Ricky-Charlie May or May Not Like Raincoats

How would you explain his behavior with the raincoat? Is he scared of it? Is it comforting? Is he just being a goofball?

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Do you remember Ricky-Charlie?  He’s the feral dog who spent 10 years living in a New York City park.  Many neighbors fed him, and one woman slept in the park for two nights during the winter to earn his trust and catch him.  She was unsuccessful, but the next day others had better luck.  They caught him and now Ricky-Charlie is adapting to indoor life in his forever home.



Ricky was in a mood to mingle…

Posted by Ricky Charlie Highbridge Park Dog on Tuesday, March 24, 2015



Ricky-Charlie, who was called Ricky by some and Charlie by others, was given a cancer diagnosis when he was staying at the clinic for treatment.  It wasn’t made clear on his fundraiser page exactly what he was battling, but there was a reference to his being neutered helping, so it is likely that he had testicular cancer.


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Some days are challenging, because he escapes and heads back towards his former digs in the park.  He is still very much an outside dog, and gets about four walks per day.  If he doesn’t get to go to the park, he will lie down on the sidewalk, and Tiina, Yuliya, Yelena, or whoever is walking must lift him up and carry him home.  He enjoys demolishing dog beds, leashes, wooden baskets, and flooring. But he is loved by many, and every day he seems to reveal a bit more of his quirky and endearing personality to the caring neighbors who still visit with him.  Here’s a video of his strange reaction to Tiina’s raincoat:



TGIF… Look at this silly boy trying to save Tiina from the raincoat that Ricky probably thought attacked her?))))) So…

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How would you explain his behavior with the raincoat?  Is he scared of it?  Is it comforting?  Is he just being a goofball?


If you would like to donate toward his medical care, please click here.  To see more of Ricky-Charlie, check out his Facebook page.


11 thoughts on “Ricky-Charlie May or May Not Like Raincoats

  1. Maybe he had a piece of plastic for his shelter at times! As a stray dog in a park for 10 yrs! Remarkable!

  2. As I always say, deep inside in their little head, only they know why of their reactions, whether it makes sense or not to us. Very happy he finally has a home.

  3. They should try a K-9 Ballistics beg. Our dog is a stuffing extractor specialist and a nester (digger) and he hasn’t destroyed this one in over a year!

  4. as far as the reaction to the raincoat, it looks to me like he grabbed what he could of her clothing to prevent her from running into the mailbox.

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