Rescued Fighting Dog Crashes & Snores in Caregiver’s Arms

“Instead of ignoring the furry heap that laid in her yard, a concerned citizen called us. Because of that, Fudge’s life has been saved.”

4.10.15 - Rescued Fighting Dog Falls Asleep in Caregivers Arms1


Guardians of Rescue saves dogs every day from horrific lives where they are tethered in the cold, hoarded, or forced to fight.  One of their newest charges, Fudge, was found wandering in someone’s yard.  While he was being treated at the veterinarian for bite wounds, he became so relaxed that he began snoring in his caretaker’s arms!

Fudge is seen wearing a muzzle because he was in so much pain that rescuers worried that he might bite out of fear and pain.  But he was a very good boy.

This post comes from GoR:

Dog fighting is real. It happens all over the world and here in beautiful Suffolk County, NY we are NOT immune to that.

We have named our newest rescue Fudge. His personality is too sweet.


4.10.15 - Rescued Fighting Dog Falls Asleep in Caregivers Arms3


Fudge’s body is dotted a hundred times over in old scars and new puncture wounds. He has clearly been used for fighting or as a bait dog. His life has only been filled with pain. Today that changes.

We are so thankful we received this call. Instead of ignoring the furry heap that laid in her yard, a concerned citizen called us. Because of that, Fudge’s life has been saved.

He has a long road to recovery ahead of him. Each of his legs have been shredded and left untreated resulting in infection and pain. He has a bite wound straight through his lip. His adrenaline has worn out and Fudge has melted into the sweetest, calmest little patient any vet would hope for. Fudge is giving up his life of fighting and is so grateful to his rescuers for this new chance. He’s a good boy. The simplest of things.

Fudge needs a foster home that can treat his wounds. He is being monitored by a vet for now but will need calm and understanding as he heals from his horrific life.


4.10.15 - Rescued Fighting Dog Falls Asleep in Caregivers Arms2


Thank you Bed and Biscuit for always stepping up to offer our rescued dogs a safe and loving place to lay their head at night.

If you are on Long Island and can foster this sweet boy, you can become a hero today. Step up for Fudge to prove to him that his only remaining fight in life is for a spot on the couch.

Please email us at [email protected]

If you’d like to donate, please CLICK HERE.


FUDGEThis isn’t Fudge growling, this is him SNORING! He was so exhausted after his ordeal that once his adrenaline…

Posted by Guardians of Rescue on Thursday, April 9, 2015

351 thoughts on “Rescued Fighting Dog Crashes & Snores in Caregiver’s Arms

      1. Thank you, Anonymous, for reminding me that our God has left instructions on how to treat animals. To me, it is very reassuring! And, I would like to share this verse on other animal abuse sites.

        1. You shouldn’t have to read a scripter in a book to know how to treat an animal or a human, people who do things like this have no compassion in the first place.

        2. I have no doubt that we will be judged (God) by how we treat animals. not by how clean our house is. charity, balance, doing the right thing, and loving our pets keeps our karma bank full. It’s going to matter. Karma is the best revenge.

      2. That’s part of the problem, Anonymous. Many men aren’t righteous now and I am talking about the gender. Abuse to animals, children, women; robberies, rapes, murder are committed by sub human men.

      1. You have to have faith in humans. Having faith made the person who found the dog call-faith that someone would help. Faith is what made the rescuers come out and get the dog-faith they could help. And the rescuers have faith this dog will live a much better life. You have to have faith in something-maybe not evil bastards who deserve a horrible, painful death. But to those that go above and beyond and don’t take no for an answer. Its all about faith. Faith that somewhere, somehow, something will change. Even if we ourselves are the cause of the change.

        1. I couldn’t worship a god who watches horror & suffering & does nothing. You can explain it away any way you want & I’ve heard all the illogical explanations. I don’t believe in an invisible overseer and I’ve been involved in animal rescue all my life. I’m not here to insult anyone, but I’ll never understand where ‘Faith’ comes in when it comes to helping a suffering being, four-legged or otherwise. I salute and respect anyone who goes out of their way to help suffering animals, be they Christians, atheists, Muslims or people who believe in the ancient Viking god, Thor. Just step up and do a little something to make the world a less cruel place. Thanks for your time! ..Peace

          1. Having faith does not mean you have to believe in god. You can have faith in humans.

          2. Where is the posters comment talking about god? Faith, believe, hope-they all have religious meanings yes but you can also believe in PEOPLE, have HOPE in PEOPLE, have faith in PEOPLE. The poster talked about the original person calling because they had faith SOMEONE would help. Notice the SOMEONE? If you are going to pick apart someones post, at least don’t look like a looser and at least read the comment. You say you respect people then at least READ.

        2. CG

          You have to have faith in humans. Having faith made the person who found the dog call-faith that someone would help. Faith is what made the rescuers come out and get the dog-faith they could help. And the rescuers have faith this dog will live a much better life. You have to have faith in something-maybe not evil bastards who deserve a horrible, painful death. But to those that go above and beyond and don’t take no for an answer. Its all about faith. Faith that somewhere, somehow, something will change. Even if we ourselves are the cause of the change.

          We all have faith and hope,but you have to realize that the good does not always out weigh the bad.Standing by and waiting for changes does not always work.It is doing something in this world to make change.Faith is not what made the rescuer come out.It WAS a concerned citizen that finally called.Not a person named faith.This is a under ring organization that does this to the dogs.How is “faith” going to stop it? It has gone on for years.

          1. You copied the posters comments but did you even read them? The OP indicated they lost faith in HUMANS. The poster you copied from indicated the person called because they had faith SOMEONE would help. They didn’t stand by and hope something magically happened.
            “You have to have faith in something-maybe not evil bastards who deserve a horrible, painful death. BUT TO THOSE THAT GO ABOVE AND BEYOND and don’t take no for an answer.” They are talking about people here-having faith in people. I swear reading comprehension has gone down hill since the internet….

            Webster’s definition of faith-belief in SOMEONE or something

          2. Wow you really can’t read can you? Try again. Maybe you can get it right this time…..


    1. I know exactly what you mean.
      When I see & read this stuff it hurts just as if I was stabbed…
      These lil guy’s depend on us to love them as they unconditionally love us. And if they don’t, it’s because they have been mistreated in most case’s.

      1. I have to say in all cases. I am an old rescuer with 60 years under my belt. I have never seen an animal react negatively unless there was abuse. Some of the worst are kids who then lie to their parents and the parents accept it as gospel. I have actually known of cases where the dog was killed because a kid lied.. Needless to say, I do really well without them and would never adopt to people who have any..

    2. my heart breaks for these dogs- I want to cry- God bless them and their rescuers- I damn to hell the freaks that do this- alot of them are hispanics !!!! I hope they burn in hell !!!!

        1. If it’s racist to protect an innocent animal from being bettered by a kid, then, yes, I guess I AM a racist.

    3. I can’t figure out why you ask such a ?. a nation that will allow Human Babies in the womb to be Murdered just before birth, & you Find this Hard to believe? Really? I own a Blue Nose American Pit Bull. I was going to breed her, only because I wanted a male for myself. However, I decided against it because I Don’t Trust anyone to raise her pups. My dog is a couch potatoe who only goes out for a Long walk with 2 leashes. Thankyou for your concern for abused animals, I hope that you feel the same way about human life>

      1. Animal abuse was just as bad before abortion was legal; if anything, it was worse because there was far less coverage of abuses like this. And don’t forget the curious amnesia that sets in as soon as that baby in the uterus hits the atmosphere. A lot of people may want to see a connection between legal abortion and animal abuse but there isn’t one.

      2. How can you make a correlation between animal abuse and abortion? They are not the same. Sure glad you didn’t breed your pit bull. Animal shelters are full of unwanted pit bulls and pit bull mixes.

      3. I fell the same way! how can we be so concerned about animal abuse, we cant bring ourselves to make an all out cry against the killing of unborn children. There has to be something wrong with our thinking, to put animals above people.

          1. Me too! Nobody tries to raise the little brats and then they try to shove them down everyone’s throat!

        1. Who or what put you in charge of what a woman decides to do with her body? The last I looked, our discussion was about animal abuse.

    4. The saddest of the sad. I hate many people. Especially those who abuse our beloved pets … all that they want in their little world is to have someone to love. And look what the monsters of the world do to them. Use them, abuse them, hurt them, kill them. At least the internet seems to be bringing this stuff to the forefront … perhaps some day this type of animal abuse will cease to exist. Look at that poor creature … oh, would I love to get my fingernails into the eyes of the people who did this to him … I, too, have zero trust and faith in my fellow man …

    5. People are useless. They need to learn kindness for each other from animals. God help the human race!

    6. The best and the worst in people come together right, the bad send the broken animals and the good rescue them. breaks my heart.

    1. You hit the head on the nail. Your word “evil” describes the people and the dog fighting A to Z. Thank you for caring.

  1. There is a special place in Hell for people who maliciously harm God’s sweet and helpless creatures.

    1. I agree with you, there will be a special place in hell for these people. Every week I try to rescue dogs who are dumped in the rural areas in California, these dogs will not survive with the coyotes. Many are too small to have any chance. Perhaps these people should be pushed out of a car driving down the road……..

        1. I agree. The laws in this country are way to lenient for these so called people that do such things! Throw their a** out of a moving car and let them lay in the street. I’d step over them and would not help. These sub- humans are dirt!!

          1. The problem is, like most people, the “law” doesn’t recognize any innate value of an animal’s life, only the “market value” that animal represents to his/her human owner. Thus it avoids having to recognize that we share the planet with non-human species who are born with the same right to life that we humans have. Imagine how different things would be if humans could, for example, no longer destroy habitat, poison “nuisance” animals, factory farm them or use them in laboratory experiments.

            Recently a sixty-ish semi-professional woman told me she “got rid” of a stray cat by throwing hot water on him. She laughed coarsely and loudly and said, “That fixed him! He never came back!” When I said, “Why would you do that?” she responded “because I (emphasis on “I”) OWN that property and I didn’t want him there!” This woman, like most less evolved ignorant humans, does not understand that just because you “own” property under the laws of the state, it doesn’t entitle you to injure, terrorize or kill non-human species that may also live there. This is a MORAL concept, not a legal one and most people just don’t get it and don’t care anyway.

        2. or chained to the bumper to drag them behind the car – until just short of death, and then thrown out in a remote area to die alone.

      1. Where do I sign up?? We don’t need a squad. Just give me the gun. I’ll go right down the line.

  2. How anybody that does this to any animal is not human. Dogs especially love unconditionally and scumbags that mistreat them should have to go to prison, or worse. I can’t stand to see any breathing thing mistreated. It’s a sin against nature!

    1. God bless all the people with such compassion and love to help these innocent loving dogs (GOD spelled backwards) have another chance to have a good life with angels that have hearts. God Bless you all !!!

  3. I recently was talking to a policeman at a dog park who says that dog-fighting is really popular in Las Vegas as well. What kind of monsters do this? What kind of monsters watch this shit? Why aren’t they getting harsher prison time. My dog got a ticket for licking someone over my fence, but dog fighters just roam the streets dumping bait dogs into trash cans, etc. What is wrong with the world today?

    1. I agree. People that participate in dog fighting are monsters. Why on earth would they think that is a sport. Watch football or something, that is a sport. They should be thrown in a pen with the poor dogs they abuse, or has been mentioned thown from a car. It breaks my heart to see stories about animals being abused. It is ridiculous that someone would get a fine for a dog licking someone. Why would someone complain about that? Stupid people.

    2. Completely agree with your comments. More Prison time will only delay continued practices of the guilty, in large part. Not changing the subject, but the evil ones Thank the AFLCIO for the prisons not able to put the evil ones to work on “chain gangs,” which could restore many public services as opposed to our ever increasing taxes. This could include the “working evil ones” in our effort to minimize the dog fighting network.

    1. Unfortunately as long as satan rules this orb we call earth there will be demons that have black hearts like the ones that hurt and mame these precious little creatures of GOD. But we do have earth angels that fight these disgusting spawns and help these nothing but love little babies. What goes around, comes around !

  4. any body that can mistreat any animal is a human monster,
    I shudder to think what they would do to any one of us

    1. I’d LOVE to see what they WOULD do to me…well, what they would “try” to do. See, you and me would fight back, which is why these scumbags are the lowest of the low, using otherwise loving dogs for their sick pleasures.

  5. We animal lovers have got to be a voice to these beautiful animals…. the judges are just giving out a slap on the hand….. judges need to make sure these scumbags get jail time and MAKE THEM PAY$$$$$$ TO the animal they harmed (vet bills)… and to the rescue group that saved their dog….. also make sure they do NOT get another animal for at least 5 years….

    1. agree with what you said except the last part. I feel that they should not get another animal EVER!

  6. If you know of someone involved in dog fighting, you probably realize that pleas and sweet reason wont dissuade them. But perhaps a little personal pain might….. just sayin’.

    1. I hear ya. Me and a few buddies armed w/my old college baseball bats could break up plenty of these fighting rings.

  7. Like most “sports”, it’s all about the money…the power of money is truly is the root of all evil

  8. Why in the world all of a sudden on the life with dogs page is a gross ad for meet Asian women? This is nottt cool,folks. We are saving animals but exploiting women????

    1. I hate to break this to you, but the ads you see on websites are a direct result of the surfing done on that particular computer. Someone who uses your computer is viewing that type of information. Check your history!

  9. Light will fill their hearts. And may ours remain free of the hate and rage elicited by their horrid deeds against our animals.

  10. We as human being must never turn a blind eye to eachother or any living being that God has put on this planet and to those who do harm to animals, pets, children, women, elders, homeless and so on, be sure that Threre ARE GODS GOOD PEOPLE on this earth and that WE ARE OUT HERE and WE WILL DO GOOD NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU LOOK TO HURT, DAMAGE, AND TRY TO KILL, YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED!!! TO THOSE WHO LIVE AS GOOD UNSELFSH PEOPLE AND HELP ANYONE ANYWHERE, GOD BLESS!!!

  11. It still amazes me how human beings can be so evil & hurtful to defenseless dogs that only want to be loved & shown lots of attention. The Pit Bull breed of dogs are still getting a very bad name due to the fact that humans are using them as bait dogs & training them to fight, this is so unfair because these dogs are mistreated & sometimes killed when found as humans are so afraid of them due to the reputation they have from other humans.

  12. God bless this adorable sweet baby. God bless all the one that doesn’t have a chance at being happy and in pain. It just breaks my heart to see and hear about this kind of animal abuse.

  13. God bless this adorable sweet baby. God bless all the one that doesn’t have a chance at being happy and in pain. It just breaks my heart to see and hear about this kind of animal abuse.

  14. People everywhere are sick of these dog fighters. They need to go to prison for a long, long time. April 8 is now Dog Fighting Awareness Day. Spread the word at hash tag GetTough and check ASPCA dot org slash GetTough. And e-mail all your reps to put a stop to these evil, sick, savages.

  15. When they catch the people fighting dogs, they should round them up, put them all in an arena, and make them fight until only one is left alive. Then put the last one in prison for life – no medical care.

  16. Arr poor thing, that must of been the first time in his entire life he felt safe enough to fall into a deep sleep. Keep up the good work and destroy these vile fighting rings

  17. God Bless Fudge and his rescuers. Every time I read a story like this, I’m always amazed by the fact that they can still trust humans after all the pain they’ve endured at the hands of other “people” (if you can call them that). I pray Fudge finds a home that will give him the love and respect he craves.

    As for those that inflicted those wounds on him and countless other dogs – I believe they should be put through the same type of treatment they put the dogs through for 24 hours and then should be thrown in jail for a long time.

  18. I adopted my first rescue dog after my beloved dog Tank passed away in 2009 after 8 months had passed of me saying never again I can’t take the pain of losing another beloved family member I found a new animal control retail outlet up north in Phoenix where 6 Rottweiler pups were ready for adoption after being abandoned in a dumpster in downtown Phoenix so my roommate and I just went up to look and there he was this big and I mean big ball of fur who looked so much like my old dog Tank at that age of 2 months and as soon as we held this scared little creature I just turned to the guy from Animal Control and said who do I pay and Doezer went home with us that day and has been the most loving and gentle dog as I think they know when they get saved and a 2nd chance and I will continue to go for the rescue dogs from now on. Doezer never leaves my side and has to be touching one of us at all times and he is so protective of our home and of us but gentle with the neighborhood kids and other animals and I can say he is the 2nd smartest dog I have owned next to Tank. I had a Tank and now I have a Bull Doezer he weighed in at 136 by the time he was two and topped out at 168 however we put him on a diet so he wouldn’t damage his joints and he is down to 146 of solid muscle and love. I would love to find the scum that put him and his brothers and sisters in an industrial dumpster before they even opened their eyes and see how they like it thank god a couple of kids heard the wimpering of these pups and ran home to get their mother. the punishment should fit the crime when it comes to animal cruelity. I just have faith that Karma will catch up with these evil people who do such things to helpless animals.

  19. Wow! Pit Bulls want the same thing every other breed wants, Love and kindness! Great guy! Thank you for saving this sweet dog ! 🙂

  20. You guys are an inspiration. Im praying to do the same, these poor babies need us to rescue them from these horrible inhumane people. God bless <3

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