7.15 - Chester BODY2


Chester looks like he’s very happy, and comfortable, at his new home.  What an awesome Easter gift for a dog that spent far too long without a family of his own.


4.7.15 - Chester BODY1


At all kinds of local shelters and rescues, there are far too many dogs and cats that need a forever family.  So please remember, we here at Life With Dogs always say, don’t shop, adopt.  Just like Chester here, maybe even in your hometown, an animal is waiting for you to come and get them out of there, and show them what the true meaning of love and family really are.

254 thoughts on “Photo Contributes to Adoption After Five-Year Shelter Stay

    1. Glad this put got adopted, but seriously thearat puppy has not been alive for five years
      But it worked.LOL

  1. Love this story. There’s lots of great dogs still waiting for adoption so please, don’t buy from breeders and puppy mills! Adopt your new best friend from your local shelter and give those with stories like this one a happy ending.

  2. make me tear my heart thank you god someone take dog new family home wonderful good dog i prayer good dog for family forever <3

  3. I’m so glad his forever family found him! That sign made me so sad. It’s a terrible thing not to feel loved and wanted. Love happy endings!

  4. Gods luck Chester, sometimes we have to wait for good things, I hope you are loved and cared for, as any doggy should. No one have to wait for love

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